Monday, 19 February 2018

Top race tracks around the world

Race tracks can be found everywhere in the world, from ice tracks in Scandinavia, dust bowls in Southern Italy or the ovals of North America. Every country has their own particular type of track; but which one is the best?

1.Circuit De Monaco

This road track around the Principality of Monaco is a firm favourite amongst motor sport fans. The constricted circuit leaves little margin for error, with tight hairpins and tricky chicanes to navigate, fans are constantly on the edge of their seat. Monaco is a wonderful place to set a race, the history it holds in terms of motor racing is up there with the best in the world.


Imola is one of the most atmospheric tracks, with corners such as Tamburello and Rivazza. Imola is, of course, where the late, great Ayrton Senna lost his life in 1994, a day after fellow-Formula 1 driver Roland Ratzenberger lost his. The track is most famous for how quickly it’s driven, over 70% of the track is driven flat out meaning drivers average speeds of 155MPH.

3.Yas Marina Circuit

This track in Abu Dhabi is the only track in F1 to transition from day to night to accommodate for the blistering mid-day temperatures. This means engineers have a huge challenge to match the tyres to the decreasing temperatures as well as getting the car to manage in the sweltering heat. Rob from CVS said ‘ this has got to be my favourite track, it brings something different to the calendar; watching the engineers try and overcome the challenges they face here is amazing!’

4.Spa Francorchamps

This Belgian track has amassed a huge history over its 100 years of hosting motorsport. Taking on both F1 and 24-hour GT races, the track has been cut to nearly half of its original 14KM length, this hasn’t taken away from the excitement though! The track proves ever popular, not just for its history but also its incredible surroundings. There have been multiple boycotts of the track throughout its history as a result of multiple deaths. Jackie Stewart once recalled a crash that left him in the basement of a farm house with petrol covering him and the floor; thankfully he escaped without harm, although this did inspire him to demand better safety regulations, from crash barriers to fire crews as the ambulance that was meant to take him to hospital got lost on the way!


This 150,000-capacity complex is well regarded as one of the most challenging tracks in the world. It features a Grand Prix track built in 1984 and a much longer old ‘North Loop’ track which has been in use since the 1920s. Jackie Stewart nicknamed the track ‘The Green Hell’, after a particularly challenging race in adverse weather conditions. The North Loop is a favourite amongst manufacturers to pit their newest cars against each other to set the fastest lap. The current record holder for fastest production car goes to Porsche with their 911 GT2 RS with a time of 6:47.3.

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How to slow the depreciation of your vehicle

Depreciation is your worst enemy. You've invested a large amount of time researching methods to avoid the depreciation of your vehicle, but unfortunately for everyone, it's inevitable. Over the years, all the wear and tear of your car – new or old as it may be – will decrease its value. But, that doesn't mean to say that you can't slow it down in the meantime. 

1.Choose a Good Quality Vehicle

If you're certain that you'll be selling your car further on down the line, be sure to invest in one that offers advanced safety features and other clever options too – people would be more likely to pay additional money for advanced tech, safety features and a generally decent car altogether.

2.Purchase a Second-Hand Car

You might not already know that second-hand cars depreciate at a much slower rate than those that are brand-new. If you've taken to the decision of purchasing second-hand cars, then you're in a fantastic position to slow down the depreciation of your car. Fortunately for you, with nearly new or second-hand cars, the previous owner has already dealt with the largest part of the depreciation – Your only concern is the upkeep of the car from then on.

3.Don't Customize Your Car

Sometimes it's much better to just leave a car in the state it was in when you first bought it from the seller - customizing takes away its original value. Think of it like this; you've been trying to find your dream BMW for years now, and when you finally find the perfect offer on one, you discover that it's had the exhaust swapped for a loud and obnoxious cannon. You'd undoubtedly be disappointed, wouldn't you? So, if you know that you’re going to sell your car on to somebody else, make sure that you keep the little personalised and customized features to a minimum to save future buyers from looking elsewhere when the time comes.

