Monday, 9 October 2017

How to start a catering business

Have you been having this love for starting a catering services business? Catering service entails providing food and beverage services at places such as hotels, events, weddings, and parties or other strategic places or locations usually based on contract.

It is important to note that catering service is different from event planning. Event planning is a broad niche while catering service is only an aspect of event planning.
In this article, I shall take you through on the steps you need to undertake to start a catering service.

1. Decide to go Franchise or Start from Scratch

Before you kick-start a catering service business, you will have to first and foremost make a decision whether to go franchise or to start from the scratch. This is very crucial as whichever choice you decide to go with has its peculiar pros and cons.

On the one hand, if you go for a franchise catering service business, you will enjoy the benefits of retaining the franchisors loyal customer base. The interesting thing about franchising is that it is relatively easy since almost everything had been put in place for you by your franchisor after you have paid the agreed required franchise fee and subordinate fees.

The only downside is that you have a very limited part to play in decision-making regarding the operation of the business.

On the other hand, starting your own catering service business from scratch gives you the benefits of making the decisions and running your business the way you want only that you will put in much effort to build your own customer base as well as dealing with the challenges that would come your way.

2. Choose your Niche

This is highly crucial when you are deciding to start a catering service from scratch. First, before deciding your niche, study the catering market in your desired location and look for areas that have been overlooked or areas that you feel you can excel at.

Exploit those areas. You cannot fit into all the niches of catering services. Target a particular niche and tailor it to your desired prospective customers. Below are some catering service niches that you can choose from:

  • Weddings
  • Children’s parties (graduations, birthdays, etc)
  • Adult’s parties (bachelorettes, birthdays, dinner parties, etc)
  • Corporate events like cocktail parties, banquets, etc
  • Community events like festivals, sports events, and concerts
  • Wine and bar catering services.
  • Hotel/ restaurant catering services

3. Choose a Suitable Location to Start a Catering Service

The best location is one that particularly targets your desired prospective customers. You should carefully do your research and situate your catering service business in a location where it specifically meets the needs of your desired customers. The choice of the location for a catering business would go a long way towards determining the success of your catering service business.

4.Create Good Menu

You have decided which catering services niche you want to venture into. It is now time you worked out a carefully organized menu for your catering services. Now you have done your market research and you know exactly what your prospective customers need. Create your menu based on your specialties and what your market niche needs.

Check to see the prices offered by your competitors and determine the price of your services. More often, pricing is determined by your location, preparation time of dish, the cost of ingredients and your desired profit margin.

5. Get the Necessary Equipment

It is now time for you to get the necessary equipment for your catering services. Having created your menu, you should now have a good knowledge of the equipment you need for your catering services.
Also, the equipment you will need will largely depend on the size of your catering outfit. Basically, the following are some of the equipment you need to start a catering service:

  • Knives
  • Blender
  • Mixers
  • Refrigerators
  • Cooling van
  • Dispensers
  • Oven
  • Microwaves
  • Chopping boards
  • Food storage containers

6. Get the Needed Staff

Irrespective of whether you are a good cook or you have acquired the skills and certification; you will however still need the help of others. Catering services is a tedious work that you just cannot do all by yourself –especially if it is a medium-large scale one. You will have to hire employees that would take care of a lot of tasks from cooking, serving, cleaning, to the more professional ones like accounting, bookkeeping, etc.

Hire the right staff and train them so that they share your business vision and goals and provide the kind of services you want.

7. Get registered and Obtain the Necessary Licences and Permits

Choose a business name and get your catering service business registered with the relevant authorities. In addition, you will have to fulfill all the legal requirements needed to successfully run your catering service business.

Find all the necessary business licenses you will need to obtain for your catering service business. A good place to get started is to check with the Food and Health Authority in your country.
You will be expected to pay a certain fee before your license processing would begin. Also, your catering equipment would be accessed to make sure they are in good shape before your license would be approved.

8. Create a Business Plan

Considering all of the aforementioned steps would ensure your catering service business is headed in the right direction, but most important is that you need to create a good business plan for your catering service business.

