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How to start a successful transport blog


This piece is going to break down all what you need know about starting a successful transport blog. Just sit back, cross your leg and imagine. Do you see yourself traveling around the globe while you're blogging about transport services and earning massive money from it to pay for everything?
This article contains a comprehensive note on how to start a transport blogging, do read it to the last end to capture all what it tries to buttress. The following steps are therefore very important to follow:

1.Choose your Preferred Transport Blogging Platform

The first thing you need do before starting your transport blogging is to choose your preferred blogging platform. Choosing and deciding where to build your transport blog is the first pretty thing you have to do.
I would want to believe and take a leap that you have heard of WordPress, and this is exactly the platform I would advocate you to go for. It is massive and by far the biggest or one of the biggest blogging platforms worldwide, with enormous plugins, add-ons and almost unending ways to design your transport blogging layout.
Basically, there are other platforms apart from WordPress and they include; Blogger, Tumblr etc. But notwithstanding, I would implore you to go for WordPress because your transport blog because of the numerous free plugins and themes.

2.Look for Good Hosting Company

After you have decided on your preferred platform, it is time to choose a good web hosting company for your blog. Whether your transport blogging will base on the self-hosting or on the free alternative. The biggest decision need to be unavoidably made here before going any further.
Decide if you should pay for your transport blog or to grab a free one. Be it WordPress, or the Tumblr, or Blogger, they all offer blogs for free for anyone that so wish. Interesting, right? This one is advisable for those who are not so serious about their transport blogging.
Nothing good comes easy, the free hosting equally has its own downside, among them are; you are not the owner of your blog, there is limitation to what you can do, your transport blog’s web address i.e. your URL will be really ugly.
If you go for free hosting, your blog URL will look ugly like this,, or, or
But if you are serious and have a big vision about becoming a success transport blogger, then it's mandatory you self-host your transport blog. If you self-hosted, that means you are the original owner of the transport blog. You will have the freedom to name your blog whatever name you want, for example “” or
Also, you will have the privilege to end it with either .com, .org,, .net, or any web suffix that pleases you. Not limited to all that, you have unlimited bandwidth to upload of videos, audios, images and other contents and posts plus free themes.
I know you will be thinking by now that how much is the domain name and hosting? Not pretty much as you are thinking, just some change. Usually, about $15 to $50 per year, it depends on the hosting provider.

3.Access Your Blog

In your browser, type the name of your web e.g. this will automatically pop out a login box where your username and password will be required before you gain access to it.
Once you enter your username and password, the WordPress- or whatever blogging platform you choose dashboard will pop up. What you will see on your screen is the power house of your blog, and it is where everything about your transport blog will be controlled.

4.Design your Blog

Now, is where you will need to beautify your blog. You make it look exactly how you will want it to. Choose your own theme, usually, something that looks more professional and pretty simple to customize is advisable.
Better still, if you don't see any theme that interest you, you can move to other sites and buy. Remember, you will be running a transport blog which means your design should absolutely reflect your personality cum what the beautiful blog is all about.
There is nothing bad in putting travel-orientated theme on your blog. Besides, design your blog in a way that it will be so easy to navigate if you actually want people to patronize and stick around. If it is that tricky, and hard and difficult to move around the blog, people won’t stay.

5.Write and Post Applauding Content

At this point, your transport blog should be fully ready to go, you will need to make some tweaks here and there, most importantly, start writing amazing content on transport scheme, ideas and other related subject that would make readers hunger for more to come back the next day to read.
Transport blogging is still in its primitive and infancy age; audience are always found looking for awesome content to read. This is an opportunity for you as a transport blogger; if you can produce beautiful writing and content, enthralling photos, videos, and other interesting information in the world of transportation to be up to the minute uploaded on your blog.
The beauty aspect of the web is that, immediately something gets popular, if there is room for it, it can exponentially explode. So, with effort and hard work put together with the steps on how to start a successful transport blogging, it is pretty possible for you to earn enough money and fund your own travels/transport blogging business. You never can tell so far you follow the aforementioned ways.
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8 tips for better work environment in small business

tips for better work environment in small business
Every startup or small business faces many unique challenges ranging from funding to customer generation. A problem faced by such ventures which are rarely talked about is how does one create a healthy atmosphere in the workplace to guarantee maximum productivity. Tips for better work environment are hard to come by and hope this article is of some help to readers looking for them.

