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5 types of real estate properties best for Investment

Not all real estate properties are efficient when it comes to investment. There are only some of these real estate properties that can generate a worthy amount of money for your pockets, and it is very important for you to know them. That is for you not to invest your money in the wrong place.
Before we go to what those real estate properties are, it is important for you to know why you should invest in real estate. This is to present to you the benefits of investing in real estate if ever you did not yet realize the importance of this.
Why do you think it is best to invest in real estate? Well, here are some reasons why:
  • Real estate industry is booming in this current era. This is the era of information and technology. People are building offices, concrete houses, malls, and many more real estate. Approximately, millions of establishment and residential buildings are built monthly all over the world. Don’t you want to go with the trend?

  • Real estate investments allow you to have a passive income. In today’s fluctuation rate, having a savings only is not going to give you the financial freedom you are dreaming of. You would need to create a mechanism that would allow you to have a passive income. Why? Because you will not always want to do the legwork, right? Passive income generators will provide you money without having you work for it every day.

  • Investing in real estate properties is a long term investment. Usually, real estate property investments last for more than twenty years. Given those long years of having that property running, you would’ve probably earned more from the property than what you invested on it.

  • Real estate properties are not only for business purposes. You may also use them personally. You may either use that purchased residential building, or you may have it rented. You may either use that built office space for your company or you may place it on a lease. So many choices, right?

  • In a more advanced civilization like ours, one way or another, all community locations will be turned into a concrete jungle like New York. If you can afford, why will you wait for all those lots and buildings be monopolized by other people? Get ahead of all the rest! Purchase and invest now!

1. Condominium Units
A condominium unit is listed as the best real estate investment in the Philippines today. This is so because of the locations of condo units. If your priority is to live or to have an investment property in the heart of the city, condominium units should be number one on your list.
People of today tend to move near or in cities. This is because of the availability of high paying jobs, good quality schools, and many more lifestyle-related things in the city. Condominium units are normally situated in the center of cities because these skyscrapers aim to provide an outstanding residential experience amidst the busyness of the city.
Apart from having a good place to stay in the city, there are many income-generating opportunities in having a condo unit. For one, you may have other people rent your unit if you no longer use it. Another option is to have some rooms in your condo rented if it is okay for you to have somebody else live with you. This case is most ideal situation because it gives you a win-win result. You have a house while earning from it!
Another income-generating opportunity for condo units is putting it for lease as an office space! There are already many people doing this today because of the rise of the start-up industry. Making your condo unit as a startup company office is not only a good income-generating opportunity. This way, you will also be able to help a startup company bloom, and that is such a noble act!
To give you a head-start in your condo unit hunting, Ayala Land’s Arca South is one of the most outstanding residential building in the country. This beauty is located in Taguig. You may want to take a peek at it.
2. Subdivision Units
If your priority is to have a quality residential experience in a safe and friendly community, subdivision units should be number one on your list. More or less this has the same benefits as what condo units have except the location.
Subdivision units are usually far from the cities. This is because these type of communities take up a lot of spaces and city centers cannot afford those wide spaces. Thus, subdivisions are located far from the city. If you are willing to live far from the city, but with the benefits of a better living condition, you should check out the best subdivision units near you now!
In terms of income generation, this provides the same opportunities than condo units. Though it is not guaranteed the same number of potential renters as those in condo units, it will still generate a significant number of people. Normally, your potential renters will also be people like you who prioritizes the quality of lifestyle in a subdivision than the life in the city.
3. Malls and Establishment Buildings
This item is at number 3, even though building a mall or establishment buildings brings the most income to investor because only very few people can afford to do this. This option is impractical to middle-class families. Thus, there is no use of mentioning this first. The ones mentioned in numbers 1 and 2 are very achievable for all those in the lower social classes.
As mentioned, malls and establishment buildings are very good in income generation given the number of businesses booming today in the cities. If you build a mall or an establishment building in a city’s center of commerce, there is a big possibility of earning millions monthly. For existing millionaires or billionaires, this is a very good investment.
4. Office Spaces
This item is a little bit the same with number 3, but I separated this because number 3 is focused on retail or wholesale businesses. Offices are different. Office spaces have different types of potential customers. Target renters or users are some startups or big companies who do not have their own company buildings yet.
The same with malls and establishment buildings, it will also allow you to earn millions, but in a longer span of time. Building an office space, either for your own use or for lease, is a very good investment because of the rise of IT, BPO, and other types of companies in the Philippines today. Monthly rentals are big, and it will absolutely pay off your investment!
5. Open Spaces
Are open spaces part of the real estate industry today? The answer is “absolutely yes!” There is a huge reason why Ayala, Robinsons, and SM are building parks inside their malls. The government as well are building many open spaces around cities nowadays. Aboitiz, as well, is creating their very own open spaces all around the country.
For land owners of today, if your lands are near the city, you can either build something on top of it or turn it into your own park! Many people do not realize the benefits of doing this. For people’s health, there are many benefits of having open spaces. But since we are talking about investments, the number of income generation opportunities are limitless, especially in today’s type of lifestyle.
To mention some projects for your open space investment are theme parks, private parks, golf courses, farms, carnivals, and rental opportunities. How cool is that?
That would be all for the top five types of real estate investments you can bank on to get the most of your money. Now that you are acquainted with the endless opportunities of the real estate industry, what you need to do next is to start. How to start? Well, there are many ways to start.
The first thing to do in starting your investment journey is set up a goal. To set up a goal, you need to decide on what type of investment you want. Choose from items one to five above. Then you save up, of course, until you have the exact amount of capital for you to purchase your desired real estate property. After the purchase, it is time for you to be the best investor you can be by managing your investment well.
It is not important whether you invest on small or big real estate properties as long as you start investing. In one way or another, you will profit from it as long as you manage your investment properly.

