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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

How to beat procrastination and become a productive entrepreneur

How to beat procrastination and become a productive entrepreneur

Procrastination can be defined as a mental state in which you deal with a lot of distractions at the same time. Almost every person faces procrastination and many of them face it multiple times. Once you get procrastinated it becomes very difficult to overcome and beat procrastination.
The lack of concentration may be occurring due to one or multiple distractions but the truth is that it truly harmful for your career. You get stuck with the unnecessary or less important tasks such as checking emails, roaming with your fears or thoughts, engaging more with other employees, spending more time on social media etc.

It may be possible that you even don’t realize that you are suffering from procrastination. At this situation procrastination completely kills your productivity resulting in your poor performance. Whenever you observe negative results make efforts to find the actual reason of your poor performance to increase productivity.

It will be very easy to beat procrastination if you list the actual reasons of your distractions. You may be jealous of your coworker who can do more with its laptop while traveling or outside the office even somewhere in a busy place. Many researchers have proved that almost capabilities of employees are same the only thing matters is the focus.

The truth is that almost every productive people once deal with procrastination but their great calculated efforts for overcoming procrastination make all the difference. Firstly they make a list of distractions and then they move with their calculated strategies to beat procrastination.

1. Try to figure out the causes

Whenever you encounter procrastination or feeling overwhelmed, these situations are the symbols indicating something else important? You may need a small break or to change the atmosphere. Doing a job without satisfaction may be another reason for procrastination.
Sometimes we get stuck at something and even don’t know that we have been stuck. One of the reasons of procrastination is taking unnecessary workload and responsibilities. Lastly, we become helpless and do not able to manage all the stuff. The best way to overcome procrastination is to find its reasons.

There are many ways for preventing procrastination but the best way is to figure out its reasons and work on them. Figuring out the reasons may be the best and effective way to overcome procrastination and boost productivity.

2. Get Some Fresh Morning Air

Wake up early and run or walk some miles daily. If you can manage to play in the morning at least for 30 minutes it will be great. Gearing up in the morning is one the best way to overcome procrastination and increase productivity.

At the starting, it may be difficult to go with the routine but after just one or two weeks you will be addicted to it. These morning efforts will keep you charged all the day and will help you to beat the procrastination. It’s really difficult for a person to maintain its health in his busy life, but making efforts to achieve good health will affect your productivity.

3. Go with Some Motivational Stuff

At the stage of procrastination, you desperately need something motivational. It may be some motivational blogs, videos, any person, device, or even your pet. After listing the reasons of procrastination you need to work on it and here all these motivational stuff becomes valuable.
We all suffer from procrastination and if you find your motivational buddy it will help you a lot. As for example, you can jog with your pet, a person or some device which can help you in achieving your fitness goals. At the workplace you can ask your coworker about your situation, may her/his ideas can help you in beating procrastination.
Believe in yourself. Yes! You can beat procrastination and overcome all the distractions.

4. Do What You Love to Do

No matter what it is? If you love playing, listening music, gardening, playing an instrument, traveling, painting, writing or whatever it is done at least once in a week.
Don’t make excuses for not having time for this stuff. I used to travel a new place nearby at least twice in a month and it helps a lot. You can do what you love to do and trust me it will help you in fighting with procrastination and distractions. Feeling down all the day is the worst situation and the main cause of the downfall of your productivity.

Pushing yourself unnecessarily for completing deadline based tasks may be one of the reasons for procrastination. Most productive peoples are those kinds of people who know to create moments with their lovable even in their busy schedule. Figure out your lost passion and make time for yourself to increase productivity.

5. Set Your Daily Goals

Make a list of some handful tasks which you are going to accomplish during the day. This will help you in being more productive and you can make more in comparatively less time.
Start your day with positivity and make efforts to boost your time management. Productive people are great at time management and this will also help you in beating procrastination and increasing productivity.
Making a list of handful tasks prevent distraction and helps you in focusing on necessary things.

6. Set Priorities

One of the reasons for procrastination is making efforts beyond the limits or dealing many things at once. One reason we procrastinate is that we are trying to do too many things at once. Identify key projects and complete those first.

For example, if you were planning to buy something during Black Friday and you haven’t – that means a missed chance because now you have to wait for an entire year to get Black Friday again. Plan early, set Priorities and do your research – because you need to check everything from pricing, to weight of the package for which there are several rate calculators etc. That way, you can be ready months before black Friday next year.

We expect a lot from ourselves but it may be one of the major reasons for procrastination. When we do not achieve the expected results we start doubting our capabilities. The best way to overcome this situation is to set priorities. Break your tasks and then make efforts to complete your work in order.
Make an order of important tasks and try to finish them first. This will help you to complete your entire tasks in given deadline and surely increase your productivity.

7. Look for Positive Environment

Surround yourself with people having positive aspect towards life. It will help you a lot in beating procrastination and the best part of the positive environment is it reduces the risk of procrastination.
It is also necessary to build a great environment in the home for work. This means to avoid watching television and keeping yourself away from time-killing devices. If you are suffering from procrastination you will surely need a quiet place for recovery. It will help you a lot in concentrating and being more productive.

It will be not rude to avoid the friend circle that you think is one of the reasons for your distractions. Everyone deals with procrastination and when you are going through it always be calm and make efforts to figure it out. You have to make efforts continuously for making a positive environment.
It is easy to figure out the distractions and once you figure it remove all the sources of distractions to increase productivity. At the stage of starting it is easy to beat procrastination but after that, you have to work more on it.

8. Don’t Fake

If you are not real to yourself you can’t be real to this world. Lying to yourself is one of the main reason for procrastination, thus being real will be a great idea.
If you are real, you don’t have to remember too many things you have said to others. The best way of being real is to know yourself and setting realistic goals. Don’t ever lie to yourself; it creates negative moods resulting in procrastination later.

Being fake tends you to make a fake image of yourself behind others and you will have to spend a lot of time in managing that image. This will kill your precious time and will be harmful to your performance. Thus be real, set realistic goals, keep away yourself from the gossips and avoid time killing.

9. Learn to Smile

Many of us even don’t know to enjoy small moments and victories. We even don’t notice those moments because we are only looking for big changes. Break your tasks, complete them in order and enjoy small victories.

Congrats yourself for your small achievements and this will help you in achieving expected success in your life. Learning to smile it seems to be easy but it is difficult enough. Many of us can’t manage to smile in difficult situations and this leads to many mental issues especially procrastination and further depression.

If you are feeling down then it may be difficult to concentrate on work. But if you know how to be joyful even if you are feeling down you can beat procrastination and increase your productivity.

10. Don’t Punish Yourself, Learn To Forgive

We all make mistakes but few of us forgive our self. Some people try to punish themselves after making mistakes and never learn to forgive. When you learn to forgive yourself you start accepting yourself and once you accept yourself you will never procrastinate in future.
When you make mistakes, you always think about it and then concentrating on work seems impossible. Thus you have to learn to forgive yourself otherwise you will be procrastinating whenever you make mistakes.

Final Note:

Procrastination is very harmful to someone’s work performance and productivity. We deal with a lot of distractions in the workplace and even we don’t know that we are getting distracted. This result in poor work performance and harms our productivity.

We have listed top 10 tips to beat procrastination and increase productivity. These tips will help you a lot in focusing on your goals and achieving expected success.

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