1.Flexible Work Hours

A limited staff may mean long working hours resulting in employee discontent and it is a common problem among small ventures which can be easily rectified by using simple time management techniques. Punctuality should be adhered to but being rigid about it is not good in such a scenario and it makes sense to be a little lenient and introduce flexible reporting hours. This will make your team feel fresh and relaxed as he/she is under no pressure to reach office on time while being able to spend precious moments with friends and family.

2.Comfortable Workplace

Any professional spends about one-third of the day at his hirer’s establishment which makes it almost like a second residence. Home is synonymous with comfort so why should the worksite be any different. No matter how limited the space, it is the duty of the owner to make it as enjoyable and pleasant as possible. Intelligent planning can help devise organized zones with people in the same department operating together while taking care that the place is well-lit and painted in pleasant colors. Invest in ergonomic furniture, provide clean restrooms and a relaxation area equipped with a water cooler and coffee dispenser where members can take a break.   

3.Team Building

The people you engage have different personalities and they all come from different backgrounds and it is important to make them function together in order to achieve a common goal which can never be an easy thing to do. Be honest in conveying your expectations but at the same time be receptive to their problems and if possible try to help in finding solutions to them. Organizing events or short trips help build companionship among them and it will help in building a healthy work ambiance. However limited the funds, such activities can be hosted on a limited scale also and it generally aids in building camaraderie in a group. Introduce a good leave policy aimed at helping those who are in genuine need of a break besides also ensuring that in times of emergency a speedy approval is granted to the applicant. Connect everyone on a social media group and post on it regularly while encouraging others to do the same.

4.Rewards System 

In my opinion, of all the tips for a better work environment, this is the most important as it taps into the basic human craving for recognition. Always remember to thank the individual who completes a difficult task successfully and if possible start an employee of the week/month program wherein you can commend the winner in front of the office and display his/her photograph on the office bulletin board- both physical and virtual. Devise a bonus programme as financial incentives are the best way to create happiness amongst the members.

5.Development Opportunities 

A startup or similar venture comprises of people in search of better avenues, working at their current jobs only because they did not find a better option. High attrition rate thus becomes a big problem for owners and they have to look for ways other than money to retain good, talented people. Help them by making them visit seminars and symposiums and if it sounds pricey, there is always the option of using webinars or educate them about good online courses related to their area of operation.

6.Feedback System  

Encourage your crew to speak up as effective communication is the key to the constructive operative atmosphere. A day and time can be fixed where everyone can be given the chance to speak up about any issue related to the company ranging from minor ones like a malfunctioning air conditioner to major ones like a loophole in the company’s delivery system. Not only will this make you aware of problems that seemed non-existent but at the same time your unit will trust you and look up  to you.


7. Outsourcing

The above-mentioned tips would make the reader think that one has to invest a lot of money for implementing them but there is a creative solution to this in the form of outsourcing services. An investor who finds infrastructure costs high can always rent co-working spaces which come equipped with all the basic facilities like furniture, broadband and even human resources personnel. Event organization can be done this way too at affordable prices.

8. Taking Care

A wholesome high output system can only be created if the folks working together are fit in mind as well as body and a good entrepreneur takes care of this by taking steps towards preserving and improving the wellness of the cadre. A stress-free individual will always give better results and for this you can offer discounted or fully paid plans for a limited period for the local gym and conduct routine health check-ups and yoga classes besides introducing healthy snacks instead of the usual cookies and chips.