4.Take Good Care of Your Car

Car maintenance is a standard – your car cannot be on the road without passing an annual MOT and service test. But, that shouldn't stop you from making the extra effort by looking after your car in the meantime. You know yourself that when you go to purchase another car, be it old or new, you're more likely to be interested in buying one that looks as though it has been looked after. Needless to say, looking after your car means that it's likely to be in better shape in the near or distant future. If you decide not to keep your car in good shape then be prepared to get less for it when you decide to sell it on to somebody new. 

5.Keep Mileage Low

Nobody wants a car with one hundred thousand miles on the odometer, right? You probably wouldn't be the first person keen to purchase a car with 98,000 miles on the screen, which is why it's always nice to keep the miles as low as possible. If your car travels a significant number of miles in the time you own it, its value is more likely to decrease as well – meaning that you wouldn’t get as much as you'd expected to when you sell your car on to somebody else. To avoid racking up the miles, consider hiring a car for long trips, you could choose something with more space and features to make the journey as stress free as possible.

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Important optimization hacks for ecommerce customer retention

optimization hacks for ecommerce customer retention
1.Useful conversion rate optimization hacks

Conversion rate optimization is the process by which business people increase the percentage of consumers who visit their websites. This can be done to achieve a desired goal on the website. The process entails optimizing the landing pages and the overall website by the use of real time analytics. That will enable to turn the people who visit your page to be customers. Below are some effective hacks that can increase conversion rates.

2.Increase in page speed

It is important for the speed of your page to be high. This will enable more visitors to use it without getting agitated. Even a one second delay in the speed of the website can result in 7% reduction in conversion. This is because low speeds can be annoying and consumers will often avoid slow websites.

3.Right placement of the logo

This is a factor that is often overlooked but the placement of the logo has a significant effect on the conversion rate. For example, increased their conversion by up to 69%. They did so by just changing the position of the logo and placing it where customers did not feel bothered by it.

4.Keep the homepage simple

The homepage should not be too difficult for the users to comprehend. They will avoid visiting your website. According to
,  For example, The Weather Channel simplified their homepage and their conversion went up by 225%.
5.Make the navigation user friendly

The navigation of the site should be easy for the visitors to use. If the navigation is too difficult for them, they will simply visit another web page. Making the navigation user friendly by using The Olympic Store increased the conversion rate by 7.74% by making the navigation user friendly. When the navigation is not user friendly, the organization will make their customers or prospective customers roll over to their competitors.

6.Use live chat

The use of live chat in this modern era has been found to significantly increase the conversion rate. For example, increased the conversion rate by 20% and that led to an increase in sales by 211%. This happened after adding a live chat to the web page. This is because the level of interaction between the brand and consumers feels more personal and that is what consumers like.

7.Offer free shipping

According to the psychology of consumers, most of them hate shipping charges. Even when the shipping charges are low, some consumers may opt to not buy the product because of the extra costs of shipping. Therefore, offering free shipping is an efficient method of increasing conversion. For instance, Nuface increased their orders by 90% when they decided to offer free shipping to their customers.

8.Add contacts numbers

It can be frustrating to a consumer who wants to make an urgent enquiry to a brand but they do not have a contact number on their website. The fastest way to communicate is through a phone call and if a website does not have a contact number, the brand may lose out on many potential customers. Flowr for instance increased their conversion by 5% when they added their contact number to their homepage.
Conversion should be the ultimate goal of a business online. Your website may have the best design and crazy traffic but it does not generate enough leads. The good thing is that the above hacks are essential in increasing conversion.

Author bio
Karthik Reddy, Community Manager at Websitebuilder, is the author of India’s Number 1 travel blog. Having an MBA in computer science he once decided to get away from the office desk life and take the breathtaking journey of traveling the world. He is eager to use the sociability of the web to inspire others. A passionate traveler and photography enthusiast he aspires to share his experiences and help people see the world through his lens.

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Thursday, 8 February 2018

How to find business ideas

Whether you start small or big, in business the only important thing is the idea of it and the way of its execution. The stance of the idea must be solid so that the base of the business remains accurate and goes on well with time.

Finding new business ideas is a tedious task to perform but it can be done by following certain tips and if followed correctly then you can run a successful business and gain a lot of profit from it.

