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Thursday, 16 August 2018

The 5 Most Powerful Reasons to Set Up Business in Dubai

Reasons to Set Up Business in Dubai
In the past decade, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and, in particular, Dubai, has developed as a global industry hub. Due to the strategic location and open market, foreign investors and business owners from around the world are looking towards the Emirates for investments and as a destination for opening new and existing businesses.

In order to continue attracting diverse foreign businesses and investments, the UAE offers a variety of enterprise entity choices such as a Free Zone Company, a Limited Liability Company, a joint venture, and an Offshore Company. The government keeps their economy free and open and have minimal regulation and interference of private sector activities.

If you are considering opening or moving your business overseas, the UAE should be your top choice. If you are unsure why read on to learn the five most powerful reasons to set up business in Dubai.

1. The tax advantages 

The most significant (and obvious) reason to set up business in Dubai is that of the wonderful tax advantages that this Emirate offers. In fact, the city does not implement an income tax, nor corporate tax or personal tax.

Furthermore, Dubai doesn't have any foreign exchange restraints or trade quotas. Plus, there are low customs duties at 4% with numerous exemptions.

This should all sound very agreeable to any business owner who is looking to maximize profits (which should be every business owner). There is a reason that people praise Dubai for being a business-friendly locale!

2. The 100% foreign ownership 

In addition to the benefits of Dubai's tax structure, the UAE also allows 100% foreign ownership of companies, which is a practice that is quite different from that of many countries around the world where you need a citizen to act as a partner.

If you choose to open your business in Dubai, you don't need to have an Emirati partner and, as 100% repatriation of assets and gains is allowed, you can opt to keep your money in Dubai and move it in and out of the country as frequently (or infrequently) as you desire. This is preferable, considering the very stable exchange rate between the US dollar and the UAE dirham.

3. The complete anonymity 

The government of the UAE strives to keep the economy as open as possible and interfere as infrequently as possible. For this reason, you can carry out your business dealings in Dubai with as much anonymity as you desire. You don't even need to have public records of your directors and shareholders.

When you are ready to incorporate your company, you don't need to meet with authorities in Dubai; instead, you can have a registered agent do it on your behalf.

The complete anonymity is a large reason why many international companies have chosen to move their dealings to Dubai.

4. The flexible banking options 

Depending on the country where you are choosing to locate your firm, setting up an offshore company bank account can be one of the most challenging parts of the process. However, that certainly isn't the case in Dubai where banking options are some of the most flexible in the world.

In Dubai, you can efficiently and seamlessly open a corporate bank account that supports multiple currencies. Keep in mind that it may take up to four weeks to open the bank account, although this is a lot shorter period than that offered in most regions of the world.

5. The friendliness towards expats 

By now, you understand that Dubai is one of the most friendly destinations towards businesses, but what about the actual people? Again, Dubai wins on this front as the city-state is one of the most expat-welcoming destinations on the globe.

Opening a business in Dubai makes obtaining a UAE residency visa incredibly easy, which in turn allows you to rent property, seamlessly enter and exit the country without issue, and receive a Schengen visa with less stress. All of these things are crucial, especially considering the Dubai airport is a global aviation hub.

While you may not permanently want to move there (although you will never know until you try!), at least you know that the option exists. And, it isn't a bad place to reside — just ask the almost 90% of the population who are expats.

What are you waiting for?
If you are ready to take your business profits to the next level or are ready to take charge and become your own boss, speak with the best business formation service in Dubai as they can professionally guide you through the business setup, registration and licensing procedures in the UAE. After all, you want to get it right the first time to decrease the likelihood of unnecessary issues or challenges occurring later on.

Are you considering setting up a business in Dubai? What is standing in your way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Raj Herry is the Founder and Chairman of Flying Colour Business Setup Services. His extensive experience comes from more than 15 years in the field of company incorporation for Dubai Mainland, all Free Zones across the UAE and offshore companies worldwide. He also owns several business centers offering furnished and ready-to-move offices in Dubai.
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Friday, 10 August 2018

How to start daycare business in Nigeria

daycare business in Nigeria
If you are planning on how to start a daycare business in Nigeria, then you need to organize and plan everything accordingly. It can be considered as an operating profit business that offers high quality services, affordable child care and provides valuable service to parents and children.