'This is a guest post by Marliyn, She is A freelance writer and blogger She also loves to travel and explore new things. She is currently working as a junior copywriter.You can visit her blog Ayalaland.
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Thursday, 20 July 2017

List of 10 Best Business Opportunities in Botswana

Botswana is one good country to do business in
because of its agricultural resources, high-quality minerals, modern transportation and good communication infrastructure. Botswana offers unique business opportunities in different sectors that entrepreneurs can venture into and build long lasting wealth.

If you are looking to know the different kinds or types of business opportunities in Botswana, I am glad to tell you that you are in the right place at the right time.

Here is my list of 10 best business opportunities in Botswana for any serious investors or entrepreneur to
venture into and be of economic value to the country of Botswana.

   1.Tourism and Hospitality

The first on my list of 10 best business opportunities in Botswana is tourism and hospitality. Chobe
National Park, Tsodilo, Khama Rhino Sanctuary, Kalahari Desert, Kubu Island and so many other places have become some of the most visited places by tourists from around the world.

As you would expect, there are various opportunities in this sector which include; hotel services, renting of
camping equipment, transportation, resorts etc. There are also possibilities of foreign investors partnering with Botswana governments - to improve inland waterways or national parks.
Barriers to entry in this business sector are relatively low and it requires limited capital.

    2.Manufacturing of Leather Products

This is second after tourism and hospitality. Botswana is known for breeding animals like cows and goats. This is an opportunity where an entrepreneur can start making leather bags and shoes from these animal skins.

If an entrepreneur approaches this business on a large scale, he or she may end up selling to the international market as they do have high demands for them.


This is another business opportunity available to investors and entrepreneurs in Botswana. In Botswana, vegetables, goat meat and chickens are being imported from surrounding countries. Entrepreneurs can tap into these opportunities in Botswana and make good money out of it by delivering these products to consumers without them
going out to import these products at a higher cost.

Agriculture has the potential to support other industries such as manufacturing, products marketing, fertilizer production, pesticides, and seeds production, food processing, and grains refining.

    4.Fast Moving Consumer Goods

It was estimated that Botswana’s consumer spending in 2016 was over one million dollars. With a population that is arguably increasing, the Fast
Moving Consumer Goods sector promises to be very

Foods, beverages, home and personal care products provide ample opportunity for manufacturers and retailers as their demands continue to soar. Investors who dominate this market at the first instance are
likely to remain the main players for a long time.


For decades now, Botswana has been dependent on Diamond mining. Forgetting other minerals that they
can also mine. There is a huge opportunity in the mining of other minerals in the country.
If you have the capital, the government is encouraging an investor to invest in this sector. 

The government has passed a Mines and Mineral Act which encourages investors to invest in the
exploration of other mineral resources of Botswana. Interested business entrepreneurs have a chance to tap immensely into this sector.

     6.Fast Food Franchise

Most fast food franchise in Botswana are international brands like KFC and Chicken Licken. This is a good time for indigenous entrepreneurs to start up their own fast food franchise and stop the expansion of foreign fast food franchise.

7.Magazine Publishing

 If you are based in Botswana, you will notice that supermarkets are packed full of foreign magazines. Hardly you will find a local magazine because local magazines don’t push hard on marketing their magazines to readers.

These foreign magazines sell well not because their content is good but because they know how to put it in front of potential readers. This is still a niche market, so why don’t you set up your own lifestyle or entertainment magazine?