All these tips for better work environment will not only mean increased output but also increase the confidence that your workforce has in you besides raising your profile not only in your squad’s eye but in the corporate world in general.

Author Bio

George Dille is a Business Expert by profession who provides one person company registration services at BusinessVenturesIndia Ltd. He has a passion of creative and technical writing and always lookout for learning something new.

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Monday, 4 June 2018

7 things to consider when doing business in Lagos

things to consider when doing business in Lagos
Lagos, situated in Nigeria, is projected to become the twentieth largest city by population in the world by the year 2030.Why is the city accorded such a projection by relevant bodies and institutions?
The first reason that could be adduced is the fact that Lagos used to host the seat of power of the Central Government of Nigeria until the early 1990s, when the Federal Government moved the capital of Nigeria to Abuja.
Another reason for the projection is the fact that Lagos State attracts a large influx of people due to the presence of land, sea and air ports. These exit and entry corridors provide lots of opportunities for business and job creation.
An extension of this thought is the fact that many businesses, financial institutions, government agencies and departments as well as embassies situate their head offices in Lagos.
Following from this, Lagos boasts of one of the most vibrant business climates in Nigeria, and indeed across Africa. Businesses looking to engage in or start a business in Lagos must prepare adequately for the unique opportunities and the challenges that come with conducting business in the sprawling city.
Consequently, the business venture that desires to set-up shop in Lagos will have to take into consideration the following points of reference:
1. The Availability of Financial Institutions and Venture Capitalists.
Lagos, by virtue of its strategic location, plays host to a large number of banks and other financial bodies. These institutions are in the business of giving out loans, overdrafts and other kinds of financial instruments to business concerns, whose economic activities are estimated to be viable.
So the entrepreneur can rest assured that there exists access to funds for starting a business or for expansionary purposes.
2. The Presence of a Large Market.
The population of Lagos is expected to cross the 50 million thresholds by 2050. Already, the city has to grapple with an increasing influx of people on a daily basis, who come to live and work. This population density serves as an attractive market for the business concern to offer its goods and services.
It is also important to note that Lagos also plays hosts to clients across the Western African Sub-region, who flock into the city to take advantage of the business climate in Lagos.
3. The Impact of Traffic Snarls
Lagos, as sprawling metropolis, is encumbered by a feature associated with mega cities: the ever present traffic jams. With the high population density and avalanche of private and public vehicles, traffic logjams do not come as a surprise and they can even be touted as a landmark of the city.
From an economic view point, several man-hours can be lost sitting in traffic, resulting in both financial and human productivity losses. Businesses looking to set-up shop in Lagos will have to adapt their strategies and operations, in making sure that the Lagos traffic does not hinder their activities.
4. Availability of Skilled and Unskilled Labour
With a rising population, Lagos can lay claim to possessing a vast number of skilled and unskilled work force. Labour is one of the major inputs in the process of production and businesses will generally gravitate to where there is an available supply of individuals willing to work.
5. Power Supply
Lagos, with its large population and sprawling expanse, is grappling with inadequate Infrastructure to service the needs of the inhabitants of the city. A crucial part of this needed infrastructure is Power supply.
The business looking to found a presence in the Lagos market will have to consider the provision of an alternative means of power supply, when supply from the National grid fails. It is needless to say that this provision of alternative power significantly adds to the cost of producing goods or rendering a service.
6. Office Space
As a national and regional business hub, office space comes at a premium in most parts of the city of Lagos. Again, this situation exists because there is stiff competition among businesses to get vantage points where they are readily accessible by their target market.
Another important consideration is the nearness of the business to inputs and raw materials. The business that decides to make Lagos its center of operations will have to factor in the cost of obtaining appropriate office/business space.
7. Taxation