Many mothers nowadays need to go to work to help augment their household income. This scenario is one of the reasons why there is an increase in demand for daycare services. They prefer to leave their children in a place where it is safe and enjoyable for their kids.

One of the most important aspects when you are going to start your own daycare centre is to position yourself in the parent's shoes. This is undoubtedly a significant process where you will foresee what kind of pitfalls to avoid when starting a day care.

Here are things you need to know and consider on  how to start a daycare business in Nigeria 

1.Get Apprenticeship Knowledge

Before embarking on your day care business plan, it might be wise to give yourself a test run. Volunteer to do some babysitting at your church. Next, take in a babysitting job in any day care centre near you. If you still are enthusiastic about it, the first step would be to find out all the legal details for starting a day care in your area.

2.Get Necessary Documents and Approval

After you have gotten the first-hand knowledge and experience, you need to go get necessary documents and approval from authorized bodies. One cannot start a daycare centre from home without permission. Government has made it important that you follow a certain rules and regulations to procure the license needed to run a daycare.

Besides, having a license ensures you are legally authorized, which helps marketing for your place better. Most parents also prefer to send their children to authorized daycare. A compliance inspection includes a safety inspection that must be completed before the facility receives a license.

Having a license is important, as it's a direct implication that you know your job and can be trusted.

3.Get a Good Location

Location is also an important factor in starting a day care centre. It can often mean the difference between success and failure in this business.The ideal location for a daycare centre is safe, clean, accessible and close to the homes or offices of parents who can afford your services.

Although a day care operation can be home-based or in a dedicated facility around shopping malls, industrial and office areas, it’s important to ensure that all the potential dangers that could affect your business are kept to a minimum.

4.Mode of Operation

Another thing you need to consider when starting a day care centre is how you want your business to operate. Plan how many children you can handle. Determine the age group that you are going to target. Compute your overhead expenses. Develop marketing strategies so that you will have regular clients.

Plan the layout of your daycare's space like where the children will eat, play, and rest. Access to clean water and toilet facilities is also essential in this type of business.
These are just some of the important issues that you need to consider when starting a daycare business. Also, don't forget to decorate your place that is appealing to children. Use colorful decorations to create a lively and fun ambiance. Prepare fun activities that they can do throughout the day like singing, dancing and coloring.

5.Day Care Forms and Letters

You will need to have a variety of forms ready for when you register a new child. Some kind of registration or enrollment form is necessary as well as an agreement to allow you to collect basic information on each child including their medical background and emergency contact details.
Forms are an important way of keeping notes on a child throughout the day and daycare centers with younger children, especially infants will find that they have to report to parents daily on what the child did and ate and any unusual behavior that was observed. Special report templates should also be available for situations such as sickness or injury.

Keep a record of their parents' home and office contact numbers. They will come in handy in case of emergencies.

6.Hire the Right Kind of Staff

Apart from a great location and full facilities, the kind of people who run and operate the crèche is key to the success of this business.

It’s essential that your staff is empathetic, sensitive, patient, and have a natural energy and love for children. Above all, your staff must have the success of your business in mind at all times, which means building and maintaining a good reputation.
Your reputation is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to advertise your services and get new customers.

Training in basic caregiving and first aid is very important for your staff. Negligence and ignorance can often lead to avoidable accidents and mishaps at the centre (which you don’t want).

An experienced nanny, a middle-aged or retired nurse are some of the possible candidates who have what it takes to run a daycare centre.

If after reading this you are still passionate on how to start daycare business in Nigeria, then you need to start taking action one step at a time. I am committed to your success!

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Monday, 6 August 2018

How to come up with great business idea

come up with great business idea
There is no shortage of demand for new products and services in the world. People will never stop looking for things which make their life a little bit easier. Everyone looks for new ways that open countless windows for potential on how to find great business ideas. Even business start-up ideas can come from just about anywhere, for example, someone recognizes the need of company formation services in big cities with emerging businesses and thus he set up a consultancy in Dubai! In other words, you can come up with great business ideas if you put in an effort to notice problems and identify needs.

The first step is always the hardest. The same goes for starting a new business. Wondering how to come up with a business idea? Well, business ideas are all around you. If you are interested in starting a business but have no idea about your niche, explore these 8 techniques from the experts that could help get your creative juices flowing:

1.Solve a problem - Look for a solution about something which bugs you!

Consider the mundane problems you and other people face; tasks which frustrate you because they’re hard or time-consuming to do, although they have the potential to be made easier with the help of the right product or service. Turn your frustration into an idea.