There are so many pros to having a good business plan. Most important of which is that you would be able to secure adequate funding and loans from investors and banks respectively.

9. Promote your Catering Services

After properly considering the aforementioned steps, it would, therefore,  become pertinent you take your catering service business to the next level where it needs maximal attention.
Get a business card (just keep it simple, it does not have to be complicated). Tell your family and friends. Ask them to help you promote your catering services by reaching out to others.
What is more important is that you go cyber. Get a website for your catering services; use social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to the advantage of your catering services.

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Thursday, 5 October 2017

How software development can influence your company

software development
In today’s world dominated by technology, business-centric application development has become the nucleus of needs of modern business. Irrespective of the scale, small, medium size, or large, you need to have software to steer the system nearer to automation.

In our IT industry, the mainstream software development services aim to supply high-quality, low-cost software program which takes over all your business needs effortlessly. An excellent software may contribute toward raising fruitful return of investments of your company by cutting operation costs.

In the general daily working of your company, a software program can largely contribute by serving as a complete tool for your meeting management too. As it is extremely focused on getting the most out of your meetings, such applications are easy to use and self-explanatory coming with a multilingual facility.

To influence your business on a positive note, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) provides an all-round smart solution to your business in consideration of all your business needs. All your company needs is an experienced team of expert programmers design, develop and maintain everything your business demands at the web and windows application development.
Majority of software and IT industries prefer to use IT and software outsourcing, as it helps to improve their business. When you really choose to outsource a part or the whole of your project to the specialist companies, you call for definite improvements at reliability and quality of software solutions.

1.Less Labour – Low cost

If you follow the old school methods and look to employ and maintain an in-house team of specialists, this will bring essential costs for sure. On the other hand, the trending present beat of the industry, the outsourced professionals have an experience at software development work on projects to meet customer's requirements and deadline.

2.Power of Professional Teams

You can enjoy the space and time saved off searching and hiring experts who actually (the word ‘actually’ has a meaning here) specialize in Information Technologies. Another benefit is that outsourcing software development houses provide you with skilled professionals who obtain deep knowledge of the up-to-date technologies. That can prove to be a great help for your company to take the leading poll in the today's competitive business market.

3.Time Is Money

This can help you manage and allocate time better to meet the given deadlines for your customers. Obeying deadlines is the first and the most important step you are ought to take to build and maintain the brand name and a good will.

4.Managing Uncertainties-Reliability and Risk

Some development life cycles are specifically built for large, complex software where a sensitive and careful approach is required. Whereas a small, low-risk software program can be effectively made by ‘ad hoc programming’, in which hands on coding gives the final result. Investment & Money Matters
Processes like genuine agile development are enforced so as to minimize the risk of fault/failure in the software. This exponentially increases the corrective costs by manifold. This is just one example of how the SDLC can affect the ROI.


With the perspective of a budding and growing business, development process has its own trade-offs to meet the budget, time frame, and resource requirements. When you wish for a proper software development hiring, then give an utmost importance to the software security during the planning and implementation phases.

Last, but not the least, to be able to experience the best influence of software development over your business, you must be able to figure out the software development India model you are supposed to use. Do not refrain from spending this crucial bit of money over consultation before hiring the industry experts.

Author’s Bio: I'm currently working as a Software developer with Adreno Technologies. I have a great passion for Software Management Systems and understanding of analyzing MySQL queries for performance and writing queries that will scale well. Apart from Software Development, I have focused on investing my efforts on Web Services, Verification of Software Systems.

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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Mypastquestion best online portal for students(sponsored post) is a website owned and managed by a Nigerian blogger and information marketer Mr Ifiokobong Ibanga where students can learn more about their external exams such as Jamb,Neco, Waec and scholarship.

No success without preparation, so mypastquestion has made it a easier and convenient for students living in Nigeria and abroad by providing them with previous written exams question to help them prepare for their next coming examinations to achieve success and be the best they can be.

As the name implies, which reflects the website purpose, one interesting part is that you don't need money to register before using, it's absolutely free to use.