The main problem which most of the businessmen face is to handle and manage money from the profit when they start a new business but now their problems have come to an end because we have the best solution for them to manage the payrolls easily.

If you want the best payroll management solutions for your business then click here for further details. In this article, we will provide you all the information you need to know about the best and most resourceful ways to find new business ideas so that you will be able to start a business and make it flourish successfully.  We will tell you all the procedures to find and generate productive ideas for businesses. All the ways we will tell you in this article will surely help you to develop strong business ideas or to find the best ones that will ensure profit and success of your business.

We will provide a list of these ways to find the exiting and profitable business ideas easily. If you follow these ways then you will find a whole bunch of new ideas for establishing your business. So here are some of the best was to find new and creative business ideas. 

1.A healthy state of mind and Environment

The first thing to gain new business ideas is that your mind should be relaxed and in a healthy state. As the mind is released from tension all the energy of it is used to think and evolve new ideas.

It also helps to generated new ideas which generate new business that adapts to the marketing trends and doesn't get collapsed. Ideas do not come from only thinking about it sometimes ideas are developed through different events and experiences.

Sometimes you learn from your mistakes and generate new ideas in your mind. Sometimes ideas to create and find a new business take time to build itself in mind. 

2.Change your point of view

Most of the ideas can be taken from nature and the world around you; you just have to see things differently to make the things work out.
If you want to find the best business idea that will surely work in the real market then you only need to broaden your perspective and see the world differently. The point of view can only be changed by gaining knowledge and increasing the observation power of your mind. Try to see things differently learn from past experiences and once it is done then you will think of everything differently and more ideas will float in your mind for building a better and creative business.

3.Just Act

Sometimes it is better to act than to think sitting in a corner and because of this action miracles may happen but if in any case, the business idea you tried fails then there is no regret because you will learn from it and next time try something completely different from it. 

Business ideas do not come easily and most of them do not have a guarantee of success but following these rules, you will surely meet success while running a successful business. 
So these are all the best ways to which you can find the best business ideas and create and run a successful business. I am sure you will love this article because it contains the best knowledgeable and useful content which helps to find the best ways to generate new ideas for a successful business. I hope the content provided in this article will help you to rectify all the doubts present in your mind because of the useful information present in it but if there is still something left unclear then feel free to ask us anything you deem necessary to know about.
We will try our best to provide you all the researched and authentic information which will clear all the ambiguities and answer all the queries in your mind so stay tuned for more updated and informative and knowledgeable articles. 

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Monday, 29 January 2018

How to start haulage business

How to start  haulage business
Kick starting a haulage and logistic business isn't a difficult task, only if you get it kicked in the right way. Earning money as a haulage and logistic owner, as a staff or transporter anywhere around the world is a good thing, though it involves high capital and full of risks.

Do you need the techniques involved to start a haulage and logistic company? Are you searching for the guidelines, rules procedure and steps to take in other to operate a haulage and logistic business smoothly?

To own a haulage and logistic company, operate a smooth fleet of interstate commuter with luxurious buses and minibus, etc. you must know and be conversant with several routes and cities within the country you operate.

Haulage and logistic company basically deals with transportation. It is necessary to note that this company is not dealing with transporting of human being only, in fact, haulage and logistic company earn massively in conveying goods and products (both raw and finished materials) with the company “trailers” and “tankers”  from coast to coast.

They make thousands of dollars per trip, awesome, right? Yes... you too can make and earn more than this income, steadily by setting up your haulage and logistic company own in and outside your state.

Essence, to start a haulage and logistic company, you are required to take into consideration, the following surefire steps involved to successfully run this business without any problem now and thereafter.

1.Draw your Business Plan

Since you are starting the business from the scratch, you will need to sit down and draw out your business plan. If accurately and adequately drawn, the haulage and logistic company is not going to have any problem whatsoever.

Highlights in your plan what will be the mission and vision statement of the company; the number of the staff to be employed cum numbers of the vehicle to secure; number of luxurious buses, minibuses, trailers and many more. All these are what is expected of you to do before anything.
Ensure that the business plan is drawn in such a way that it will be easy for you to execute. Make sure that there is no any form of error or mistake in the business plan because if it they exist, the haulage and logistic company is bound to have problem.