2.Use your skill set:

 Recognize your skills and then apply them to different areas!
You are far more likely to make your idea successful if you focus on skills you have and work towards incorporating those skills in creative ideas. Think of how you can apply your skill set to different fields and markets instead of one specific field. For example, how Julie Sygiel (founder of “Dear Kate”) used her training in chemical engineering to develop leak-proof and stain-resistant underwear material to help people stay active even when they’re menstruating.

3.Don’t obsess over originality:

 Take something which already exists and make it better!
Nothing is ever perfect; there is always room for improvement. You can find a pre-existing category which hasn’t seen any recent innovations and stir it up or work towards improving pre-existing products and services. Zuckerberg didn’t invent the idea of social sites with “Facebook”- he just made a better version than his predecessors. Focus on being better, instead of worrying about being different.

4.Don’t be a perfectionist- Play with different ideas!

Take two products or services; think of how well they’ll work together if combined. Will combining them increase or decrease their productivity? This has the potential of landing you a brilliant idea but also might spark a lot of bad ideas. Remember that some ideas sound terrible at first but become brilliant at execution.

5.Keep up with the emerging trends- Make sure yours is the next big thing

Keep thinking ahead of the curve. Notice the upcoming trends and technologies and think of how they can be evolved or how you can get in on the bandwagon. Everything which exists can be made better!

6.Help people save their money- Present cheaper alternatives to existing services and products!

There are a lot of great, innovative, and life-changing products on the market but people don’t always have the luxury to be able to afford them. So if you offer them cheaper alternatives for great products, they’ll buy from you. A great business idea will be to figure out how you can help people save money on a product or service which may or may not be pre-existing.

7.Help others in an inventive way- Give people what they tell you they need!

Talk to shoppers and customers of the different fields before going in for business. Understand what your potential customers want to buy and how they want it to be marketed to them. Take their needs and turn those needs into your business idea. Be inventive while helping others and they’ll help you by supporting your business to fulfill their needs.

8.Fill gaps in existing markets- search for new niches!

Take a look at industry “Kings”. Most big players leave gaps which they consider too small for their big resources to fill. You can find your business ideas by bridging these gaps. Pick up what they’re missing and build your idea by filling the gap. Don’t reinvent the wheel, improve it.
Keep in mind that the most successful business ideas are not just the results of the lure of dollar signs. Of course, generating revenue is the ultimate goal, but don’t forget you need the proper motivation to create, innovate, inspire, and improve.

 If you’re not properly motivated, you won’t be as dedicated to your idea as you need to be and you’ll end up being pushed out of the market by those who have the motivation to do everything that needs to be done to turn idea into reality.

Author Bio:
Brenda Cagara works with a group of professional business consultants ( Riz&Mona Blog). With them, she plays an essential role in company formation, setting up business and providing a number of other services. These include visa processing, trade mark, local sponsors, bank account opening, trade license, product registration and a lot of others. She started her writing career five years back and now is an expert writer on different niches. Her writing strengths lie in business, taxation and finance niche.
Social Profiles:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/brendacagara198 
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brenda-cagara-ab402214b/ 
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/117304420836549700751
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Monday, 23 July 2018

Top 20 small business ideas in Ghana

small business ideas in Ghana
Are you an entrepreneur or investor?are you looking for any small business ideas in Ghana to venture into?I advise you to read on.

Ghana is a fast growing economy and also a developing country and this will give you a better chance of starting your own choice of business with ease.

The World Bank’s “Doing Business” index ranks Ghana as the best performer in West Africa by a significant margin.

Ghana's total population which is approximated to be 27 million(2017) and a land mass of 238,535 km2(92,099 sq mi).Ghana is located in the sub-region of West Africa, her country shares common borders with Ivory Coast in West Africa, Burkina Faso situated in the north, Togo located in the east and the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean in the south.

Ghana is said to become one of the most developed countries in Africa from the years 2020-2029 then Ghana immediately to become a newly industrialized country in Africa from the years 2030-2039 onwards.

Ghana is noted to be an average natural resource enriched country possessing some of the industrial hydrocarbons, minerals, and precious metals. It is known to be an emerging designated digital economy with mixed economy hybridization and an emerging market of 8.7% Gross Domestic Product(GDP) growth in the year 2012.Ghana also has an economic future plan known as ' Ghana Vision 2020'.

