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Monday, 19 February 2018

Important optimization hacks for ecommerce customer retention

optimization hacks for ecommerce customer retention
1.Useful conversion rate optimization hacks

Conversion rate optimization is the process by which business people increase the percentage of consumers who visit their websites. This can be done to achieve a desired goal on the website. The process entails optimizing the landing pages and the overall website by the use of real time analytics. That will enable to turn the people who visit your page to be customers. Below are some effective hacks that can increase conversion rates.

2.Increase in page speed

It is important for the speed of your page to be high. This will enable more visitors to use it without getting agitated. Even a one second delay in the speed of the website can result in 7% reduction in conversion. This is because low speeds can be annoying and consumers will often avoid slow websites.

3.Right placement of the logo

This is a factor that is often overlooked but the placement of the logo has a significant effect on the conversion rate. For example, Comscore.com increased their conversion by up to 69%. They did so by just changing the position of the logo and placing it where customers did not feel bothered by it.

4.Keep the homepage simple

The homepage should not be too difficult for the users to comprehend. They will avoid visiting your website. According to https://websitebuilder.org/
,  For example, The Weather Channel simplified their homepage and their conversion went up by 225%.
5.Make the navigation user friendly

The navigation of the site should be easy for the visitors to use. If the navigation is too difficult for them, they will simply visit another web page. Making the navigation user friendly by using The Olympic Store increased the conversion rate by 7.74% by making the navigation user friendly. When the navigation is not user friendly, the organization will make their customers or prospective customers roll over to their competitors.

6.Use live chat

The use of live chat in this modern era has been found to significantly increase the conversion rate. For example,  intuit.com increased the conversion rate by 20% and that led to an increase in sales by 211%. This happened after adding a live chat to the web page. This is because the level of interaction between the brand and consumers feels more personal and that is what consumers like.

7.Offer free shipping

According to the psychology of consumers, most of them hate shipping charges. Even when the shipping charges are low, some consumers may opt to not buy the product because of the extra costs of shipping. Therefore, offering free shipping is an efficient method of increasing conversion. For instance, Nuface increased their orders by 90% when they decided to offer free shipping to their customers.

8.Add contacts numbers

It can be frustrating to a consumer who wants to make an urgent enquiry to a brand but they do not have a contact number on their website. The fastest way to communicate is through a phone call and if a website does not have a contact number, the brand may lose out on many potential customers. Flowr for instance increased their conversion by 5% when they added their contact number to their homepage.
Conversion should be the ultimate goal of a business online. Your website may have the best design and crazy traffic but it does not generate enough leads. The good thing is that the above hacks are essential in increasing conversion.

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