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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

How to invest wisely on any business opportunity that comes your way

How to invest wisely on any business opportunity that comes your way
The life of an entrepreneur is a dedicated one, everything around him circles on finance and management. Investment is the key analysis for the future and the eons to come. Business already has the definition of a risky undertaken where one assumes complete liability for every commercial activity he or she embarks on. According to a business dictionary, an investor is one who expands a capital in expectation of a pleasant return.

Nigeria is one of the limelight countries around the globe offering tremendous business opportunities to its inhabitants and in what we call "a virtual extension", it also presents non-occupants and distant fans the possibility of Sustainability and financial buoyancy with mind-boggling opportunities which can even be embraced still from a distance. Nigerian students can invest into the nnu income program at the moment it works very well.

 While considering opportunities available to you for possible tapping into, it is very important to carefully consider, compare and contrast the obvious factors entailed with respects to progress in these sectors.

Without wasting much time, let's proceed to discuss a few necessary criteria's to consider in order to be able to firmly conclude if an investment or an investment opportunity is a wise project to embark on.

1... Check statistics

For most business opportunities already existing and for some that are yet to surface, there is always more than enough resources on the internet to access in order to derive enough statistical facts which would assist your decision of investment. Statistics here
simply refers to existing facts which either encourage or discourage the opportunity in question. Likely and most possibly there are people like you who have once been presented with such opportunities and most probably grabbed it, their responses to such gears has a reflection that gives you the answer you've been looking for.

2... Assume projections

Assumed projections systematically means that one can possibly create an accumulated virtually gallery of negativities with these opportunities on your mind. For instance, you can assume that this investment opportunity could possibly survive the next ten years, you can also assume that you could possibly become a millionaire someday soon with this particular investment you're willing to embark on... But then, how soon? Now, this assumption should be based on the statistical evidence you've derived or established so far from what people have explained and experienced at large.

 Sometimes these assumptions can without any doubt appear to be very realistic to you, in other instances they may not appear to be something that can materialize and this is basically due to either the presence or absence of enough base-level facts or insight available to you into the investment opportunity. If there doesn't appear to be any positive assumptions coming up, do not force yourself to create one. If your assumed possibilities appear to have over 70%  reality view, then it's definitely a good thing to try but if you can't guarantee yourself a 69%  success surety score for what you're about to venture into, then it's a bad sign.

3... Inflate the disadvantages

Now, this is just about trying yourself out on how far you're ready to go on this and how dire the consequences might be for you. Entrepreneurship explains two basic types of risk or risk-taking which are the Uncalculated risk type and the Calculated risk type. The only way to determine which of the two you're currently standing on is after you have inflated the disadvantages and you still believe you can bear it at the two extremes, I don't know if a point is being made here but I'll explain further. For instance, this investment opportunity has been in existence for over 8 years and people have been queueing in nicely. Here comes the inflation, we know that every investment opportunity is a risk...
Yes, right! but what if this is worse? What if this investment shuts down the next few months?  Will I be able to contain it?

The answer for this largely depends on how much you're able to convince yourself from the available statistical analysis you've made so far. However, it's definitely an Uncalculated risk if you do not have sufficient information as to what you're about to do. If the best answer you have as to the success possibility is 50/50, then it's definitely a gamble and technically, gamble opportunities rarely pay nicely, in effect it's not a healthy investment. However, people still earn from gambling but that doesn't make it right to say it's a wise investment.

4... Draw a reasonable conclusion

You must have had enough time, agreeably a tough one trying to contemplate, consider, compare and contrast the opportunities present to you. They all cannot be bad investments neither can they all be right at the same time. It's healthy to try to seek professional advice before finally settling with a
decision. You could hire a consultant or implore the services of one because their services are sincerely very important to entrepreneurs though not everyone understands this, in fact, they play a very important role in entrepreneurship basically because they're professionals and it's actually their job to educate you based on facts, calculative reasoning and intellectual attendance.

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