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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Top 15 Innovative Real Estate Business Ideas

If real estate is one business ideas that have been bothering your mind, this post is about showing you some list of 15 innovative real estate business ideas that you might have to consider depending on your budget and availability of funds.

Real estate offers many investment opportunities. Normally you need a lot of money to invest in this business. You need to build your cash reserves and savings. You are not likely to risk your savings if you invest in this area. The return never diminishes but increases with time.

There are so many niches that entrepreneurs interested in real estate are yet to tap into and build lasting wealth. If you are ready to learn, read on as I unveil some innovative real estate business ideas you may not have even consider that it exists in the real estate industry.

Real estate is a serious business for serious entrepreneurs that are ready to build lasting generational wealth. Shelter is number needs of humans and every day the population in any country is increasing including the one your country.

Here are my top 15 list of innovative real estate business ideas for investors or entrepreneurs to venture into;

    1.Property Development Company

This type of real estate business idea covers everything that has to do with real estate. Starting a property development company means your company will be responsible for buying raw lands and developing it by building on it and putting it for rent or sell it. This innovative real estate business idea is capital intensive so it is for those with large budgets.

    2.Starting a Real Estate Investment Club

If you know you don’t have enough funds to invest into the real estate market yourself, you can start a real estate investment club where you gather a group of investors that will put their funds into a real estate investment vehicle and share the profit within themselves.

    3.Real Estate Blogging

 If you have sound knowledge about real estate, you can start up a blog that focuses on publishing content that has to do with real estate. As your blog begin to
get huge traffic, real estate companies will start approaching you to buy space in your blog to run advert.Another alternative is running Google Adsense on your blog to get revenue from advert clicks and page views.

    4.Architecture Firm

If you have civil engineering or architecture skill, you can start up your own architecture firm and start drawing building plans for builders and construction firms. With building 3D software like AutoCAD, it will surely make your job easier.

    5.  Landscaping Business

The demand for landscaping services has increased drastically. This is due to the fact that people have started putting interest on investing into buying of lands. You must be skilled in the art of convincing clients
that you can do this job to their taste.

    6.Lawn Care Business

This is another innovative real estate business idea that you should consider in starting up a real estate business. It does not require large capital to start. You can be delivery lawn care services to residential as
well as commercial properties and be raking in a good amount of money monthly.

    7.Real Estate Agent

Presently, almost 80% of a house sold or rented were done using a real estate agent. This is one profitable innovative real estate business idea that any entrepreneur can venture into. In this business, you don’t buy any property. You just act as a middle person between buyers/tenants and sellers/landlord.

You get paid a commission for every successful deal to make according to your own rate of commission charge.

   8.Real Estate Mobile App Development

If you have a good knowledge of coding and programming or can assemble a team of programmers to build an app focusing on the real estate market, you can certainly become rich over the long term.

Your app will give access to real estate properties for sale. Sellers of properties can come and list their properties for sale while buyers can come look for properties they can buy too. It will majorly be connecting buyers and sellers of real estate properties in one platform.

    9.Publish Real Estate Magazine

There are millions of people that love reading real estate magazines because they want to know everything about the real estate market and probably find a good property for sale. If you would love owning a magazine publishing firm, you can venture into this innovative real estate business idea by providing information to people that seek content in the industry.

     10 Construction Cleaning Company

Haven’t you seen them in a construction site? I know you may have but didn’t notice that they were not the same people that did the construction work. Many construction companies hire the services of construction cleaning company to come clean their sites after construction work is over.

You have to have enough manpower and construction site cleaning equipment to be able to get this real estate business idea started.

11.Housing painting

This business can never drop as far as people will always want their building to look beautiful to attract customers or tenants (in case of renting). If you have painting skill, you can start this innovative business idea and make money from building owners. You can partner with interior decoration firms so they can always link you up with a contract since the job is somehow related.


A building is never complete without plumbing services whether residential or commercial. Every building demands plumbing operation and this is where plumbers eat enough money.

So, if you’re living up with crafty plumbing skills then one of the real estate related business you can consider is to start your own plumbing business.

    13.Online Real Estate Marketing

If you have skill in online marketing, you can profit from real estate too. You will be helping real estate merchants run online marketing of their properties through a different online platform like social media, SEO, content marketing etc.

   14. Start a Real Estate TV Program

Another innovative real estate business idea is starting a real estate TV show that will be focus on development in real estate market. There are many TV shows like this in America so it will be very competitive for anyone based there to start such business.

But, anyone outside America can venture into this real estate business idea and make a huge amount of money from it. If run well, you will sure attract large viewership and of course mouthwatering sponsorship deals from major players in the real estate industry in your country.

   15.Electric Wiring Business

Have you seen a building that doesn’t have any electrical connection to it? The demand for electric wiring will always be there. So, if you have electrical skills, this is one innovative real of the real estate market that you will have to consider.


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