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Monday, 20 August 2018

How to start a successful health blog

start a successful health blog
Perhaps you are of the view on how to start a successful health blog; perhaps you are an expert in a health-related field, and you are considering operating a health blog. There are a number of round factors that must be put in around places if success is to be attained.

To operate a health blog, you have to be specific on health issues by feeding your readers with health information. Considering a different kind of people connecting to your blog, so you have to be up and doing in all health cases.

All readers love a well composed, compiled and organized work and suitable topics that will educate them on health issues. A successful blog must always be fed with new topics aligning to the present health issues. Some readers may just be there for criticism, so always feed them with perfect works.

The steps below would guide you in the quest of How to start a successful health blog:

1..Unleash Health Related Ideas within You

If you are creating a blog you don’t need a revolutionary idea. Your blog should be specific on health issues only. Do not use your blog for others different topics outside health education that may not entice your readers.

For example; if you are discussing on ‘the cause and effect of malaria on Africa’, then you have to go extra mind for your readers to know the misery behind malaria such as its existences, effects, causes, symptoms, the vaccine for diagnoses, the medication to cure it and how to get over it when it comes next.

2. Name your blog and get a hosting

It is very important that your blog URL be a name that is easily remembered and related to what you blog about. If you choose to use your name, then you must make sure that you have been known as an authority on your niche so people don’t need to ask what the blog is all about.

After choosing your blog name, the next thing is hosting. WordPress is user-friendly and easy to manage. For this reason, WordPress has recently gripped the net, and several million blogs have been designed using it. You can do the same.

Hosting is the service that allows your blogs to be accessible through the internet and the price for hosting is mostly very cheap. And if you are just starting a new blog I recommend BlueHost and the hosting rate is $3.99/month.

3..Customize and Optimize your WordPress Blog

There are endless customizations you can make on a WordPress blog. E.g. you can use a plug-in to add forum, contact forms and sliders. Optimize your blog for the search engine to rank it high enough, as this has proven to fetch exponential visitors to any blog.
The SEO is a multi-billion dollar industry. And you can get started by downloading a plug-in called Yoast SEO and install it

4..Write your First Post and Publish

Your first masterpieces may be one of your topics on health that you want to feed your readers with.  For you to create awareness to the world you have to post the best of all the topics you have in hand.

5.Become an Amazon Associates

Being an Amazon associates has been a great avenue
of income for many bloggers. You have written your post and now the next level is prompting to profit in the blog you have created.

Suppose a product is tied to the topic you published on your blog, then you can make a profit out of it without having to even see the product. Anyone can sign up and all you do is a link to the product in the Amazon store. You get you to commission for a successful purchase.

6.GoogleAdsense &Media

Google Adsense makes it possible for you to earn off your blog. Ads are placed on your blog; then payments are made as people click on them. There are lots of ways to maneuver about how to maximize your income from Adsense.
Good web marketing would enhance the process, especially when your blog readers begin to number exponentially.

7.Have a Newsletter Signup on your Blog

People often want to connect with the blogger that had made their day; they want more of the quality content, and there is a good way to make this possible for them. I never understood the importance of this until about a year into blogging.

MailChimp is exceedingly suitable for this function. It’s free at least until you start getting thousands of readers that have signed up. You can have a signup link on your right sidebar or use a pop-up system to grab emails.

 8.Networking with other bloggers

To grow faster as a health blogger, you need to connect with other successful health bloggers. Remember the saying, Iron sharpens iron? It works for bloggers too. It pays to join in the community of health bloggers, there you would find more revealing information as to the success of your blog, you will get popularity, and you would follow the trends in the niche.

In conclusion, a profitable health blog must always be feeding the readers with new educative topics, with the critical and understandable discussion using different subtopic to portray a good knowledge and information to the readers. Being a health blogger, you have to be current with the present education on health in order to save life of people by brushing their ignorance.

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