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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Top 25+ products to import from China

products to import from China
In the last two decades, China has steadily grown its economic and industrial base to mammoth proportions. In terms of nominal growth and development, many economic indices place China second only to the United States of America. Which has given entrepreneurs the knowledge on the the type of products to import from China due to the vast products being manufactured.

The reasons for China's ascension up the economic and socio-political ladders is not far-fetched. One is that China boasts a large population that supplies an abundance of both skilled and unskilled labor, thereby reducing the costs of production in that regard.

Another reason is the backward technology integration policy of the Chinese Government that has ensured that Chinese personnel is able to reproduce and design many goods and products.

This rise has seen China account for more than half of the global output for manufactured and semi-processed goods. Many global business and manufacturing concerns have headquarters and/or manufacturing plants in China, to take advantage of economies of scale.

China industrial and manufacturing complex offers the savvy importer a wide range of opportunities, in terms of size and scope of imports. An attractive feature of Chinese manufacturing is that importers can obtain custom-made goods and products, according to specifications.

The following are the top 25+ products to import from China:


With many of the world's leading electronics makers such as Samsung, LG Electronics,Panasonic amongst others, are setting up production facilities in China, the average importer has an array of choices in electronic/electrical items. From TVs. DVDs to sound systems to microwaves, China offers affordability and the flexibility to import these items and make a handsome return on their sales in the recipient countries. These are some of the demanding products to import from China.


Chinese furniture firms such as Lifemate, have very skilled artisans that help in the production of quality furniture for both personal and corporate use. These bespoke furniture offerings are rich in both form and diversity and are affordable. The importer can even order custom designs and patterns and still be rest assured of obtaining the same level of exquisite furniture.

3.Toys(educational and recreational)

The Chinese industrial complex is also known for the production of toys that teach and entertain at the same time. Chinese firms engage in the mass production of toys and other educational items and can produce based on custom orders.

Importers can place bids in educational institutions and then place orders for the toys from China. The importer can then make handsome returns on his investment.

4.Power banks

With the increase in the number of mobile telephone users worldwide (a phenomenon caused largely by China supplying most of the mobile phones in use globally), there has also been an increase in the demand of pocket alternative sources of power to light up mobile phones.

The importer can meet this demand by selling imported power banks from China. These power banks can be customized to bear the name of the importer's business, making the trade very lucrative indeed.

5.Mobile telephones

With brand names such as Tekno, Infinix and Innjoo, China is currently dominating the global market for mobile phones. Even western phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have set up phone production facilities in China. The importer can take advantage of the diverse offerings to either engage in the importation of low-end or high-end phones. Such phones can then be imported and sold for a handsome return in the local market.


China is proving to be a haven for top computer manufacturing companies in the world. Apple, Hp, Acer and Toshiba are a few of the firms that manufacture laptops from China, for export to the international market. The importer can take advantage of the presence of many varied brands to import computers and laptops for the country of destination.


China industrial complex is fast becoming the global leader in the production of steel and associated products. The importer can take advantage of the affordability of steel and import same to his/her home country.

8.Wall and Floor Tiles

China boasts of an active and extensive building and construction industry. This industry is fed by production facilities that engage in wall and floor tiles manufacturing. The importer can delve into the building and construction sector of his/her home country by importing affordable and quality steel rods and pipes.

9.Stainless Steel Spoons and Cutlery

With a booming steel industry, China plays hosts to a large number of plants that manufacture spoons, forks and other cutlery in large quantities. The importer can delve into this market by importing these utensils at an affordable cost.

10.Low-Energy Bulbs

As one of the major consumers of energy, China is at the forefront of efforts in energy conservation and recycling. Toward this end, Chinese firms produce large numbers of low-energy saving bulbs for the international market. The importer can earn handsome revenues by importing these bulbs for his/her destination country.


With vast amounts of wood available for Chinese firms, China has become the global leader in the production of finished wood products. Toothpicks are one of these products. The importer can take advantage of large numbers and affordable prices to import toothpicks, for sale in their native country.

12.Computer Accessories

With the large-scale production of laptop and personal computers, there is a concurrent production of computer accessories such as laptop chargers, batteries, cords and cables, mother-boards amongst others. The importer can dig into this supply market to import these items at affordable rates.

13.Solar Panels

 As a leading light in the use of renewable sources of energy, China is home to a number of companies involved in the production of solar panels and related technology. Importers can take advantage of these products and the associated training to import them into their home markets.


A lot of production processes are dependent on many input materials for the manufacture of goods. China is the world leader in the manufacture and supply of base chemicals like chlorine, propylene amongst others, which are produced for the international market. Importers can tap into this supply chain to import these semi-processed materials into other countries across the globe.

15.Medical Equipments

China is also at the forefront of research in medicine and other medical fields. The importer can pick from an array of medical equipment such as MRI scanners, syringe, defibrillators, incubators amongst others, for onward importation to the overseas market.

16.Cotton Buds

The business and manufacturing climate in China gives it a comparative advantage in the production of small items such cotton/earbuds. The importer can take advantage of the economy of scales to import these items, in order to make profit.

17.Rubber bands

Rubber bands are manufactured extensively in China and the importer can purchase these items in large quantities and ship to their native countries.

18.Point-of-Sale Machines

The importer can bring in POS machines from China, at good prices. You can supply this to supermarkets, and small business firm.

19.Hair Clippers

Hair clippers are also another veritable group of products that the importer can trade in.

20.Water Dispensers

Water dispensers from China are also imported frequently to other parts of the world.

21. Footwears

Footwears for both male and female can be imported from China and supply them to local markets. The well known brands to purchase various footwears in China from are Nike, Addidas, and Gucci.

22. Bags

An importer can choose to import in various bags to hs or her destination countries for the purpose of making profit from it. Some of the bags that can be imported are travelling bags, handbags, school bags and office bags.

23. Machines

Small machines like sewing machines, and washing machine are some of the products that an importer can bring in the local markets.


Carpets of various beautiful design and good quality can be imported from to your desired destination. Carpets comes as either low or high quality grade, you can choose to import those two grades.

25.Phone accessories

China is a home for importers when it comes to purchasing of phone accessories and importing it down to their desired destinations. Phone accessories like the battery, chargers, phone covers, battery desktop, ear piece, and phone screen-guards are some of the highly needed products to import from China.

26. Gadgets

Recreational gadgets is another fasting moving products to import from China. Some of the popular gadgets to purchase from in China are PlayStation (2&3), PSP (PlayStation portable),PSP Vita,Headsets, Xbox, and Mp3 music player.

They are so many products to import from China, its left to you to identify what is highly needed in the market and bring in demanding products that is not listed here.


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