Ghana's economy is the 5th largest in Africa and the 3rd largest in Sub-saharan Africa, Ghana also produces high quality of cocoa, which made them 2nd largest producer in the world aside from
cocoa, manufacturing, and petroleum.

The Ghana Stock Exchange is the 5th largest in Africa and also the 3rd largest in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Benefits of doing business in Ghana

  • Expanding stock market
  • Stable, Multi-part software development government
  • Ongoing infrastructure development
  • English is the official language in Ghana so you wouldn't face challenges communicating with some of their indigenes
  • Quota-free access to the U.S and European Union Markets
  • Rapid economy development
  • They belong to the member of World Trade Organization like ECOWAS(Economic Community For West Africa State), WTO(World Trade Organization)


  • High standard of living
  • Underdeveloped capital market
  • Inconsistent power supply
Here is the list of:

 Top 20 small business ideas in Ghana

Real Estate is known to be a profitable and booming business investment not only in Ghana but around the globe.

Some entrepreneurs who ventured into this business has recorded a huge amount of success.
Real estate in Ghana has become one of the most important economic sectors, particularly in the more developed areas of Kumasi, Tema, Sekondi-Takoradi, and Accra.

Kumasi metropolitan is growing at faster rate than its country capital 'Accra and there is also less competition in its real estate market.So as an entrepreneur who would love to start real estate investment in Ghana, it will be much preferable because of their high standard of living and you can provide cheap real estate service to those who can't afford the expensive ones.


Ghana's economy is an emerging digital-based economy similar to that of Taiwan.

The Ghana economy is the 5th largest in Africa and the 3rd largest in Sub-saharan Africa, Ghana also produces high quality of cocoa, which made them 2nd largest producer in the world.

Aside from manufacturing of Cocoa, they are some other untapped business opportunities you can venture into which are the manufacturing of digital technology goods, petroleum, and natural gas, matchsticks, Tissue paper, Nylons, Bags, ICT business ideas such as manufacturing of tablets and smartphones.

Ghana is known to be a well-developed country across Africa continent with regular electricity supply and standard of living.

In the year 2011 Forbes Magazine ranked Ghana on one of their publication to be the 11th best friendly and peaceful country in the world.

So as an entrepreneur who wants to venture into Tourism Industry in Ghana, consider launching your Tourism company that would make it easier for foreigners who wish to take a tour road the city through tourism accommodation, tourism transportation, and beach resorts.

4.Production of Herbal Medicine

Ghanaians are best known for the production of different herbal medicines for different cures.Herbal medicine is a traditional medical system that has provided world's population with the safest, effective and affordable medicines.

The world relies mostly on plant medicine for their cure.Herbal medicine is well demanded not only in Ghana but here in Nigeria as well so you will make much money if you follow the right channel.
Starting an herbal medicine business in Ghana is another thriving business any entrepreneur who is into health industry should tap into.

Waste management business has been neglected by some entrepreneurs over there in Ghana maybe due to its nature anyway.

Starting this type of business it is best adviced to check out if they are other more established Waste management company to know if your business will either succeed or fail.

Ghana is a country that is experiencing high diet changes that have increasingly growing demand for processed foods.

Anything food is a very lucrative and profitable, no matter how hard an economy can be people must surely satisfy their bellies.

The main concept of this business opportunity is to use raw materials and turn them into consumable or finished products.

This another thriving and profitable business any business person can think of starting in Ghana.Most selling processed food that is in high demand in Ghana are processed fruits and vegetables, milled rice, frozen foods.


Ghana is a blessed country with different mineral resources, Ghana is known to be the 7th largest producer of gold in the world.

You know how valuable and precious gold is so you will never go wrong if you wish to venture into the Mining industry and also be expecting to get some high returns from it.

They are so many mineral resources you can export from Ghana to other countries where the need are highly needed minerals such as gold, diamonds, silver, bauxite, timbers, and manganese these are major minerals trending in Ghana.

If you wish to start a business in Mining sector here in Ghana, you have to be financially balanced and also have a dedicated work team because this type of business involves mainly the use of manpower(labor force)

The state of well being of any individual is very paramount which can never be neglected.People can pay as high as possible to make sure they are physically fit and emotionally balanced.If you studied pharmacy consider setting up your own pharmacy store in Ghana.

Read more on how to start a pharmaceutical store(link).