2.Embark on Survey

Obviously, it is very necessary to embark on a thorough survey before kick starting this business. You need to carry out a research in the competitive markets of haulage and logistic business.
Know the cities people patronize more and often, which goods, products and services is really fetching in money, how much is being charged on hired and charted luxurious buses to mention but a few.

To succeed, make profit and maintain steady cash flow in haulage and logistic company, it is daunting on you to embark on market survey to see how the business is being operated. There is no harm in contacting or visiting already exist haulage company to seek for help and guidance on how the company could be run efficiently, effectively and successfully.


While highlighting the steps to take in starting a haulage and logistic company, location as an important step should never be jest with. You will need to look out for a very lucrative and commercial environment very wide enough to grace the purpose of the business to be established.
During the course of your survey, you will get to see the kind of environment that suit for this business. A narrow area is not encouraging because of the nature of the vehicles and long buses that will be driving in and out of the company. Look for an area that has a T-Junction to enable a U-turn and easy movement of the transportation means.

4.Register Your Haulage and Logistic Company

Your haulage and logistic company must be duly registered with the government agency responsible for transportation scheme and also, you are to incorporate the haulage company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) before your company can take off the haulage and transportation business across the state lines.

Your interstate and intrastate commuter buses and long vehicle or “goods-only” trailer should have an inscription of your company for easy identification and protection under your company's name.
If your company is operating an intra-city commuter shuttle, cab or taxis within a specific city or state, you may not necessarily need to wait for government accreditation.
However, be informed that there are major forms of business registration you need do with local transportation agencies or authorities overseeing shuttle commuters across and along every designated city routes.

For interstate commuter luxurious or minibuses, articulated-lorry and trucks, tankers conveying people, products or goods across interstate boundaries, you are expected to have with you, the legal clarification and certifications before operating your haulage and logistic business or else, you will run foul the law and may have your vehicles seized.

5.Employ good and experienced drivers

Remember Haulage and logistics business is a very risky one,you wouldn't want to lose your trucks to bad and less experienced drivers.The need for employing drivers to run your haulage business is very paramount,it's adviceable to take a proper background check up about the drivers maybe from the past business organizations he has worked with to give you an head-up to know whom you are working with.

6.Insurance Cover

Having meet up with the government requirements for certification and accreditation of your logistics company, what you should do next is to ensure you have insurance covers for your vehicles.
Your “goods-only” tankers and luxurious buses are encouraged to have a valid and solid insurance policy cover in order to protect your business in cases there is any auto mishaps.

Obtain comprehensive and valid insurance policy per trip for your luxurious buses, trucks, lorries and tankers before setting out for business. Such high risk insurance cover could yet be underwritten by multiple insurance companies so as to make sure that compensation claims are evenly spread among them when the God-forbid claims arise.

7.Kick Start

If you followed all the explained steps sequentially, then your haulage and logistic company is fit and ready to kick off hence, without wasting more time, kick start!

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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

How to beat procrastination and become a productive entrepreneur

How to beat procrastination and become a productive entrepreneur

Procrastination can be defined as a mental state in which you deal with a lot of distractions at the same time. Almost every person faces procrastination and many of them face it multiple times. Once you get procrastinated it becomes very difficult to overcome and beat procrastination.
The lack of concentration may be occurring due to one or multiple distractions but the truth is that it truly harmful for your career. You get stuck with the unnecessary or less important tasks such as checking emails, roaming with your fears or thoughts, engaging more with other employees, spending more time on social media etc.

It may be possible that you even don’t realize that you are suffering from procrastination. At this situation procrastination completely kills your productivity resulting in your poor performance. Whenever you observe negative results make efforts to find the actual reason of your poor performance to increase productivity.

It will be very easy to beat procrastination if you list the actual reasons of your distractions. You may be jealous of your coworker who can do more with its laptop while traveling or outside the office even somewhere in a busy place. Many researchers have proved that almost capabilities of employees are same the only thing matters is the focus.

The truth is that almost every productive people once deal with procrastination but their great calculated efforts for overcoming procrastination make all the difference. Firstly they make a list of distractions and then they move with their calculated strategies to beat procrastination.