Mypastquestion has proven to be the best and largest past questions bank online. Where students can download Jamb,Waec,Gce,Job Interview , Neco,Jamb CBT software and past questions free of charge with ease without any convinence and no added cost.

 Mypastquestion will get you prepared for your examination success if you utilize it well. While using mypastquestion as a student you wouldn't even think or bother of using exam malpractice to pass your examinations successfully because they will provide you with the reliable and trusted past exam questions to use to be able to get good grades in any sort of examination you are preparing for.

Reasons why you must visit

1. They will get you prepared before the main exam
2.The website is very easy to use and navigate to different pages you wish to visit.

These are the services you will get as student if you visit

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Friday, 22 September 2017

How to start bitcoin mining business

It is no more news that almost every online entrepreneur is now converting their hard earned money into bitcoin. The trend has moved so far that most top online retail stores now pay and accept bitcoin as means of payment.

It was truly stated that bitcoin is the future currency and everybody is trying to take part of this movement. Presently, the price of bitcoin has increased. According the how the currency behaves, it value increases every 24 hours. This is the reason most people are hurriedly trying to cash in before the price becomes too high for them to buy.

There are two ways of making money in the bitcoin market. One include investing your cash in bitcoin that has been mined, that is, turning your currency to bitcoin currency. With this, you can now have a bitcoin wallet just like your normal bank account. 

Another way includes mining the bitcoin yourself.
If you really enjoy working from home and you really want to hit 6 figure this year, I will suggest you learn how to mine bitcoin. Though, mining bitcoin is not that easy. But with determination, you can make it because others are doing it and making good cash from it.

If you are interested in mining bitcoin, then you have two options to follow. You can choose to mine a block of bitcoins from a computer or you can choose join to a pool.

The Bitcoin network compensates bitcoin miners for their effort by releasing bitcoin to those who contribute the needed computational power. This comes in the form of both newly issued bitcoins and from the transaction fees included in the transactions validated when mining bitcoins. The more computing power you contribute then the greater your share of the reward.

Now, here are what you need to know to become a bitcoin miner and start your own mining business from the comfort of your home.

1.Get Necessary Information

The first step to starting bitcoin mining is to first get all needed information you need to know about bitcoin mining. Read blog post, download free eBooks on the subject. You can also watch videos on YouTube.

Get yourself soak with necessary information before you venture into the business. You need to first find out if bitcoin mining is even profitable and worth your time and investment.

Please, do not miss this step as it is what guaranty if you really want to go into the business.
2.Get a Bitcoin Mining Hardware and Software

In the early days of bitcoin mining, it was possible to start mining bitcoin with just a computer CPU or a high-speed video processor card. Today, it is no longer possible. As more and more miners come on board with new mining software which makes it difficult to easily mine bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining with anything less will consume more in electricity than you are likely to earn. It's essential to mine bitcoins with the best bitcoin mining hardware and software built specifically for that purpose. Several companies offer excellent systems built specifically for bitcoin mining.

Make sure to go over our different bitcoin mining hardware reviews to understand which miner is best for you. It is advisable you use the demo version so that you will be able to understand how it operates before starting the real deal.

3.Get a Bitcoin Wallet

The next step for you is to get a bitcoin wallet where your bitcoins will be stored. Bitcoins are sent to your Bitcoin wallet by using a unique address that only belongs to you.

There are several bitcoin wallets available online. You have to choose a wallet that can allow you to save your bitcoins, sell it, and also be used as a means of payment. Be very careful not to fall for bitcoin wallet scams.

Presently, there are many website claiming bitcoins wallet site where you can open with them and start saving your bitcoins. First read about them in review sites and ask existing users before you open bitcoin wallet with any website. It is very hard to tell which is fake.

4.Join a Bitcoin Mining Pool

Now that you have a wallet you are probably ready to go, but if you actually want to make Bitcoin (money), you probably need to join a mining pool and register your wallet with them.

Bitcoin mining pools are groups of bitcoin miners working together to solve a block and share in its rewards. Without a Bitcoin mining pool, you might mine bitcoins for months before you can get return on your investment or never earn any bitcoins.

