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Friday, 23 March 2018

How to start fitness business

How to start fitness business
With obesity now on the rise, people has started recognizing the importance of keeping fit and have started visiting most fitness centres so they can keep fit.

Are you thinking of opening your own fitness centre? There are a lot of reasons to do so. Fitness trainers or fitness businesses help people who are afraid of getting fatter and losing shape to keep fit and stay healthy at the same time. And as a business, they make money doing it.

If you're knowledgeable about exercise and looking to become an entrepreneur, consider starting a fitness business. Starting your own fitness business gives you the opportunity to become your own boss, increase your income and have job security.

Do you know the first step in starting your own fitness centre? Are you aware of the challenges of owing a fitness business? I want you to use this article as a guide toward your decision in starting your fitness business.
This article contains what you really need to start a fitness centre so that you can get it right from the start.

1.Define your Intentions

You must have heard that in every decision or action we take in life, there is always a WHY. So, what is your WHY? This should be your starting point to making that decision of yours. You need to have a WHY to why you want to start a fitness centre.
Here are some questions you should ask yourself as you formulate your plan to start a fitness centre:
  • Why do I want to open a fitness centre?
  • What kind of fitness centre do I want to operate?
  • Who are my customers?
  • Are they from my current niche of clients or entirely different demographic?
  • What types of client do I specialize on (young athlete, seniors, sport-specific etc.)?
Giving honest answers to these questions are the first steps to developing a successful business plan.

2.Formal Training

Formal education or training is very important in any business as it give you a competitive advantage when compared to business owners with mere industry experience. Invest in personal training, marketing, business management or accounting courses. 
These courses will give you insight into the overall mechanics of the fitness and business world. You will get great tips and tricks from accomplished educational business and fitness writers.

3.Draw a Good Business Plan

 I recommend you don’t skip this. Dreams and passions alone cannot pay our bills every month. The key to a successful business is keeping things formal. Draw up a fitness business plan and structure. 

Once you have done the paperwork- stick to it. It is called a plan for a reason to be followed. This will be your decision map as well as your list of goals. The more your progress in your plan, the greater you will feel. 

The Bank will also request this formal document as it is proof of your long term commitment to success just in case you want to apply for loan. It is also imperative to comply with legal requirements in terms of inspections and registrations.

4.Obtain Necessary Certificate from Respected Organization.

Doing this makes you credible and it will also help you avoid future embarrassment from appropriate authority. Before obtaining certificate, you will be train on how to teach customers without injury them. you will also be educated on how to run your fitness business. 

5.Bank Financing

When a lending institution evaluates whether to finance a project, such as a fitness centre, the owner’s financial information is one of its most important considerations. Banks, like most other third-party financing institutions, are looking for assurances that you have the ability to pay back any debt regardless of how your business ultimately performs.

You must show that you and your business are an asset to the Bank and not a liability. Having a collateral will certainly make things a lot easier.
It is always difficult to start a fitness business centre with your own money unless you have been saving for decades because the training facilities are so expensive. The only way you can use your own money to start a fitness centre is when you choose to start small by obtaining only few equipment.

6.First Impression

The first glimpse of your fitness centre will say everything to your clients about the service you will be providing. The better your image, the better your size and type of clientele. Ensure that the building interiors and exteriors are clean and tidy at all times. 

Clubs and gyms are rife with germs and bacteria so double check that the fitness equipment and shower facilities are according to health standards and regularly disinfected. Immaculate should be the word describing your business facilities. Replace any broken or old equipment as soon as possible.


Always stay professional. The slightest unprofessional behavior will reflect badly on your establishment as well as bank balance. There is nothing wrong with special offers or treatment for old clients or new-comers but please keep it in moderation. 

Give you clients the greatest value for their money and you will be the greatest fitness centre in town. Avoid cutting your rates in order to be the cheapest, the clients will think that you are also cutting on quality and service.
In conclusion, don’t forget to invest in marketing your business to the public. Your marketing plan is just as important as your fitness business plan. You can choose to sponsor a health fair, promote your business using online marketing or social media marketing. You may also choose to launch your own fitness website and use content marketing to promote your fitness business.

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