About us

About me
   Hello there,
 Am Kingsley Umeh,a student,young  entrepreneur,CEO of Gistdeck.com and also a business enthusiast(mostly when it comes to both online and offline businesses).
 Am based here in Nigeria(located in the sub-saharan Africa)which am very proud to mention.I want to bring in new innovatives in the world of entrepreneurship.I created this blog to help entrepreneurs on how to start any business which I strongly believe that it will stay for long as time goes by.

About my team
  My team and I are doing exceptionally great(am not boosting about that)People I choose as a team are people who are smarter than I am,fast forward thinkers and intelligent people that will help me accomplish my mission.

Business's short insights
 In recent business have being in or came across with,some entrepreneurs lack one important skill which is the 'selling skills'.
 Have seen many up's and downs in some of those businesses,any business can be successful no matter how big or small it is,provided they follow the right channels and taking of strategic plans and also have a better selling skills as an entrepreneur.

About Gistdeck
 This blog was officially launched on August  19,2016.Gistdeck covers almost every aspect of business.
 The main purpose for the creation of this blog is to enlighten and educate both old and new entrepreneurs on how to start any business of their choice,also learn how to grow and manage the business on the long run.
 Gistdeck is a promising blog that wants to create bond and connection with aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.We will go extra miles and also do our possible best by sharing with you new business ideas on how to make any business successful.
 Thank you for taking  you for taking out your spare time to visit our blog and we hope to see you again,have a nice day.
 Best regards from Kingsley Umeh.


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