Agriculture this one of the best yet untapped business any entrepreneur interested in the field of agriculture can think of.With a large population of more than more than 28 million people(2017), the high demand for livestock products will be very paramount.

Agriculture is the backbone of Ghana's economy.It's a major foreign exchange top earner contributing an estimate of 19% to Ghana's GDP.
Some of the lucrative and profitable business ideas to start with are:

  •  Cocoa plantation
  • Maize farming
  • Poultry farm(production of egg and meat)
  • Fertilizer production and distribution business
  • Beans and Rice farming

Education is of extreme importance not only in Ghana but around the globe too, setting up this kind of business might need you to pass legal process in other to get registered and certified as a legal entity by the body governing education in Ghana.

You will never go wrong if you choose this kind of business because the need for learning and acquiring knowledge is a must for every child, most parents are ready to even pay more in order for their child or children to able to learn on how to read and write.

11.Oil and Gas

Ghana produces and exports an abundance of crude oil and natural gas.Ghana is prepared to produce an output of oil 2.2million barrels per day and gas to 34,000,000 cubic meters.

You can decide to set up your own small refinery in the oil and gas sector, it is a profitable and lucrative business and this business seems to be the most income generating channel here in my country Nigeria, so be willing to get huge profit from it provided you do the right thing.

Before starting this type of business conduct a feasibility research about it and also it seems to be capital extensive but be expecting huge returns because this is used to run every day human activities.

12.Provision of ICT

The world is changing so as technology to do changes, people no longer rely on traditional ways of getting useful information everything is now modernized.If you are ICT oriented then consider this a lucrative venture.

Setting up an internet service to respective customers is a great idea where you offer electronic services such as online registration(SAT, WAEC, and GCE), digital marketing acquisition skills and development


As an entrepreneur who is into buying and selling of commodities consider this as a thriving business you can start in Ghana, why because Ghana is known to be the best and fast developing country in Africa which has also helped a lot in attracting foreign investors.

The United Kingdom they operate their business too in Ghana, companies like British Airways, Vodafone, Blue skies, and G4S. You need to check out the laws of the state for foreign investors.

14. Day Care Center

With the number of high increase in mortality rate, parents wouldn't have enough time to nurture their young ones due to the various activities that will occupy their day on a daily, weekly and daily basis.

You can start this business even without investing much with a good business plan, you are good to go.

15.Tutorial Center

Every year, exams are being held across West African countries ranging from GCE, SAT, and WAEC. The need to get good grades amongst students will be very important because no one wants to fail everyone wants to come out the best.

If you have the required capital to start up this business then your chances of making decent income will be guaranteed provided you have a good business plan and the right business location, this will determine your success level in running a tutorial center where students learn more about their forthcoming external exams.

In a busy city like Accra, Kumasi, Ashanti and the rest of them, most people might find it difficult to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner because of the nature of their jobs or businesses just to meet up their daily activities

If you think you are a good cook then consider this as a profitable and lucrative business for you reasons because humans depend on food to survive, you also need to situate yourself in a more busy area if you want to increase your profit.

'Health is wealth' which is totally true and acceptable. As a good and experienced bodybuilder, you can make a living from this venture because some people want to lose more weight, have a well-fitted body and muscular muscles.

What you need to invest in are tools required for a fitness center, advertisement and time schedule.

18.Phone repair service

One way or the other phones can get faulty no matter how big and small it is or maybe if it is the best phone manufacturer, phone malfunction will surely surface sooner or later.

If you are good at fixing phones then hold this business very tight, really tight because they are millions of phone users in Ghana, most people really want to make sure their phones are repaired when they are faulty through phone servicing or maintenance.

Just situate your business location in the right location, have enough equipment and marketing skills trust me, you will never run out of customers. One interesting part is that you don't huge capital to start this business.

You will never see a busy city without different events or occasions, if you are an experienced and trained caterer then this business opportunity is especially for you. Catering service it requires marketing, networking, and good service.

20.Beauty Salon

A beauty salon is another fast moving business any female entrepreneur can engage in and make money.

The capital required, that you will need to start beauty salon business might be a bit high or low depending on the how you want to run it whether big or small whichever decision you make.

21. Sachet/Bottled water production

This is the kind of small business that will generate you millions of cedis on a yearly basis if you follow the right channel and have your marketing strategies in place.