If you are interested in horticulture, Botswana present a good opportunity for this business. Flowers are in high demand in places where it is needed like hotels, funerals homes, parties, residential houses.
Most of the flowers seen in most hotels and homes in Botswana are flowers from other countries around.
This is one best business opportunities in Botswana you can venture into.

     9.Baby Sitting Services

Babysitting services are on the rise in Botswana. This is due to the reasons that parents must work to put
food on the table as the present economy recession is getting worse by the day and they need someone around to look after their children.

You don’t lose anything for embarking into this business. You can start this business by investing more on advertising letting a parent know that there
is a trusted company they can leave their children with and be rest assure that their children are in safe hands.

Parents who are happy with a particular babysitting company would be willing to tell friends and neighbors.


This is another profitable business opportunity in Botswana. People has to move from one location to another, and not everyone can afford to buy a car.
You can start with one bus or car to transport people to their destination.

I know of so many people that started with a single bus and today they have their own registered transport in Botswana.

With all these business opportunities in Botswana explained above, you don’t have any excuse why you should not start your own business in Botswana. My candid advice for you is to first conduct your own research before embarking on any business of your choice.

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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

How to invest wisely on any business opportunity that comes your way

How to invest wisely on any business opportunity that comes your way
The life of an entrepreneur is a dedicated one, everything around him circles on finance and management. Investment is the key analysis for the future and the eons to come. Business already has the definition of a risky undertaken where one assumes complete liability for every commercial activity he or she embarks on. According to a business dictionary, an investor is one who expands a capital in expectation of a pleasant return.

Nigeria is one of the limelight countries around the globe offering tremendous business opportunities to its inhabitants and in what we call "a virtual extension", it also presents non-occupants and distant fans the possibility of Sustainability and financial buoyancy with mind-boggling opportunities which can even be embraced still from a distance. While considering opportunities available to you for possible tapping into, it is very important to carefully consider, compare and contrast the obvious factors entailed with respects to progress in these sectors.

Without wasting much time, let's proceed to discuss a few necessary criteria's to consider in order to be able to firmly conclude if an investment or an investment opportunity is a wise project to embark on.

1... Check statistics

For most business opportunities already existing and for some that are yet to surface, there is always more than enough resources on the internet to access in order to derive enough statistical facts which would assist your decision of investment. Statistics here
simply refers to existing facts which either encourage or discourage the opportunity in question. Likely and most possibly there are people like you who have once been presented with such opportunities and most probably grabbed it, their responses to such gears has a reflection that gives you the answer you've been looking for.

2... Assume projections

Assumed projections systematically means that one can possibly create an accumulated virtually gallery of negativities with these opportunities on your mind. For instance, you can assume that this investment opportunity could possibly survive the next ten years, you can also assume that you could possibly become a millionaire someday soon with this particular investment you're willing to embark on... But then, how soon? Now, this assumption should be based on the statistical evidence you've derived or established so far from what people have explained and experienced at large.

 Sometimes these assumptions can without any doubt appear to be very realistic to you, in other instances they may not appear to be something that can materialize and this is basically due to either the presence or absence of enough base-level facts or insight available to you into the investment opportunity. If there doesn't appear to be any positive assumptions coming up, do not force yourself to create one. If your assumed possibilities appear to have over 70%  reality view, then it's definitely a good thing to try but if you can't guarantee yourself a 69%  success surety score for what you're about to venture into, then it's a bad sign.

3... Inflate the disadvantages

Now, this is just about trying yourself out on how far you're ready to go on this and how dire the consequences might be for you. Entrepreneurship explains two basic types of risk or risk-taking which are the Uncalculated risk type and the Calculated risk type. The only way to determine which of the two you're currently standing on is after you have inflated the disadvantages and you still believe you can bear it at the two extremes, I don't know if a point is being made here but I'll explain further. For instance, this investment opportunity has been in existence for over 8 years and people have been queueing in nicely. Here comes the inflation, we know that every investment opportunity is a risk...
Yes, right! but what if this is worse? What if this investment shuts down the next few months?  Will I be able to contain it?

The answer for this largely depends on how much you're able to convince yourself from the available statistical analysis you've made so far. However, it's definitely an Uncalculated risk if you do not have sufficient information as to what you're about to do. If the best answer you have as to the success possibility is 50/50, then it's definitely a gamble and technically, gamble opportunities rarely pay nicely, in effect it's not a healthy investment. However, people still earn from gambling but that doesn't make it right to say it's a wise investment.

4... Draw a reasonable conclusion

You must have had enough time, agreeably a tough one trying to contemplate, consider, compare and contrast the opportunities present to you. They all cannot be bad investments neither can they all be right at the same time. It's healthy to try to seek professional advice before finally settling with a
decision. You could hire a consultant or implore the services of one because their services are sincerely very important to entrepreneurs though not everyone understands this, in fact, they play a very important role in entrepreneurship basically because they're professionals and it's actually their job to educate you based on facts, calculative reasoning and intellectual attendance.

