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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

How to make money as a blogger without Google Adsense

How to make money as a blogger without Google Adsense
They are several ways to make money as a blogger without relying solely on Google Adsense even though It is the best monetization Advertising Networks for most bloggers. Some influential bloggers I do know don't use Google Adsense as a means of generating income from their blogs rather they use other alternatives such as affiliate marketing, Harshal Agrawal of Shoutmeloud.com is a good example.

Blogging can make you much money if you follow the right channel, meeting the right people and doing the right thing, these are the things that will determine whether you make money from your blog or not.

Without wasting much of your time, here goes my list of 7 smart ways a blogger can make money from his blog without Google Adsense:

Yes, you can make money selling other people's product on your blog or website and get your commission from every sales being made but have this at the back of your mind, any product that you want to display and sell through your blog must reflect your blog niche, it will be awkward if you are
into tech niche and your blog affiliate network is into health it will reduce your revenue and in other words, your blog readers might be pissed off if they say such on your blog.For example, if you are a tech blogger, try as much as possible to promote more of technology products such as mobile phones, laptops, desktops and gadgets on your blog.This will increase your blog growth potential and income.

2.Sell E-books

A blogger once made $3,574 in a couple of months through selling an ebook, you might be imagining
how he achieved making so much money through the sales of ebook, yes it is quite possible for you to even make money bigger than that but it relies on your willingness and attitude towards it.
One thing you should know about writing an ebook is that you should write on any hot trending topics so that people will pay you for to get a vital information from it, assuming you are into 'blogging niche' then you can consider writing on this topic'How to start a successful blog' or 'How to become a successful blogger' either of the two, you can choose from them but it's not a must you write on any of them, just use your common sense and think of any topic around your blog niche that people will be willing to pay for, that's
just it. One surest way to make enough money selling ebooks is to use effective marketing in order to drive sales, use Facebook ads, forums, sell it on Amazon or any other form of marketing you choose to advertise your e-book.

3.Sponsored post

Sponsored post is when an advertiser chooses to contact a blogger directly to write a review about a product and put it up on his blog, this is also similar to Placing adverts but a little bit different, let me explain. When an advertiser chooses to place an advert of his or her product or service on your blog, in other for your readers to get engaged, you will need to create what they call image banners so that they can check out what the product or service has to offer.

You can as well make a good amount of money when a post is being sponsored on your blog, one thing you should work on is to have a high-quality website, high Domain and Page Authority and also try as much aspossible to improve your blog Alexa Rank so as to attract advertisers.

4.Promote an offline business

Helping any offline business in your location to promote their business on your blog is also a good way to make money as a blogger without Google Adsense, this approach is not too common but I chose to put it on the list.Meet any business that you think offers a quality product but they might be experiencing low sales, try as much as you can to convince them to pay you a tangible amount of money so as to help them promote their offline business online through your blog in return which will
bring in sales and new customers. For example, any blogger into tech niche should promote a tech related business too, this will work out just fine and perfect.

5.Offer a service on Fiverr

On my last post, I talked about how to join fiverr and make money, you can offer any service on Fiverr such as video editing,link building, article writing,graphic design and the rest of them for as low as $5 per service rendered but have this at the back of your mind that Fiverr also takes its own processing fee of $1(so you have $4 as your profit) on every order being successfully delivered. So you sign up on fiverr.com and offer a service which in return make you enough bucks.

6.Website Flipping

You might have come across this but to simplify it all, website flipping is the art of buying, improving and selling websites. It is more similar to building a house and furnishing it after some times you can decide to sell it off in order to make bigger profit, so this what website flipping is all about, you can decide to start a website from the scratch and post useful and meaningful contents, improve organic traffic and then sell to potential buyers who pick interest in purchasing the website or you can prefer to buy any existing website, make it popular and resell it, that's
the way it works.

7.Sell your own product or service

If you have any product that you know people are willing to buy at all cost, why not put it up on your blog and sell it? It can either be a software, e-books or educational materials or maybe you can render a service, decide to host a webinar or offer courses for educational purposes, this is a workable way to make money without a single ad on your blog.


They you have it, 7 ways to make money as a blogger without Google Adsense. I believe that if others can make money blogging you too can, they don't have two heads just one only. Just make sure you are hardworking, consistent and patience these are the things that will make you money as a blogger.
See you at the top!


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