The reason you shouldn’t go it alone is that Bitcoins are awarded in blocks, usually 12.5 at a time, and unless you get extremely lucky, you will not be getting any of those coins.It's far more convenient to share the work and split the reward with a much larger group of Bitcoin miners.

You will make more consistent amount of bitcoins from a pool into your wallet (you have to register your wallet with the pool you join) than when you go alone.

5.Start Mining

Once you have successfully join a mining pool and have registered your bitcoin wallet with them so that you can be receiving your bitcoin, you are now ready to go. Connect your miner to a power outlet and fire it up. Make sure to connect it also to your computer (usually via USB) and open up your mining software. The first thing you’ll need to do is to enter your mining pool, username and password.

If you must have played with the demo version I advised earlier, you are likely not to encounter any serious challenge while mining bitcoins.

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Friday, 8 September 2017

Top 20 fiverr gigs

Top 20 fiverr gigs
Fiverr has proven to be the best online marketplace for an entrepreneur to render a service or sell a product in return to make some dollars.

If you are looking for a place to make money online through your skill, then Fiverr is the right place.

You can render any service on Fiverr such as content writing, video marketing, SEO services, voice over artist and email marketing.

They are some services that are highly demanded in between Fiverr users(buyer), the need for those
services is to help grow any offline and online business which is very essential and paramount.

Your success towards making money through Fiverr depends on your hard work, focus, and consistency. If you want to become a top rated seller on Fiverr, then work on providing quality services to a user in return you will get some positive ratings from buyers. Remember the first impression matters!.

If you are looking for Top paying gigs to offer on Fiverr that will make you a lot of money, here goes the list of top 20 gigs that are in hot demands:

1.Article/Blog post writing

Every blog owners understand the need of having a good and high-quality blog post, it helps to improve their blog rank, get organic traffic from major search engines like Google, Bing and Yandex and it also attracts new readers.

So one or the other, they will look for an article writer that will help them cover a particular topic, they might of hiring a writer on Fiverr. If you a good writer and still wondering how to make some income online, consider giving Fiverr a second thought by offering article/blog post writing service. Just make sure your article pass Copyscape and is 100% unique, you can use for this.

2.Search Engine Optimization(Seo) services

Search Engine Optimization is the foundation of any blog or website without it, they can't get any organ traffic from search engines.

On-page and off-page SEO is very important among bloggers(some bloggers don't have the necessary
ability of ranking their blogs), if you have the knowledge of optimizing a website or blog for it to rank higher, why let that skill be waste when you know you can actually use it to make some good money on Fiverr?

Some of the SEO services to offer are Link building(highly demanded by users) and Blog/website analyzer(to know whether the site's SEO structure is properly structured).

You will never run out of buyers if you offer this kind of service because bloggers, companies and small business owners want to make sure their website appear in search results.

3. Web Traffic

'Traffic is the lifeblood of any website'-Harsh Agrawal, which is very true and accurate, I stick to that also. Without website traffic, they wouldn't be enough sales and new readers.

Traffic generation has been one of the major challenges facing most bloggers and companies. If you have what it takes to drive real human traffic to a website then consider creating this gig on Fiverr.

For example, if you have Facebook Page&Group, Twitter and Instagram Followers with lots of likes, post engagement, and large followers then consider signing up for this gig title'I will drive real human traffic with over 50k+ page views or blah blah whatever amount of traffic you choose to drive'this will depend on the large of community and followers that you already have.

4.Blog Setups

Hundreds, thousands or even millions of blog is being created every day either for commercial or personal use.

So the need of setting up a blog using different platforms such as Wordpress, Blogspot, Wix, and Joomla will be very high demanding by website and blog owners.

If you know the pros and cons of installing blogs, then give it try by offering this service on Fiverr, this is another hot in demand gig a seller can render.

5.Write product reviews

Business owners will really love to know how positive the product they are selling is through product reviews for the purpose of attracting new and loyal customers to their various businesses.

If you have what it takes to write an impressive and positive review about your seller's product, then give it a go ahead. When writing a product review, be honest and straight forward on what the product has to offer or not, this Is the only to impress your buyer and this will increase your gig ratings.

