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Thursday, 28 June 2018

How to start a successful transport blog


This piece is going to break down all what you need know about starting a successful transport blog. Just sit back, cross your leg and imagine. Do you see yourself traveling around the globe while you're blogging about transport services and earning massive money from it to pay for everything?
This article contains a comprehensive note on how to start a transport blogging, do read it to the last end to capture all what it tries to buttress. The following steps are therefore very important to follow:

1.Choose your Preferred Transport Blogging Platform

The first thing you need do before starting your transport blogging is to choose your preferred blogging platform. Choosing and deciding where to build your transport blog is the first pretty thing you have to do.
I would want to believe and take a leap that you have heard of WordPress, and this is exactly the platform I would advocate you to go for. It is massive and by far the biggest or one of the biggest blogging platforms worldwide, with enormous plugins, add-ons and almost unending ways to design your transport blogging layout.
Basically, there are other platforms apart from WordPress and they include; Blogger, Tumblr etc. But notwithstanding, I would implore you to go for WordPress because your transport blog because of the numerous free plugins and themes.

2.Look for Good Hosting Company

After you have decided on your preferred platform, it is time to choose a good web hosting company for your blog. Whether your transport blogging will base on the self-hosting or on the free alternative. The biggest decision need to be unavoidably made here before going any further.
Decide if you should pay for your transport blog or to grab a free one. Be it WordPress, or the Tumblr, or Blogger, they all offer blogs for free for anyone that so wish. Interesting, right? This one is advisable for those who are not so serious about their transport blogging.
Nothing good comes easy, the free hosting equally has its own downside, among them are; you are not the owner of your blog, there is limitation to what you can do, your transport blog’s web address i.e. your URL will be really ugly.
If you go for free hosting, your blog URL will look ugly like this, www.mytransportblog.wordpress.com, or www.mytransportblog.blogspot.com, or www.mytransportblog.tumblr.com.
But if you are serious and have a big vision about becoming a success transport blogger, then it's mandatory you self-host your transport blog. If you self-hosted, that means you are the original owner of the transport blog. You will have the freedom to name your blog whatever name you want, for example “Mytransportblog.com” or
Also, you will have the privilege to end it with either .com, .org, .co.uk, .net, or any web suffix that pleases you. Not limited to all that, you have unlimited bandwidth to upload of videos, audios, images and other contents and posts plus free themes.
I know you will be thinking by now that how much is the domain name and hosting? Not pretty much as you are thinking, just some change. Usually, about $15 to $50 per year, it depends on the hosting provider.

3.Access Your Blog

In your browser, type the name of your web e.g. www.mytransportblog.com/wp-login.php this will automatically pop out a login box where your username and password will be required before you gain access to it.
Once you enter your username and password, the WordPress- or whatever blogging platform you choose dashboard will pop up. What you will see on your screen is the power house of your blog, and it is where everything about your transport blog will be controlled.

4.Design your Blog

Now, is where you will need to beautify your blog. You make it look exactly how you will want it to. Choose your own theme, usually, something that looks more professional and pretty simple to customize is advisable.
Better still, if you don't see any theme that interest you, you can move to other sites and buy. Remember, you will be running a transport blog which means your design should absolutely reflect your personality cum what the beautiful blog is all about.
There is nothing bad in putting travel-orientated theme on your blog. Besides, design your blog in a way that it will be so easy to navigate if you actually want people to patronize and stick around. If it is that tricky, and hard and difficult to move around the blog, people won’t stay.

5.Write and Post Applauding Content

At this point, your transport blog should be fully ready to go, you will need to make some tweaks here and there, most importantly, start writing amazing content on transport scheme, ideas and other related subject that would make readers hunger for more to come back the next day to read.
Transport blogging is still in its primitive and infancy age; audience are always found looking for awesome content to read. This is an opportunity for you as a transport blogger; if you can produce beautiful writing and content, enthralling photos, videos, and other interesting information in the world of transportation to be up to the minute uploaded on your blog.
The beauty aspect of the web is that, immediately something gets popular, if there is room for it, it can exponentially explode. So, with effort and hard work put together with the steps on how to start a successful transport blogging, it is pretty possible for you to earn enough money and fund your own travels/transport blogging business. You never can tell so far you follow the aforementioned ways.

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