If you also have a keen interest in starting sachet/bottled water production business then give it a kick-start because humans rely on it every single day. Do your own personal research surrounding this sort of business.

22.Sale of phone accessories

You can open a small retail store in a very busy location where you know people can easily see and patronize your products. They are various phone accessories you can offer for sales such as a battery, power banks, phone cases, covers and pouch

Wrapping it up

They are so many small  business ideas in Ghana any entrepreneur can choose to make a living from, one thing that differentiates you from the rest is 'innovation' if you really can think of a product or service that will bring positive change to the marketplace then execute it without much delay but also remember that hard work and consistency builds better!
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Thursday, 19 July 2018

How to balance your business and personal life

There are always two sides to every individual on the surface of the earth, assuming such an individual is mentally and physically hale and hearty. These two sides ensure that such an individual is able to live a meaningful and fulfilled life. These sides are a work life and a personal life.
Do you know that one of the causes of stress and ill-health in many people is their inability to keep a healthy divide between their work and personal lives? So much so, that many burn out due to feelings of inadequacy and guilt when it becomes apparent that one phase of their lives seems to be encroaching into the time for the other.
So, it possible to strike a balance between your business/professional and personal lives, so that you can gain more productivity and be less likely to wear out? Yes, it is; it will however take careful planning, loads of determination and the willingness to keep trying even when you miss the mark. The following tips can serve as your guide:

1.Create a List of Work and Personal Pursuits

The first step on the way to maintaining a balance between your business and personal life is to have a list of all the pursuits, goals and objectives that you hold dear in your business/professional life. You should do the same for your personal pursuits. Your aim with this step is to clearly see what activities and endeavors will be competing for your attention.
In this way you are able to have complete picture of what is expected of you in both areas of your lives and then you can begin to apportion the time, energy and resources in dealing with them.

2.Set Priorities

Now that you have created lists for both your business and personal pursuits, it is pertinent that you rank these activities on both lists in the order of the most important to the least important.
It can also be some other kind of classification that will help you gain clarity and conviction as to what needs to be done at the time that it needs to be done, with regard to the significant aspects of your activities.
Prioritization will help you incorporate these activities into your overall daily, weekly, monthly or yearly schedule and what efforts and resources should be channeled as appropriate.

3.Create a Schedule and Stick to It

Now that you have successfully created and structured your tasks and activities into prioritized modules of action, it now time for you to fit in these activities into a schedule that subsumes each and every activity as well as the time of the day and duration.
In this regard, it can be helpful you develop a weekly schedule that encompasses all your regulars like going to work or your business, time-out with friends and family, sports, hobbies as well as other one- time events that you normally engage in.
You can then formulate a daily schedule for those repetitive tasks (aside work/business or school) that you have to fulfill each day.
The aim of these schedules is to do a comparative mix that will ensure that your achieve your priority daily items while at the same time paying attention to one of the other items that should come after you must  have carried out your obligations.
A functional schedule can also serve as a great means of keeping tabs on the progress you make in sticking to your course of action and to see what areas you need to improve upon.

4.Fight-off Procrastination

If you truly desire to maintain a balance between your business and personal lives, then you will need to constantly fight the tell-tale signs of procrastination. It rears its undesirable head when you tend to put off things that should be done at any given time until you are faced with the deadline and you have little or no time left to accomplish it.
In that instance, two things could happen:  you will either just barely make it or you will postpone the task until later.
The results are you having to face more stress and burnout, especially when a business task seeps into the time meant to relax and unwind with family.
One way of beating procrastination is by breaking large tasks or projects into smaller, less complex and achievable bits. This method makes the task much less formidable and you can gain encouragement as you complete the smaller bits and pieces.

5.Cut-out Distractions

If you conduct a proper analysis, you will be amazed at how much distractions take the wind out of the sail of your productivity and time. Distractions may include the following:  watching too many television programs, spending great amounts of time on social media, engaging in idle banter and day dreaming.
In order to fight off distractions and get the tasks that need to be done on both your business and personal schedules, you can embark on the following courses of actions:
  1. Place a premium on important, rather than urgent, tasks. The reason for this is that important tasks have been scheduled and are proactively carried out, while urgent tasks steal into your apportioned time and force you to react.
  2. Turn off the internet and if your telephone must be left on, ensure that you put it on silent mode.
  3. Ensure that your work space is organized and clutter free
  4. Have water, food and snacks at hand and also schedule times for short breaks.