Businesses that desire to engage in the Lagos business environment must be ready to address the issue of taxation in the city. In a bid to lessen dependence on monthly statutory allocations from the federal Government, the Lagos State government is fine tuning strategies to deepen the contribution of taxes and levies to its till. Taxation of businesses is a major thrust of that drive. Another dimension to the tax issue in Lagos will be multiple levies imposed by the local, state and Federal agencies and departments; creating a situation of duplicitous tax payments. 
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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

How to start waste recycling business

How to start waste recycle business 
When it comes to medical waste, there are so many risks involved. If not properly disposed, it could give rise to environmental and biological disasters. Every hospital or laboratory always has proper disposal of medical waste as its top priority.
Medical waste however, can only be discarded by professionals. Tons of medical wastes are generated every day and proper disposal is required in order to avoid transmission of infectious diseases.
The usual practice of disposing medical waste is dumping, incinerating or shipping them to landfills. There is however an eco-friendlier approach to dealing with medical waste and that is medical waste recycling.
Medical waste recycling involves an earth-friendly way to sterilize and renew the plastics and metals used in manufacturing items that are later on disposed off as medical waste. It involves a process of collecting medical waste meant for recycling, taking them through high temperatures, shredding them and then separating the metals from plastics.
The plastics end up being reused for the manufacture of other plastic containers used in hospitals and clinics. Medical waste recycling business is one that although it generates so much money for the company owner, it also saves hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies etc so much money spent on buying new materials which are usually more expensive than recycled materials.
So, are you looking for a way to become self-employed? Are you interested in starting a medical waste recycling business? Do you run a medical waste disposal company and you are wondering how to take it to the next level by incorporating medical waste recycling?
Although recycling of waste is a complicated task and requires up-front professional training, it is still a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a thriving venture.
So, here are some steps that need to be taken if you are interested in starting a medical waste recycling business.

Step 1: Research

The first step to start a medical waste recycling business is to do lots of research. You need to research on waste handling procedures, the type of medical waste that can be recycled, the laws guiding recycling of medical waste, the various approval processes you will need to go through among others.
You would also need to research the competition, their strengths and weaknesses. Doing a proper research gets you started on the right path starting a medical waste recycling business.

Step 2: Planning

The second step to take when starting your medical waste recycling business is your business plan. You need to prepare the perfect business plan for your medical waste recycling business. This is because a medical waste recycling business is capital intensive and hence you would probably need to convince investors or whomever you decide to raise capital from for you medical waste recycling business to assist you. Your business plan should describe your medical waste recycle company or business and the strategy you need to achieve specific goals.

Step 3: Get the Skills

To start your medical waste recycling business, you need both professional and physical skills. So you could go to the public health department in your country or any training school you know you can get the skills you need. You could also go get your skills as well as experience from another waste recycling company.

Step 4: Get Licensed

This is a very important step in starting a medical waste recycling business. Every country or state regulates any medical waste recycling business. Hence, you will need permit from either the department of public health or Environmental Protection Agencies, both at the state and/or federal level in order to run your medical waste recycling business.
You might also need permit from the department of toxic substances. This is because you will be transporting toxic substance from one location to another. If either of these do not approve or grant you permit, then you cannot run your medical waste recycling business.
It is also important to note that although your medical waste recycling business might be licensed, it still undergoes monthly or annual checkups by the Environmental Protection Agency to see if your medical recycling business is adhering to all the rules.

Step 5: Get the Right Equipment

Medical waste recycling business as earlier mentioned is a risk to both the environment and to those handling it. Hence, even the equipment used for recycling has to be approved by the Federal Environment Agency.

Step 6: Get Customers

The next step in starting your medical waste recycling business is getting customers. Although the places to market your business are pretty obvious, there are still some things you need to consider. These include method of pickup, good customer relations, how often you come for pickups among others.
The medical waste recycling business is one business that is very lucrative although capital-intensive. One thing that is important to note is, if you get it right from the beginning, it only gets better from there.


