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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Top 10 Channels To Watch On Dstv Nigeria

Finally got that vacation you've been craving for? Or a long term break from school? Or probably a maternal leave from work?

And you're wondering how best to spend these long days indoors?
Not to worry! Dstv Nigeria has got just the remedy for your malady. With the new Dstv compact package featuring a total of 127 channels (tv and radio), at a cheap affordable price of #6,800, you wouldn't wish for more.

But flipping through so many channels on your remote TV, trying to find the perfect channel for the moment, can be so frustrating...which is why you need the widely-selected top channels, listed below to suit your everyday mood.

1. CNN International - channel 401

Want to stay updated on happenings around the world? This is the place to be.
This channel broadcasts live coverage of news, as it breaks from around the world and around the clock, ranging from weather, politics, business, entertainment, sports and much more. You even get to witness exclusive interviews with influential personas from around the world.

2. Supersports 3 - channel 203

Watch live matches, major sporting events and leagues of association football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Motorsport, Cycling, Boxing, Wrestling and many more on the world's second biggest Premier league broadcasters. All this right on your TV screen. You even get exclusive updates on sport stars. Totally beats sitting in a cramped smelly place just to watch your favourite match, right?

3. Fashion TV- Channel 178

If you love juicy gossips about celebrities, or love to stay updated on the latest fashion trend around the world, you need to stay glued to this station. With exclusive fashion related events, entertainment and lifestyle shows, interview and commentary from designers, models and make up artists...you've definitely got a fashion surety. You even get to follow your favourite model, designer and other industry insiders as they show viewers their favourite places to shop, eat, relax and and more.

4. M-net channel 101

This is the right channel to connect with blockbuster action movies, gripping international series, behind-the-scenes stories and highly engaging local shows. You get to watch your favourite international actors all day long.

5. Zee world. Channel 166

You also wouldn't want to miss these amazing blockbuster movies and series from one of the top 10 filmmaking industry in the world-Bollywood. You've also got award winning dramas, tantalizing food shows as well as myriad of variety shows.
6.Africa Magic- Channel 150-159
You get to choose from this amazing variety of African movies, shows, interviews and entertainment. With amazing movie series like The Johnsons, Tinsel, Flatmates and many more. It even comes with an ingenious variety of the top local dialects in Nigeria

7.Nickelodeon- Channel 305

Here's the best station to have kids watch. They get to catch all favourite episodes, games, clips, series, playlists and pictures from lovely shows like SpongeBob, Teenage Mutant, Ninja Turtles and more. Including educative and innovative   shows that enhances their creativity and mental capabilities.

8. MTv Base- Channel 322

Want to stay up to date on the music and entertainment industry, wanna know which celebrity is dissing which, the latest dance move? This is the place to be.
Catch the latest celebrity gossips and scandals, latest songs around the world, Top songs all over the world, exclusive chats and interviews with favourite celebs, entertainment news update, award-winning shows and much more. This channel is the cultural home of millennial generation, music, fans and artistes. Also a pioneer for creating innovative programming for young people.

9.Nat Geo Wild - Channel 182

Experience the best, most intimate encounters with wildlife shows. Unparalleled reputation for quality and blue-chip programming, plus unique insight into the natural world and its environment.

10. Dove or Iqraa. Channel 349 or Channel 346

Watch insightful religious shows, prayer sessions, amazing quotes, outreach documentaries and motivational videos. Also get to watch inspirational one-on-one examining lives and personalities from your religious icons.
You can never get bored with all thesesuper-channelss, no matter how much time you spend indoors. They'll even make you skip your scheduled siestas.
There are a lot more super amazing channels you should check out on the DStCompactct bouquet.

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