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Sponsor a post

Hello there, are you interested in sponsoring a post here on gistdeck.com? If yes, then you have made a great decision on deciding to work with us.

We will promote your products or services if you work as a company, individual, business organizations, firms and stores through sponsored post either written by our team or written by interested sponsors.

The benefits of sponsoring a post on our blog is that it will reach out to various people across our social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google alongside our Email Subscribers.

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If your product or service have an official website, we can link back to your website so that our blog readers will know more about your business.

Sponsored Post can be in any format, such as:

2.Video Content
3.Press Release

You can submit any review about your product or service and we can as well make a proof-reading of the review before publishing.


$10 for already written sponsored post and $15 if you want us to do the writing.


We accept money through different payment systems such as Western Union, Paypal And Payoneer.

Some of the sponsored posts on this blog are :

If you have any more question concerning our sponsored post, please contact us for business via gistdeck@gmail.com and we hope looking forward to working with you!.