While the above courses of action are by no means exhaustive, you can actually create a balance in your business and personal life, with a plan and a purpose in mind. It must also be noted that a key ingredient you will need in this instance is the capacity to remain disciplined and focused.
You should also not be too hard on yourself when you fail at certain points. All that you need to do is to pick yourself up and give it another shot.

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Thursday, 28 June 2018

How to start a successful transport blog


This piece is going to break down all what you need know about starting a successful transport blog. Just sit back, cross your leg and imagine. Do you see yourself traveling around the globe while you're blogging about transport services and earning massive money from it to pay for everything?
This article contains a comprehensive note on how to start a transport blogging, do read it to the last end to capture all what it tries to buttress. The following steps are therefore very important to follow:

1.Choose your Preferred Transport Blogging Platform

The first thing you need do before starting your transport blogging is to choose your preferred blogging platform. Choosing and deciding where to build your transport blog is the first pretty thing you have to do.
I would want to believe and take a leap that you have heard of WordPress, and this is exactly the platform I would advocate you to go for. It is massive and by far the biggest or one of the biggest blogging platforms worldwide, with enormous plugins, add-ons and almost unending ways to design your transport blogging layout.
Basically, there are other platforms apart from WordPress and they include; Blogger, Tumblr etc. But notwithstanding, I would implore you to go for WordPress because your transport blog because of the numerous free plugins and themes.

2.Look for Good Hosting Company

After you have decided on your preferred platform, it is time to choose a good web hosting company for your blog. Whether your transport blogging will base on the self-hosting or on the free alternative. The biggest decision need to be unavoidably made here before going any further.
Decide if you should pay for your transport blog or to grab a free one. Be it WordPress, or the Tumblr, or Blogger, they all offer blogs for free for anyone that so wish. Interesting, right? This one is advisable for those who are not so serious about their transport blogging.
Nothing good comes easy, the free hosting equally has its own downside, among them are; you are not the owner of your blog, there is limitation to what you can do, your transport blog’s web address i.e. your URL will be really ugly.
If you go for free hosting, your blog URL will look ugly like this, www.mytransportblog.wordpress.com, or www.mytransportblog.blogspot.com, or www.mytransportblog.tumblr.com.
But if you are serious and have a big vision about becoming a success transport blogger, then it's mandatory you self-host your transport blog. If you self-hosted, that means you are the original owner of the transport blog. You will have the freedom to name your blog whatever name you want, for example “Mytransportblog.com” or
Also, you will have the privilege to end it with either .com, .org, .co.uk, .net, or any web suffix that pleases you. Not limited to all that, you have unlimited bandwidth to upload of videos, audios, images and other contents and posts plus free themes.
I know you will be thinking by now that how much is the domain name and hosting? Not pretty much as you are thinking, just some change. Usually, about $15 to $50 per year, it depends on the hosting provider.

3.Access Your Blog

In your browser, type the name of your web e.g. www.mytransportblog.com/wp-login.php this will automatically pop out a login box where your username and password will be required before you gain access to it.
Once you enter your username and password, the WordPress- or whatever blogging platform you choose dashboard will pop up. What you will see on your screen is the power house of your blog, and it is where everything about your transport blog will be controlled.

4.Design your Blog

Now, is where you will need to beautify your blog. You make it look exactly how you will want it to. Choose your own theme, usually, something that looks more professional and pretty simple to customize is advisable.
Better still, if you don't see any theme that interest you, you can move to other sites and buy. Remember, you will be running a transport blog which means your design should absolutely reflect your personality cum what the beautiful blog is all about.
There is nothing bad in putting travel-orientated theme on your blog. Besides, design your blog in a way that it will be so easy to navigate if you actually want people to patronize and stick around. If it is that tricky, and hard and difficult to move around the blog, people won’t stay.