6. Logo Design

Individuals like bloggers, small business owners, and companies understand the need and usefulness of having a good looking and stunning logo design for their brands in order to be seen and recognized for a particular purpose.

If you are creative logo designer and you think you can make a professional looking logo for people, Fiverr is a good place to see paying clients who are in extreme need of logo designers.

With your Corel Draw and Photoshop software program, you should be able to use it for logo design
and also remember quality matters a lot even though your charge is too much but your logo designs are outstanding, most buyers wouldn't mind paying you higher as far as the logo is worth the price.

7. Business Adviser

Every small and big business owners understand the need of listening to business advice in order to learn on how to manage their business and run it well.

For instance, you have the experience of running a business smoothly and helping it grow, this is the
opportunity that you will never let go because business owners are seeking for business expert online or offline to give them more advice on business management.

8. Sell Digital Product

Digital products like eBooks, Videos, and Courses, Software all could be sold online via Fiverr even with little or to no effort. Just ensure that the digital product is the one buyer can easily download without any stress.

9.Proof reading and editing

No matter how great or good a writer can be, they will still be some mistakes or grammatical errors within a particular topic.

If you have the knowledge of proof reading and editing either a blog post or an article, create gigs similar to this I will proofread and edit a 1000 words blog post or article for $5'this is just an example of the type of Gig you as a seller should opt-in for.

10. Song Writing

Song writing is one of the hottest services to offer on Fiverr reasons because they are some aspiring artistes who will need to cover a particular track but ain't good at writing down songs what they do is they hire song writers to help them get the job done.

If you have the talent of writing songs for artistes, then this is an opportunity for you to make money from it through Fiverr with less stress attached to it.

11. Arts and Crafts

As a talented and experienced artist who knows how to touch lives positively with drawing and paintings. Some people just love to have the drawn and painted image of their self or loved ones( I guess you love that too right?

You can make much money with this if you sign up for gigs related to this keyword' I will draw any picture of yours and send a copy down straight to your email perfect one I presume?

12.Writing and Translation

Writing and translating a language to English or vice versa is a smart way to make some bucks on Fiverr. Languages like Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, and Russia are most of the spoken languages if you can translate any of them, Fiverr is a good place to render such service.

Even with small effort, you can be making $40-$100 a day depending on a number of buyers looking for such gig.

13.Email Marketing

Email marketing Is a great way to reach new customers while maintaining an already established customer base.

As an email marketer, you might have the emails of people in a particular location, you can as well save those email list and sell it on Fiverr for small business owners, just make sure that they are from the same location with the email list that you have already.

Still confused? Then let me make it clear, if the email list that you have is from those living in The United States Of America consider selling it to those small business owners who live in The United States as well, that's just the simple scenario. Email marketing can be used to grow a small business.

14.Fake Facebook likes and Twitter Followers

You can use a software for this, for you to generate fake facebook likes and twitter followers to your client(s) social media accounts.

The essence of signing up for this gig Is that most bloggers and small business owners wants to make sure they outstand their competitors in various social media network sites so they search for a Quick means of achieving that through purchasing an order for fake facebook likes and twitter followers.

I was once a victim of this type of Gig, newly when I started my blogger's journey I always wanted to have large twitter followers what I did was to place an order on Fiverr to get more twitter followers(which I actually had after the purchase) few weeks later the large twitter followers reduced and came back to the initial little followers I had, I couldn't help it but I just decided to move on.

Don't know how you will create this gig but do your own personal research because even though I give you the information you need, you might not still understand till you conduct your private research with this method you will get it better. Hope am good to go?

15.Infographics Design

Most bloggers use Infographics to create more visuals for their blog readers in order to increase post engagement.

As a professional Infographics designer, this is a chance for you to make some money online through Fiverr by offering this service, you will never run out of customers.

16.Body Fitness Builder

I came across this buyer who actually offers this kind of Gig on body fitness, his body is a perfect picture for a well fitted body.

