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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How to get a job the smart way in Nigeria

How to get a job the smart way in Nigeria
The issue of thousands of graduates and other unemployed and underemployed people searching for jobs in Nigeria is no longer news. Every time you hear there is a job opening, thousands apply and only a few gets it. Everyone seems to be complaining there are no jobs in Nigeria, whereas others are getting employed each day.
What are these people doing different that you have not done? Some may say it is as a result of “connection”. I guess that is what the lazy ones tell themselves when their applications get rejected so that they can feel better. Yes, it is hard to find a decent job in Nigeria, but it is not totally impossible. You just have to do it the smart way.
So, what is the smart way to get a job in Nigeria? How do you ensure you do not spend years going around searching for a good job, all to no avail? How do you avoid being rejected every time you apply for a job?  Well, here are some tips on how to get a job the smart way in Nigeria…

1.Write an Amazing Curriculum Vitae

The first step to getting a job the smart way in Nigeria is writing an amazing curriculum vitae. Your CV is meant to captivate your potential employer and it is important for it to stand out among others. It is just like going to shop for clothes and you are looking through the rails where the clothes for sale are hung.
You just keep on flinging and moving from one to another without paying actual attention until one catches your fancy. This is how employers go through CVs submitted to them, they are only attracted to one that captivates their attention.
Your CV has to include all your academic achievements, experiences, skills and talent. Never ever give false information or information that cannot be verified on your CV. This can make you immediately lose a good opportunity to get employed in Nigeria. Do a good research on writing a killer curriculum vitae and make yours as outstanding as you can as this is one smart way to get a job in Nigeria.

2.Be Specific on the Type of Job you want

Another tip to getting a job the smart way in Nigeria is being specific on the type of job you desire. Most unemployed people in Nigeria, when asked where they would like to work, end up with the reply “Anywhere”. Anywhere is actually nowhere. The sooner you understand this, the easier it will be getting a job.
So to start off, start with what you studied in school, and combine it with your interests. For example, someone who studied horticulture should not be applying for a job at a bank. But that is what you find these days, and you should not be surprised when you are not considered for the job.
When you are specific about the kind of job you want, it makes it easier to tailor your CV, achievements and your experiences towards getting that particular job and it is one smart way to getting a job in Nigeria.

3.Get Certified

If you are conversant with online applications, you must have come across sections where they ask you what certifications you have. Getting certified is another smart way to getting a job in Nigeria. There are lots of courses you could take to enable you get certified in different areas.
If you do them when you are doing your NYSC, you could get huge discounts for them. So while you are whiling away that little break you got from your school during service, why not get certified? It would go a long way boosting your chances of getting a job in Nigeria which makes it a smart way to get employed in Nigeria.

4.Get Acquainted with the Right People

Now you have decided on what area you wish to get a job, the next step is getting acquainted with the right people. Getting acquainted with the right people is a smart way to getting a job in Nigeria.
Chose a particular company you are interested in working for and you know they are recruiting, get acquainted with any of the workers of that company, search for them on social media, look up their LinkedIn profiles, try as much as possible to move in the same circles with them.
Even if they are not recruiting yet, you could still get acquainted with people from that company as this could increase your chances of getting a job with that company and it is a smart way to get a job in Nigeria.
When you get acquainted with the right people, whenever that company sets out to recruit, you get an advantage over other applicants.

5.Gather Experience

Just because you have not gotten a job yet does not mean you should stay idle. Go to companies that are related to your interests and offer to work for as little as they can offer or nothing. This might be hard but you would reap the benefits when you fill up your experience column on your CV. So instead of wasting that time at home, get busy and beef up your CV as this is another smart way of getting a job in Nigeria.
Job search is not an easy task and should not be treated likely. Try these tips and find yourself getting that your desired job.

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