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Friday, 20 April 2018

How to become a young entrepreneur

How to become a young entrepreneur
I am a young entrepreneur and I will like to share with you in this post how to become one.No matter what age you are, succeeding in business requires the same thing.Those who want to become a young entrepreneur have an abundance of choices in today's world than before.
With the advent of the internet, the possibilities for young entrepreneurs are enormous. There are thousands of bright young people already earning substantial incomes that will get through college and university financially stable and with the added advantage of knowing how to run a business effectively.

There are a lot of things a young aspiring entrepreneur should do in order to attain success in business. Here are just six of those basic things that one should prioritize to become a young entrepreneur in the future.

1.      Consider the Business you will like to Start and your Available Market and Competition

You cannot start a business unless you know what it is you want to offer people. Are you going to sell a service or a product? How many other people are out there selling the same thing you are?
Remember, competition is not always a bad thing! How many people are in need of what you have to offer? These are all things that you need to take into consideration when considering going into business for yourself.

2.   Determine your Start-Up Cost and Future Expenses

As someone who is aspiring to become not just an entrepreneur but a successful in the future, you should consider your start-up cost. Are you going to use investors to source for fund or you are going to fund the business yourself?
Don't bite off more than you can chew. Depending on what your plans are, things can be really expensive or really cheap. With big risk come big reward, but high debt (especially at a young age) could ruin your entrepreneurial endeavors in a heartbeat.
It's a great idea to write out what money you want to put, where and how much you'll spend every week to keep things going. If you're cash flow is not in working order, your business is over before it even started!

3.Be physically and mentally prepared

Entrepreneurship is not an easy task (speaking from experience). Don't expect to wake up one morning with customers knocking at your door with cash in hand. It's mentally and physically draining and requires a lot of work and persistence.
Create your rock solid idea and go with it. Make it work and don't let anyone stop you from being successful. This is what separates the successful entrepreneur from the unsuccessful one!
No one can stop someone who has a dream, a passion, determination and a burning desire! Remember this inside and outside of your business.

4.Learn how to network

Honestly, this should have been number one. The only reason I am where I am today is because of the wonderful people I've come in contact with. Don't get me wrong, I got no easy rides or anything handed to me, and you shouldn't expect that either.
But, you'd be surprised who you can meet through other people, and who those people have connections with and what they can do for you. Never be afraid to talk with someone new!
Introduce yourself and talk to them with a posture that tells them this kid means business! You never know, the person you're talking to could be your ticket to exploding your business beyond belief!
Attend business networking event, meet with new people and tell them what you to. Stay in contact with anyone you know that can contribute to the success for your business or will be a potential customer in the future.

 5.Have a mentor

Being new in business, young entrepreneurs will need guidance in keeping records, paying bills, paying taxes, applying for necessary permits and other technicalities in running a business.
Mentors or people who have more experience can also be of help in terms of how to get financing. As a young online entrepreneur, I have mentors who I follow and learn from every day. You too should have more than one too. 

6.     Take Good Care of your Health

  You should never play with your health in the name of running a business. You must have heard of the popular saying that health is wealth. It is obviously true!
Taking care of one's health by eating on time, exercising, and sleeping well are equally important as one's other resources.

Being healthy will help one more especially in times when perseverance is needed. While there have been many success stories of young entrepreneurs who survived on instant noodles while working on their fledgling business ventures, one doesn't need to do the same.
This is, in a nutshell, what it's going to take you and your entrepreneurial dream to the top! Follow these tips and I guarantee you success.

I'll see you at the top!
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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

How to start car repair business

How to start car repair business
Do you plan on starting a profitable business this year? If yes, then you should consider starting a car repair business. There is so much potential in the auto body work industry. One of which is the fact that each year, thousands of motorist experience vehicular accidents that require the special skill of professionals in the auto body work industry i.e. collision and paint stores.

Professional auto body repairs require training and proficiency and could be a little challenging for new starters. With the right start-up capital and experience coupled with the right steps, you could get started with your auto body store.
In this article, I have highlighted the following steps on how to start auto body store.