What he does is that, he would send you an explainer video probably 5-10 minutes duration on how he keeps his body perfectly fit. This gig is categorized under lifestyle, if you think you have well and strong fitted body, why don't sell a service on that on some of the things that you do to keep your body in a good shape, I advice you to use video recording for this kind of gig, it will work out just fine.

17.Video Animation

Statistics have shown that 80% of information displayed through Videos is more explanatory than those written in text.

Video animation can be used to present a product or service to a customer and it comes in two different color black and white and colored video animations. Your buyer would give you description of the kind of video animation you would create for him or her and also try to do your best, if have the skill in video animation then give it a second thought to sign up as a seller and offer this great gig.

18. Sing a birthday song for people

Have a sweet and soul lifting voice that can melt and touch people's heart? Then this particular this meant for you, yes you reading this!.

You can sing lovely birthday song for your buyer for some minutes for as low as $5, you will repeat the process in order to increase your profit on Fiverr.

19.Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the process of gaining traffic from social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram for the purpose of using it to promote any online or offline.

As an social media marketer, you can make use of this method to help business owners promote their business across different social media networks.

20.Relationship Adviser

A relationship will one or the other needs some advice from a more experienced person who has to be in a relationship just to make sure a particular relationship moves smoothly.

As an experienced person that was once in a relationship, you can opt-in for this gig as long as you know more about the relationship.

Final Words

Have visited Seoclerks, UP work but Fiverr has proven to be the best among all of them, yours might be contrary to mine(one man's food is another man's poison)

To ensure you become a successful seller on Fiverr, just make sure that you deliver quality services, be friendly and communicable with buyers even though some buyers might act rudely or just trying to be a bully don't fight back, just play it nice and kind and also create a friendly environment between you and the buyer.

A buyer might just be purposely trying to test your patience to see whether you are the type they can't communicate easily with.

Hope you enjoyed the article? If so, let's roll mind through the comment box.
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Thursday, 17 August 2017

5 types of real estate properties best for Investment

Not all real estate properties are efficient when it comes to investment. There are only some of these real estate properties that can generate a worthy amount of money for your pockets, and it is very important for you to know them. That is for you not to invest your money in the wrong place.
Before we go to what those real estate properties are, it is important for you to know why you should invest in real estate. This is to present to you the benefits of investing in real estate if ever you did not yet realize the importance of this.
Why do you think it is best to invest in real estate? Well, here are some reasons why:
  • Real estate industry is booming in this current era. This is the era of information and technology. People are building offices, concrete houses, malls, and many more real estate. Approximately, millions of establishment and residential buildings are built monthly all over the world. Don’t you want to go with the trend?

  • Real estate investments allow you to have a passive income. In today’s fluctuation rate, having a savings only is not going to give you the financial freedom you are dreaming of. You would need to create a mechanism that would allow you to have a passive income. Why? Because you will not always want to do the legwork, right? Passive income generators will provide you money without having you work for it every day.

  • Investing in real estate properties is a long term investment. Usually, real estate property investments last for more than twenty years. Given those long years of having that property running, you would’ve probably earned more from the property than what you invested on it.

  • Real estate properties are not only for business purposes. You may also use them personally. You may either use that purchased residential building, or you may have it rented. You may either use that built office space for your company or you may place it on a lease. So many choices, right?

  • In a more advanced civilization like ours, one way or another, all community locations will be turned into a concrete jungle like New York. If you can afford, why will you wait for all those lots and buildings be monopolized by other people? Get ahead of all the rest! Purchase and invest now!

