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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Top 20 best countries to start a business

best countries to start a business
Entrepreneurs are considered drivers and engines of change and they are instrumental to increasing the economic output of any society they are in. Starting a business is difficult enough; especially with foundational challenges such as securing finance, choosing the appropriate business structure, engaging competent employees, a dynamic market, and competition/rivals among others
In this regard, every nation has a critical role to play in ensuring that other factors that will guarantee that businesses take off smoothly should be put in place. Fiscal and economic policies will either make or mar any business and such policies are instrumental in attracting businesses to an economic climate in the first instance.

 So, which countries rank the highest in terms of the ease with which businesses can be established? Well, there are standard indices that are used in gauging which countries are business-friendly. 
From starting a business to the ease of obtaining construction permits to access to enabling infrastructure to the ease of registering property as well as labor employment guidelines amongst other issues; the following countries have proven to be a haven for the commencement of any business venture:


Singapore’s spot at the top of business ranking indices is remarkable considering that this island nation was left totally devastated and in ruins at the end of WWII. However, visionary leadership, futuristic fiscal policies and a cooperative citizenry has seen Singapore ascend the ladder to developed nation. The business climate in Singapore can serve as a template. 
For starters, it takes just a few days to get a business registered. Based on the sector the business will be operating in, there are generous tax holidays that the business concern can enjoy. Settling commercial misunderstandings in Singapore is resolved in competent courts of jurisdiction within 150 days, which remains a record yet to be broken. 
The value in terms of the cost of the dispute is pegged at 26 percent, which is also the lowest among the country’s peers.


This nation features prominently in all major business indices for starting a business with ease. For one, an entrepreneur can obtain legal recognition for his/her business within hours, through the medium of an online registration.

Businesses are also drawn to New Zealand because the government has put in place favorable economic policy instruments through free trade agreements, fair -competition regulations, efficient and re-distributive tax codes, an open/stable political structure as well as competitive tax breaks for the average business.


Denmark features amongst the top countries for the ease of starting a business for a number of reasons. The first is that the process of registering a business has been digitalized. This online process allows the business achieve quick and easy legal recognition, acquire a NEM ID signature as well as the computation of insurance for employees.  
The cost of registration via this medium cost just a fraction (98 USD). The Danish Government also keenly encourages private sector participation without undermining the imperative role that market interaction plays in its economy.


South Korea is another country that you can bank on when it comes to registering a business with ease. You can also be rest assured that your business in South Korea will be able to have access to innovative and cost-cutting developments that will shore up your business’ competitive index on a global scale.

You can trust that registering your business in Hong Kong will be met with little or no delays, although registration fees are a bit on the high side when compared to what obtains in other peer countries. 
Your business will also benefit from the ease of obtaining construction permits as well as the ability to conduct cross-border transactions seamlessly.


You can choose to make the United Kingdom a home for your business because of the minimal time it takes to legalize your business as well as the low cost of registration. The United Kingdom also offers excellent infrastructural support and amenities; hence your business will always be assured of being connected locally and internationally.


You will obtain an immense value for your business once you decide to establish a venture in Swede. For starters, Swedes enjoy very high standards of living which translate to copious amounts of disposable income. 
Hence, your business is assured of a willing and capable market. With a highly skilled workforce and excellent amenities, you will be able to cost-effectively manage your business.


This Scandinavian giant is another attractive destination for your business. Norway has a virile technological sector which offers innovative and cost-cutting applications that your business will benefit from. 
Your business will also profit from an abundance of a skilled and semi-skilled workforce, who enjoy social safety programs from the Norwegian government. In addition, it takes roughly four days to get your business up and running and there exist efficient systems to tackle issues bordering on corporate disputes and insolvency.


Pragmatic reforms in the business environment in Finland means that you get to legalize your business in a day or two, at one of the lowest costs among the Scandinavian belt. Finland has invested heavily in her infrastructural network; hence your business will have access to state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.


This emerging Asian economic powerhouse has consistently instituted economic and fiscal reforms over the past decade. Malaysia now offers your business a simpler and more efficient business registration process. 
Infrastructural facilities in Malaysia are now top class and will ensure that the cost of conducting your business is within manageable limits. The country also boasts of first-class air and seaports.


Rwanda has made tremendous progress since the mid-nineties when a genocidal war nearly collapsed the country. Having instituted deep-seated reforms to its political and economic policies, Rwanda is now among the premier destinations for businesses looking to set up on the African continent. 
With improving infrastructure, unobtrusive tax regimes as well as access to financing, your business will do well with the many opportunities that the nation provides.


Although small in size when compared to her other European neighbors, Estonia looms large when it comes to indices for starting your business in the country.  Estonia’s competitive market driven economy features a balanced budget, a flat-rate on both corporate and income tax, a highly specialized commercial banking sector, advanced Information technology services and access to modern air and seaports.


Macedonia is another small nation that has experienced sound macroeconomic growth and stability. You will find that registering your business in Macedonia is similar to a one-stop shop that offers everything you need for your business to start operations immediately. 
For one, Macedonia has put in place fiscal and monetary policies that give business access to more financing and investment.

You can be rest assured that starting a business in Slovenia will make available to you her highly skilled and well-educated work-force. Slovenia has also aggressively pursued policies that have strengthened anti-inflation trends and the privatization process.
The process of registering a business has been streamlined and shortened. Along with the presence of excellent infrastructure, you can rely on the availability of financing and entrepreneurial support from the state.


Austria is the 12 richest country in the world. She has a highly developed infrastructural network, a high standard of living for her citizens as well as a robust energy/power system. As a business investor, you will register your business in good time, at a negligible cost.


You can register a business in Kazakhstan because the fiscal situation in the country has remained stable for years. Her economy has continued to experience growth, buoyed in part by earnings derived from the sale of crude oil. Broader diversification measures by the government have opened up the economy to foreign investment and trade.

The government has in place agencies that support small and medium scale businesses with grants and financing. Kazakhstan also operates some of the lowest tax regimes in the world, slashing the amounts payable by business on personal and corporate taxes by a substantial margin.


Botswana has made giant strides in transforming itself from one of the poorest countries in the world to one that has experienced consistent economic growth. The government has continued to maintain robust fiscal policies such that you can register your business and acquire property within a relatively short period of time. 
The banking sector in Botswana conforms to international standards of operation and offers specialized assistance to small and medium scale business, thereby assuring that your business will have access to financing.


The Netherlands has continued to post strong growth indices over the past years. As an investor looking to start a business in the country, the Netherlands offers a competitive, market-driven economy that is backed up by adequate infrastructure and sound monetary/fiscal policies. 
It boasts of having a high score in the ease of doing business index published by the World Bank. Your business will have access to strategic air and seaports as well as financial and investment options from state and private organizations.


Taiwan has featured prominently for a number of years in the Ease of doing a Business index of the World Bank. The reasons for the country’s ranking are not far-fetched. For starters, setting up your business in Taiwan will give you access to developed infrastructural amenities that will give your business the leverage to compete in the global economy.  
You will also be encouraged by the fact that the Taiwanese economy receives a bulk of its revenue from the operations of small and medium scale businesses as opposed to large corporations. 
The banking sector routinely supports the activities of businesses and access to financing and other resources is readily available. You can register your business in a short period of time.


Australia has a market-driven economy that has continued to experience rounded growth, as a result of robust and effective monetary and fiscal economic policies. 
You can register your business in Australia within days and immediately be able to access specialized help and resources including access to affordable funds.


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