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Thursday, 28 June 2018

8 tips for better work environment in small business

tips for better work environment in small business
Every startup or small business faces many unique challenges ranging from funding to customer generation. A problem faced by such ventures which are rarely talked about is how does one create a healthy atmosphere in the workplace to guarantee maximum productivity. Tips for better work environment are hard to come by and hope this article is of some help to readers looking for them.

1.Flexible Work Hours

A limited staff may mean long working hours resulting in employee discontent and it is a common problem among small ventures which can be easily rectified by using simple time management techniques. Punctuality should be adhered to but being rigid about it is not good in such a scenario and it makes sense to be a little lenient and introduce flexible reporting hours. This will make your team feel fresh and relaxed as he/she is under no pressure to reach office on time while being able to spend precious moments with friends and family.

2.Comfortable Workplace

Any professional spends about one-third of the day at his hirer’s establishment which makes it almost like a second residence. Home is synonymous with comfort so why should the worksite be any different. No matter how limited the space, it is the duty of the owner to make it as enjoyable and pleasant as possible. Intelligent planning can help devise organized zones with people in the same department operating together while taking care that the place is well-lit and painted in pleasant colors. Invest in ergonomic furniture, provide clean restrooms and a relaxation area equipped with a water cooler and coffee dispenser where members can take a break.   

3.Team Building

The people you engage have different personalities and they all come from different backgrounds and it is important to make them function together in order to achieve a common goal which can never be an easy thing to do. Be honest in conveying your expectations but at the same time be receptive to their problems and if possible try to help in finding solutions to them. Organizing events or short trips help build companionship among them and it will help in building a healthy work ambiance. However limited the funds, such activities can be hosted on a limited scale also and it generally aids in building camaraderie in a group. Introduce a good leave policy aimed at helping those who are in genuine need of a break besides also ensuring that in times of emergency a speedy approval is granted to the applicant. Connect everyone on a social media group and post on it regularly while encouraging others to do the same.

4.Rewards System 

In my opinion, of all the tips for a better work environment, this is the most important as it taps into the basic human craving for recognition. Always remember to thank the individual who completes a difficult task successfully and if possible start an employee of the week/month program wherein you can commend the winner in front of the office and display his/her photograph on the office bulletin board- both physical and virtual. Devise a bonus programme as financial incentives are the best way to create happiness amongst the members.

5.Development Opportunities 

A startup or similar venture comprises of people in search of better avenues, working at their current jobs only because they did not find a better option. High attrition rate thus becomes a big problem for owners and they have to look for ways other than money to retain good, talented people. Help them by making them visit seminars and symposiums and if it sounds pricey, there is always the option of using webinars or educate them about good online courses related to their area of operation.

6.Feedback System  

Encourage your crew to speak up as effective communication is the key to the constructive operative atmosphere. A day and time can be fixed where everyone can be given the chance to speak up about any issue related to the company ranging from minor ones like a malfunctioning air conditioner to major ones like a loophole in the company’s delivery system. Not only will this make you aware of problems that seemed non-existent but at the same time your unit will trust you and look up  to you.


7. Outsourcing

The above-mentioned tips would make the reader think that one has to invest a lot of money for implementing them but there is a creative solution to this in the form of outsourcing services. An investor who finds infrastructure costs high can always rent co-working spaces which come equipped with all the basic facilities like furniture, broadband and even human resources personnel. Event organization can be done this way too at affordable prices.

8. Taking Care

A wholesome high output system can only be created if the folks working together are fit in mind as well as body and a good entrepreneur takes care of this by taking steps towards preserving and improving the wellness of the cadre. A stress-free individual will always give better results and for this you can offer discounted or fully paid plans for a limited period for the local gym and conduct routine health check-ups and yoga classes besides introducing healthy snacks instead of the usual cookies and chips.


All these tips for better work environment will not only mean increased output but also increase the confidence that your workforce has in you besides raising your profile not only in your squad’s eye but in the corporate world in general.

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George Dille is a Business Expert by profession who provides one person company registration services at BusinessVenturesIndia Ltd. He has a passion of creative and technical writing and always lookout for learning something new.

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