1. Condominium Units
A condominium unit is listed as the best real estate investment in the Philippines today. This is so because of the locations of condo units. If your priority is to live or to have an investment property in the heart of the city, condominium units should be number one on your list.
People of today tend to move near or in cities. This is because of the availability of high paying jobs, good quality schools, and many more lifestyle-related things in the city. Condominium units are normally situated in the center of cities because these skyscrapers aim to provide an outstanding residential experience amidst the busyness of the city.
Apart from having a good place to stay in the city, there are many income-generating opportunities in having a condo unit. For one, you may have other people rent your unit if you no longer use it. Another option is to have some rooms in your condo rented if it is okay for you to have somebody else live with you. This case is most ideal situation because it gives you a win-win result. You have a house while earning from it!
Another income-generating opportunity for condo units is putting it for lease as an office space! There are already many people doing this today because of the rise of the start-up industry. Making your condo unit as a startup company office is not only a good income-generating opportunity. This way, you will also be able to help a startup company bloom, and that is such a noble act!
To give you a head-start in your condo unit hunting, Ayala Land’s Arca South is one of the most outstanding residential building in the country. This beauty is located in Taguig. You may want to take a peek at it.
2. Subdivision Units
If your priority is to have a quality residential experience in a safe and friendly community, subdivision units should be number one on your list. More or less this has the same benefits as what condo units have except the location.
Subdivision units are usually far from the cities. This is because these type of communities take up a lot of spaces and city centers cannot afford those wide spaces. Thus, subdivisions are located far from the city. If you are willing to live far from the city, but with the benefits of a better living condition, you should check out the best subdivision units near you now!
In terms of income generation, this provides the same opportunities than condo units. Though it is not guaranteed the same number of potential renters as those in condo units, it will still generate a significant number of people. Normally, your potential renters will also be people like you who prioritizes the quality of lifestyle in a subdivision than the life in the city.
3. Malls and Establishment Buildings
This item is at number 3, even though building a mall or establishment buildings brings the most income to investor because only very few people can afford to do this. This option is impractical to middle-class families. Thus, there is no use of mentioning this first. The ones mentioned in numbers 1 and 2 are very achievable for all those in the lower social classes.
As mentioned, malls and establishment buildings are very good in income generation given the number of businesses booming today in the cities. If you build a mall or an establishment building in a city’s center of commerce, there is a big possibility of earning millions monthly. For existing millionaires or billionaires, this is a very good investment.
4. Office Spaces
This item is a little bit the same with number 3, but I separated this because number 3 is focused on retail or wholesale businesses. Offices are different. Office spaces have different types of potential customers. Target renters or users are some startups or big companies who do not have their own company buildings yet.
The same with malls and establishment buildings, it will also allow you to earn millions, but in a longer span of time. Building an office space, either for your own use or for lease, is a very good investment because of the rise of IT, BPO, and other types of companies in the Philippines today. Monthly rentals are big, and it will absolutely pay off your investment!
5. Open Spaces
Are open spaces part of the real estate industry today? The answer is “absolutely yes!” There is a huge reason why Ayala, Robinsons, and SM are building parks inside their malls. The government as well are building many open spaces around cities nowadays. Aboitiz, as well, is creating their very own open spaces all around the country.
For land owners of today, if your lands are near the city, you can either build something on top of it or turn it into your own park! Many people do not realize the benefits of doing this. For people’s health, there are many benefits of having open spaces. But since we are talking about investments, the number of income generation opportunities are limitless, especially in today’s type of lifestyle.
To mention some projects for your open space investment are theme parks, private parks, golf courses, farms, carnivals, and rental opportunities. How cool is that?
That would be all for the top five types of real estate investments you can bank on to get the most of your money. Now that you are acquainted with the endless opportunities of the real estate industry, what you need to do next is to start. How to start? Well, there are many ways to start.
The first thing to do in starting your investment journey is set up a goal. To set up a goal, you need to decide on what type of investment you want. Choose from items one to five above. Then you save up, of course, until you have the exact amount of capital for you to purchase your desired real estate property. After the purchase, it is time for you to be the best investor you can be by managing your investment well.
It is not important whether you invest on small or big real estate properties as long as you start investing. In one way or another, you will profit from it as long as you manage your investment properly.

'This is a guest post by Marliyn, She is A freelance writer and blogger She also loves to travel and explore new things. She is currently working as a junior copywriter.You can visit her blog Ayalaland.
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Thursday, 20 July 2017

List of 10 Best Business Opportunities in Botswana

Botswana is one good country to do business in
because of its agricultural resources, high-quality minerals, modern transportation and good communication infrastructure. Botswana offers unique business opportunities in different sectors that entrepreneurs can venture into and build long lasting wealth.

