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Write for us

Are you interested in contributing to our blog? we are glad to accept any blog post regarding it relates to our site niche.

Regulations you need to know before writing an article:
  • Please note that they is a difference between Guest post and Sponsored post. We will probably find out if a sponsored post is being presented as guest post so don't play smart. If you wish to sponsor a post, please visit this page
    • The post must be original and plagiarism free
    • Must not be less than 1000 words
    • We have the right to review your articles before publishing
    •  Ensure the post has not been published on any other blog
    • It must not contain hidden or affiliate links
    • No promotion of illicit posts such as political rants, hacking, gambling or any other prohibited post we have the absolute right to reject your guest article if it doesn't comply.
    • Add your bio, minimum of 50 words with a link to your blog(if you have any)
    You can contact us here