1. Try to figure out the causes

Whenever you encounter procrastination or feeling overwhelmed, these situations are the symbols indicating something else important? You may need a small break or to change the atmosphere. Doing a job without satisfaction may be another reason for procrastination.
Sometimes we get stuck at something and even don’t know that we have been stuck. One of the reasons of procrastination is taking unnecessary workload and responsibilities. Lastly, we become helpless and do not able to manage all the stuff. The best way to overcome procrastination is to find its reasons.

There are many ways for preventing procrastination but the best way is to figure out its reasons and work on them. Figuring out the reasons may be the best and effective way to overcome procrastination and boost productivity.

2. Get Some Fresh Morning Air

Wake up early and run or walk some miles daily. If you can manage to play in the morning at least for 30 minutes it will be great. Gearing up in the morning is one the best way to overcome procrastination and increase productivity.

At the starting, it may be difficult to go with the routine but after just one or two weeks you will be addicted to it. These morning efforts will keep you charged all the day and will help you to beat the procrastination. It’s really difficult for a person to maintain its health in his busy life, but making efforts to achieve good health will affect your productivity.

3. Go with Some Motivational Stuff

At the stage of procrastination, you desperately need something motivational. It may be some motivational blogs, videos, any person, device, or even your pet. After listing the reasons of procrastination you need to work on it and here all these motivational stuff becomes valuable.
We all suffer from procrastination and if you find your motivational buddy it will help you a lot. As for example, you can jog with your pet, a person or some device which can help you in achieving your fitness goals. At the workplace you can ask your coworker about your situation, may her/his ideas can help you in beating procrastination.
Believe in yourself. Yes! You can beat procrastination and overcome all the distractions.

4. Do What You Love to Do

No matter what it is? If you love playing, listening music, gardening, playing an instrument, traveling, painting, writing or whatever it is done at least once in a week.
Don’t make excuses for not having time for this stuff. I used to travel a new place nearby at least twice in a month and it helps a lot. You can do what you love to do and trust me it will help you in fighting with procrastination and distractions. Feeling down all the day is the worst situation and the main cause of the downfall of your productivity.

Pushing yourself unnecessarily for completing deadline based tasks may be one of the reasons for procrastination. Most productive peoples are those kinds of people who know to create moments with their lovable even in their busy schedule. Figure out your lost passion and make time for yourself to increase productivity.

5. Set Your Daily Goals

Make a list of some handful tasks which you are going to accomplish during the day. This will help you in being more productive and you can make more in comparatively less time.
Start your day with positivity and make efforts to boost your time management. Productive people are great at time management and this will also help you in beating procrastination and increasing productivity.
Making a list of handful tasks prevent distraction and helps you in focusing on necessary things.

6. Set Priorities

One of the reasons for procrastination is making efforts beyond the limits or dealing many things at once. One reason we procrastinate is that we are trying to do too many things at once. Identify key projects and complete those first.

For example, if you were planning to buy something during Black Friday and you haven’t – that means a missed chance because now you have to wait for an entire year to get Black Friday again. Plan early, set Priorities and do your research – because you need to check everything from pricing, to weight of the package for which there are several rate calculators etc. That way, you can be ready months before black Friday next year.

We expect a lot from ourselves but it may be one of the major reasons for procrastination. When we do not achieve the expected results we start doubting our capabilities. The best way to overcome this situation is to set priorities. Break your tasks and then make efforts to complete your work in order.
Make an order of important tasks and try to finish them first. This will help you to complete your entire tasks in given deadline and surely increase your productivity.

7. Look for Positive Environment

Surround yourself with people having positive aspect towards life. It will help you a lot in beating procrastination and the best part of the positive environment is it reduces the risk of procrastination.
It is also necessary to build a great environment in the home for work. This means to avoid watching television and keeping yourself away from time-killing devices. If you are suffering from procrastination you will surely need a quiet place for recovery. It will help you a lot in concentrating and being more productive.