1.Acquire the Training and Certification

If you are interested in starting an auto body store, you will first have to acquire the necessary training and certification if you already have not done that. You should learn as much as you can about everything relating to auto body works and painting of cars.
Most likely, you will need to sign up for a vocational or technical repair programme. You should gather enough work experience by working in another auto body store for a particular period of time.
To give you an edge in the industry, it would be highly beneficial to learn as much as you can from somebody who is already in the business. Get advice and wisdom from people who have already established auto body stores to help you get started on your auto body store.

2.Choose a Niche for your Auto Body Store

To get started on your auto body store, it would become much more rewarding to specialize on a particular auto body niche. Although most garages offer general repairs and services, you should however increase your business by focusing on providing niche repairs which your competitors may not provide. Some auto body niche repairs include repainting, detailing and collision repairs. Determine which auto body niche to start.

3.Franchise or Independent

Planning to start an auto body store would require you to decide whether to buy a franchise or start an independent auto body store. You should note that irrespective of the choice you make, you will have to face the pros and cons as you get started with your auto body store.
Starting an auto body store could be very challenging than most service businesses: if you have very little knowledge about how to go about starting your own auto body store, I would strongly recommend you consider buying a franchise.

4.Write a Business Plan

You should never forfeit this step if you are keen on starting an auto body store. The benefits of writing a very good business plan far outweigh the stress and efforts you would put in. Amongst many of the benefits of writing a good business plan for your auto body store are the ability to secure funds and loans from investors and banks respectively.

Your business plan should clearly state the purpose of your auto body store; your financial projections such as your business revenue and expected expenses; and a detailed analysis of the competition in your desired location.

5.Get a Good Location

I would not tell you that location is the most important thing to consider when planning on starting your auto body store or any business; but I would tell you it is a very crucial thing to consider because it goes a long way towards determining the success of your business.
Get a very good location where the competition is not too stiff to crumble an upcoming auto body store like yours. Most important, you should choose a location where your auto body services particularly meet the needs of your target customers. Key locations you should look out for are areas that have very high traffic.

6.Get Registered and Obtain Business Licenses and Permits

As every other business, if you plan to start an auto body store, you must get legally registered and obtain the necessary licenses and permits. Choose a very catchy business name and proceed to the relevant authorities in your country to get your auto body store registered.
You will have to obtain a business license, property use permits, tax structure and ID number amongst many other permits.

7.Get Funding for your Auto Body Store

According to most business plans estimates, start-up capital for auto body stores range from about $32,000 to $150,000 or more. Aside your actual store space and land; your biggest cost would be repair equipment. If you are really serious about starting your auto body store, then you must not underestimate the above figures.

To get started, you should decide the means to get funds for your auto body store. If you are considering securing loans from banks, you would definitely need your business plan to be able to secure loans from banks.

8.Hire the Right Employees/Apprentices and Equipment

Auto body works are not so easy; they are really difficult. You will need to hire the right employees and apprentices. By hiring apprentices and certified mechanics, your new auto body store can establish long-term, fruitful working relationship with a skilled mechanic trained by your own experts.

Also, you should get the necessary equipment you will need for your auto body store. For a start, the following are some of the important ones you must get: tools, lifts and the initial parts inventory.

9.Market and Promote your Auto Body Store

If you are so interested in starting and taking your auto body store to the next level, you can never go wrong by reaching out to others about your auto body store.

It does not hurt to get a business card (just keep it simple). Reach out to family and friends. You should have a website for your auto body store. Have an online presence by promoting your auto body store on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You should consider advertising your auto body store on radio and on television. You should even consider offering coupons and discounts to your customers; it is sure a very good way to start.

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Friday, 23 March 2018

How to start fitness business

How to start fitness business
With obesity now on the rise, people has started recognizing the importance of keeping fit and have started visiting most fitness centres so they can keep fit.