If you are looking to know the different kinds or types of business opportunities in Botswana, I am glad to tell you that you are in the right place at the right time.

Here is my list of 10 best business opportunities in Botswana for any serious investors or entrepreneur to
venture into and be of economic value to the country of Botswana.

   1.Tourism and Hospitality

The first on my list of 10 best business opportunities in Botswana is tourism and hospitality. Chobe
National Park, Tsodilo, Khama Rhino Sanctuary, Kalahari Desert, Kubu Island and so many other places have become some of the most visited places by tourists from around the world.

As you would expect, there are various opportunities in this sector which include; hotel services, renting of
camping equipment, transportation, resorts etc. There are also possibilities of foreign investors partnering with Botswana governments - to improve inland waterways or national parks.
Barriers to entry in this business sector are relatively low and it requires limited capital.

    2.Manufacturing of Leather Products

This is second after tourism and hospitality. Botswana is known for breeding animals like cows and goats. This is an opportunity where an entrepreneur can start making leather bags and shoes from these animal skins.

If an entrepreneur approaches this business on a large scale, he or she may end up selling to the international market as they do have high demands for them.


This is another business opportunity available to investors and entrepreneurs in Botswana. In Botswana, vegetables, goat meat and chickens are being imported from surrounding countries. Entrepreneurs can tap into these opportunities in Botswana and make good money out of it by delivering these products to consumers without them
going out to import these products at a higher cost.

Agriculture has the potential to support other industries such as manufacturing, products marketing, fertilizer production, pesticides, and seeds production, food processing, and grains refining.

    4.Fast Moving Consumer Goods

It was estimated that Botswana’s consumer spending in 2016 was over one million dollars. With a population that is arguably increasing, the Fast
Moving Consumer Goods sector promises to be very

Foods, beverages, home and personal care products provide ample opportunity for manufacturers and retailers as their demands continue to soar. Investors who dominate this market at the first instance are
likely to remain the main players for a long time.


For decades now, Botswana has been dependent on Diamond mining. Forgetting other minerals that they
can also mine. There is a huge opportunity in the mining of other minerals in the country.
If you have the capital, the government is encouraging an investor to invest in this sector. 

The government has passed a Mines and Mineral Act which encourages investors to invest in the
exploration of other mineral resources of Botswana. Interested business entrepreneurs have a chance to tap immensely into this sector.

     6.Fast Food Franchise

Most fast food franchise in Botswana are international brands like KFC and Chicken Licken. This is a good time for indigenous entrepreneurs to start up their own fast food franchise and stop the expansion of foreign fast food franchise.

7.Magazine Publishing

 If you are based in Botswana, you will notice that supermarkets are packed full of foreign magazines. Hardly you will find a local magazine because local magazines don’t push hard on marketing their magazines to readers.

These foreign magazines sell well not because their content is good but because they know how to put it in front of potential readers. This is still a niche market, so why don’t you set up your own lifestyle or entertainment magazine?


If you are interested in horticulture, Botswana present a good opportunity for this business. Flowers are in high demand in places where it is needed like hotels, funerals homes, parties, residential houses.
Most of the flowers seen in most hotels and homes in Botswana are flowers from other countries around.
This is one best business opportunities in Botswana you can venture into.

     9.Baby Sitting Services

Babysitting services are on the rise in Botswana. This is due to the reasons that parents must work to put
food on the table as the present economy recession is getting worse by the day and they need someone around to look after their children.

You don’t lose anything for embarking into this business. You can start this business by investing more on advertising letting a parent know that there
is a trusted company they can leave their children with and be rest assure that their children are in safe hands.

Parents who are happy with a particular babysitting company would be willing to tell friends and neighbors.


This is another profitable business opportunity in Botswana. People has to move from one location to another, and not everyone can afford to buy a car.
You can start with one bus or car to transport people to their destination.

I know of so many people that started with a single bus and today they have their own registered transport in Botswana.

With all these business opportunities in Botswana explained above, you don’t have any excuse why you should not start your own business in Botswana. My candid advice for you is to first conduct your own research before embarking on any business of your choice.

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