5.Write and Post Applauding Content

At this point, your transport blog should be fully ready to go, you will need to make some tweaks here and there, most importantly, start writing amazing content on transport scheme, ideas and other related subject that would make readers hunger for more to come back the next day to read.
Transport blogging is still in its primitive and infancy age; audience are always found looking for awesome content to read. This is an opportunity for you as a transport blogger; if you can produce beautiful writing and content, enthralling photos, videos, and other interesting information in the world of transportation to be up to the minute uploaded on your blog.
The beauty aspect of the web is that, immediately something gets popular, if there is room for it, it can exponentially explode. So, with effort and hard work put together with the steps on how to start a successful transport blogging, it is pretty possible for you to earn enough money and fund your own travels/transport blogging business. You never can tell so far you follow the aforementioned ways.
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8 tips for better work environment in small business

tips for better work environment in small business
Every startup or small business faces many unique challenges ranging from funding to customer generation. A problem faced by such ventures which are rarely talked about is how does one create a healthy atmosphere in the workplace to guarantee maximum productivity. Tips for better work environment are hard to come by and hope this article is of some help to readers looking for them.

1.Flexible Work Hours

A limited staff may mean long working hours resulting in employee discontent and it is a common problem among small ventures which can be easily rectified by using simple time management techniques. Punctuality should be adhered to but being rigid about it is not good in such a scenario and it makes sense to be a little lenient and introduce flexible reporting hours. This will make your team feel fresh and relaxed as he/she is under no pressure to reach office on time while being able to spend precious moments with friends and family.

2.Comfortable Workplace

Any professional spends about one-third of the day at his hirer’s establishment which makes it almost like a second residence. Home is synonymous with comfort so why should the worksite be any different. No matter how limited the space, it is the duty of the owner to make it as enjoyable and pleasant as possible. Intelligent planning can help devise organized zones with people in the same department operating together while taking care that the place is well-lit and painted in pleasant colors. Invest in ergonomic furniture, provide clean restrooms and a relaxation area equipped with a water cooler and coffee dispenser where members can take a break.   

3.Team Building

The people you engage have different personalities and they all come from different backgrounds and it is important to make them function together in order to achieve a common goal which can never be an easy thing to do. Be honest in conveying your expectations but at the same time be receptive to their problems and if possible try to help in finding solutions to them. Organizing events or short trips help build companionship among them and it will help in building a healthy work ambiance. However limited the funds, such activities can be hosted on a limited scale also and it generally aids in building camaraderie in a group. Introduce a good leave policy aimed at helping those who are in genuine need of a break besides also ensuring that in times of emergency a speedy approval is granted to the applicant. Connect everyone on a social media group and post on it regularly while encouraging others to do the same.

4.Rewards System 

In my opinion, of all the tips for a better work environment, this is the most important as it taps into the basic human craving for recognition. Always remember to thank the individual who completes a difficult task successfully and if possible start an employee of the week/month program wherein you can commend the winner in front of the office and display his/her photograph on the office bulletin board- both physical and virtual. Devise a bonus programme as financial incentives are the best way to create happiness amongst the members.

5.Development Opportunities 

A startup or similar venture comprises of people in search of better avenues, working at their current jobs only because they did not find a better option. High attrition rate thus becomes a big problem for owners and they have to look for ways other than money to retain good, talented people. Help them by making them visit seminars and symposiums and if it sounds pricey, there is always the option of using webinars or educate them about good online courses related to their area of operation.

6.Feedback System  

Encourage your crew to speak up as effective communication is the key to the constructive operative atmosphere. A day and time can be fixed where everyone can be given the chance to speak up about any issue related to the company ranging from minor ones like a malfunctioning air conditioner to major ones like a loophole in the company’s delivery system. Not only will this make you aware of problems that seemed non-existent but at the same time your unit will trust you and look up  to you.


7. Outsourcing

The above-mentioned tips would make the reader think that one has to invest a lot of money for implementing them but there is a creative solution to this in the form of outsourcing services. An investor who finds infrastructure costs high can always rent co-working spaces which come equipped with all the basic facilities like furniture, broadband and even human resources personnel. Event organization can be done this way too at affordable prices.

8. Taking Care

A wholesome high output system can only be created if the folks working together are fit in mind as well as body and a good entrepreneur takes care of this by taking steps towards preserving and improving the wellness of the cadre. A stress-free individual will always give better results and for this you can offer discounted or fully paid plans for a limited period for the local gym and conduct routine health check-ups and yoga classes besides introducing healthy snacks instead of the usual cookies and chips.


All these tips for better work environment will not only mean increased output but also increase the confidence that your workforce has in you besides raising your profile not only in your squad’s eye but in the corporate world in general.

Author Bio

George Dille is a Business Expert by profession who provides one person company registration services at BusinessVenturesIndia Ltd. He has a passion of creative and technical writing and always lookout for learning something new.

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