Are you thinking of opening your own fitness centre? There are a lot of reasons to do so. Fitness trainers or fitness businesses help people who are afraid of getting fatter and losing shape to keep fit and stay healthy at the same time. And as a business, they make money doing it.

If you're knowledgeable about exercise and looking to become an entrepreneur, consider starting a fitness business. Starting your own fitness business gives you the opportunity to become your own boss, increase your income and have job security.

Do you know the first step in starting your own fitness centre? Are you aware of the challenges of owing a fitness business? I want you to use this article as a guide toward your decision in starting your fitness business.
This article contains what you really need to start a fitness centre so that you can get it right from the start.

1.Define your Intentions

You must have heard that in every decision or action we take in life, there is always a WHY. So, what is your WHY? This should be your starting point to making that decision of yours. You need to have a WHY to why you want to start a fitness centre.
Here are some questions you should ask yourself as you formulate your plan to start a fitness centre:
  • Why do I want to open a fitness centre?
  • What kind of fitness centre do I want to operate?
  • Who are my customers?
  • Are they from my current niche of clients or entirely different demographic?
  • What types of client do I specialize on (young athlete, seniors, sport-specific etc.)?
Giving honest answers to these questions are the first steps to developing a successful business plan.

2.Formal Training

Formal education or training is very important in any business as it give you a competitive advantage when compared to business owners with mere industry experience. Invest in personal training, marketing, business management or accounting courses. 
These courses will give you insight into the overall mechanics of the fitness and business world. You will get great tips and tricks from accomplished educational business and fitness writers.

3.Draw a Good Business Plan

 I recommend you don’t skip this. Dreams and passions alone cannot pay our bills every month. The key to a successful business is keeping things formal. Draw up a fitness business plan and structure. 

Once you have done the paperwork- stick to it. It is called a plan for a reason to be followed. This will be your decision map as well as your list of goals. The more your progress in your plan, the greater you will feel. 

The Bank will also request this formal document as it is proof of your long term commitment to success just in case you want to apply for loan. It is also imperative to comply with legal requirements in terms of inspections and registrations.

4.Obtain Necessary Certificate from Respected Organization.

Doing this makes you credible and it will also help you avoid future embarrassment from appropriate authority. Before obtaining certificate, you will be train on how to teach customers without injury them. you will also be educated on how to run your fitness business. 

5.Bank Financing

When a lending institution evaluates whether to finance a project, such as a fitness centre, the owner’s financial information is one of its most important considerations. Banks, like most other third-party financing institutions, are looking for assurances that you have the ability to pay back any debt regardless of how your business ultimately performs.

You must show that you and your business are an asset to the Bank and not a liability. Having a collateral will certainly make things a lot easier.
It is always difficult to start a fitness business centre with your own money unless you have been saving for decades because the training facilities are so expensive. The only way you can use your own money to start a fitness centre is when you choose to start small by obtaining only few equipment.

6.First Impression

The first glimpse of your fitness centre will say everything to your clients about the service you will be providing. The better your image, the better your size and type of clientele. Ensure that the building interiors and exteriors are clean and tidy at all times. 

Clubs and gyms are rife with germs and bacteria so double check that the fitness equipment and shower facilities are according to health standards and regularly disinfected. Immaculate should be the word describing your business facilities. Replace any broken or old equipment as soon as possible.


Always stay professional. The slightest unprofessional behavior will reflect badly on your establishment as well as bank balance. There is nothing wrong with special offers or treatment for old clients or new-comers but please keep it in moderation. 

Give you clients the greatest value for their money and you will be the greatest fitness centre in town. Avoid cutting your rates in order to be the cheapest, the clients will think that you are also cutting on quality and service.
In conclusion, don’t forget to invest in marketing your business to the public. Your marketing plan is just as important as your fitness business plan. You can choose to sponsor a health fair, promote your business using online marketing or social media marketing. You may also choose to launch your own fitness website and use content marketing to promote your fitness business.

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