It will be not rude to avoid the friend circle that you think is one of the reasons for your distractions. Everyone deals with procrastination and when you are going through it always be calm and make efforts to figure it out. You have to make efforts continuously for making a positive environment.
It is easy to figure out the distractions and once you figure it remove all the sources of distractions to increase productivity. At the stage of starting it is easy to beat procrastination but after that, you have to work more on it.

8. Don’t Fake

If you are not real to yourself you can’t be real to this world. Lying to yourself is one of the main reason for procrastination, thus being real will be a great idea.
If you are real, you don’t have to remember too many things you have said to others. The best way of being real is to know yourself and setting realistic goals. Don’t ever lie to yourself; it creates negative moods resulting in procrastination later.

Being fake tends you to make a fake image of yourself behind others and you will have to spend a lot of time in managing that image. This will kill your precious time and will be harmful to your performance. Thus be real, set realistic goals, keep away yourself from the gossips and avoid time killing.

9. Learn to Smile

Many of us even don’t know to enjoy small moments and victories. We even don’t notice those moments because we are only looking for big changes. Break your tasks, complete them in order and enjoy small victories.

Congrats yourself for your small achievements and this will help you in achieving expected success in your life. Learning to smile it seems to be easy but it is difficult enough. Many of us can’t manage to smile in difficult situations and this leads to many mental issues especially procrastination and further depression.

If you are feeling down then it may be difficult to concentrate on work. But if you know how to be joyful even if you are feeling down you can beat procrastination and increase your productivity.

10. Don’t Punish Yourself, Learn To Forgive

We all make mistakes but few of us forgive our self. Some people try to punish themselves after making mistakes and never learn to forgive. When you learn to forgive yourself you start accepting yourself and once you accept yourself you will never procrastinate in future.
When you make mistakes, you always think about it and then concentrating on work seems impossible. Thus you have to learn to forgive yourself otherwise you will be procrastinating whenever you make mistakes.

Final Note:

Procrastination is very harmful to someone’s work performance and productivity. We deal with a lot of distractions in the workplace and even we don’t know that we are getting distracted. This result in poor work performance and harms our productivity.

We have listed top 10 tips to beat procrastination and increase productivity. These tips will help you a lot in focusing on your goals and achieving expected success.

Author Bio:

Hey, am Suraj - a full-time blogger and a social media expert currently working on the Growth Hacking department of MYUKMailBox. Follow me on Twitter and Linkedin.
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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Top 5 ways to increase engine performance

For many cars buyers improving engine performance is at most something to watch on TV. To the devout petrol head however, increasing horsepower and taking milliseconds off the 0-60 is an absolute necessity. The desired results can be achieved in various ways. Specialist tuning companies can take your pride and joy and turn it into a snarling beast; this however normally demands a large bank balance. For the more experienced and brave car owner many online stores sell DIY kits that require minimal tools and knowledge and rather just a large amount of patience.

For the latter option an air filter is a very simple yet effective way to tune your car. A simple filter swap can improve acceleration by as much as 11%, who could turn that down? The swap doesn’t just benefit performance, everything from increased fuel efficiency to reducing emissions are possible with this quick change.

A cold air intake system is once again an inexpensive way to improve engine performance and efficiency. Cold air is more dense than warm air and therefore contains more oxygen, therefore producing a greater combustion in the engine. This mod is best left to the professionals however as it involves replacing many elements of the intake system. 

Another great way to improve overall performance is with an engine chip. This replaces the factory settings for aspects such as fuel to air ratio and throttle response. This can not only increase your overall horsepower but also improve fuel efficiency too. This modification is simple to implement at home with just a plug in for the diagnostics port.

A more expensive option to increase power is to install a cat back exhaust system. This system incorporates a wider pipe to allow increased air flow from the engine, in turn this releases pressure on the engine allowing it to produce more horsepower overall. Whilst relatively simple to install with a car lift, accessing the components may prove difficult with just a jack, meaning the professional route is the best once more.

The ultimate way to add power to any car is with a supercharger. This piece of automotive brilliance is
 usually left to the supercars. With some engine modifications though it’s very possible to fit this item to virtually any engine. The main benefit of a supercharger over a turbo is a supercharger doesn’t suffer from turbo lag as it runs directly from the crankshaft.
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