Best regards

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Sunday, 18 June 2017

7 profitable investment business ideas

7 profitable investment business ideas

The world has gradually become a Global Village, with investment opportunities on the rise every day. While we try hard to understand and believe that investment is the key to a truly successful and sustainable future, we also have the responsibility that comes with consciousness to note that not every investment opportunity available is truly legit more so, not all legit investment opportunities are widely available. The central focus of this article is to bring to the fore, 7 notable investment opportunities that are legitimate opportunities and ought to be treated with care as a disseminated fact by every wise investor out there.

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies used for digital commerce and transactions, in other words
they’re called electronic currencies. A perfect example of a leading cryptocurrency is the ”Bitcoin”. What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency invented in 2009 as a trade medium between distanced dealers. As at then, the value of bitcoin was estimated at just around $1 per Bitcoin, in 2016 1 bitcoin was already being valued at around $500 per bitcoin and what’s the exact story today? Today 1 bitcoin stands at $2500 and still rising steadily.

 Let’s take a quick scenario, assuming one invested a minimum of $10 in bitcoins in 2009, that amount could purchase 10 bitcoins. Being allowed overtime, the 10 bitcoins would be standing at a whopping amount of $25,000 in that wallet today, this is the actual fact comparison of what is the case with cryptos.

 However, it's never too late to take an action because with the statistical look at unfolding events, Bitcoin is headed for $10,000 before January 2018 and you sure know you’d have yourself to blame if you never bought a place in this future of an endlessly guaranteed value.

There are still other digital currencies worthy of investing into, this includes Etherium, Billion Coin and Dodge coin. You may need some more efforts on a little further research to determine the best coins you would like to invest into.

The sectoral value of Agriculture is one of the few that would never become less valued at any time. Held up in a very high esteem, agriculture is one of the basic elements of a successful economy. A country or nation that has food abundance as a net result of  Agricultural engagements or import benefits is a country with wealth.

 Simply put, Agriculture is wealth. Investing into agricultural opportunities is one of the wisest decisions an investor would ever make. The net returns from Agricultural investments is usually above a 200% ROI and an economist best explains that.
Education has remained the future of humanity from times unknown. The need to learn, acquire practical knowledge and wisdom has always been one of the greatest desires of man. For this reason, it is very possible and easy to assume that investing in education would only bring but rich returns but then, I must point out that managing an Academic institution is definitely one of the most stressful exercises of all times.

However, even without building a school directly, an investor can still tap into the opportunity of investing into scholarship programs with a well-mapped out provision for returns.

Ancient Egypt was a gold mine, they were merchants and known miners of precious stones and pearls. Today, merchants still exist whose principal investment circles on precious stones and most precisely Gold, Diamond, and Silver.

 As a precious stone, gold has made itself very invaluable. Gold never depreciates in price neither does it in value.

However, if you’d search, there are many Gold scams available both online and offline you’d find, sure you wouldn’t want any of those. Hence, research and scrutiny must be carried out for best and legit Gold investment opportunities to be discovered.

Also remember, Gold has legal trade guidelines laid down and regulated by the governments.

If you want an investment provision that would gradually deteriorate over time, perhaps pay good bucks for a few years and gradually wane down, invest in Non-renewable energy.

But if your guess is as good as mine and you would want a true investment that could probably serve you to the fifth generation and beyond, Renewable Energy is the right investment program to fit into.
For those who know what it is, and for those who understand the do’s and don’ts of the business and its idea, Forex is a near-perfect investment program to hop into.

With a proven long-term existence of sustainability, forex has enriched millions and inarguably turned their lives around, you too can be

Forex is simply a foreign exchange market where currencies are traded against their fluctuating values. However, the market has success rules that must strictly be adhered to for positive returns. You’ll need a broker, not just a broker, but an “experienced broker” and an excellent coach!

Lands are immovable, they cannot be moved about, but their most obvious characteristic is their invaluableness. Lands, houses and landed properties have one thing in common. Unlike cars, they do not depreciate in value. With a mathematical graphical representation plotting value against time, a straight line curve clearly indicates that ‘value’ moves uniformly with ‘time’ and in practice this is the actual case except on occasions where flooding and other phenomenal characteristics have affected position and structure. 

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Monday, 5 June 2017

How to make payment when importing goods from China

China is one of the most patronized country when it comes to importation, be it general merchandise, clothing, shoes, household items etc. Due to the country's interest in manufacturing processes and high export capabilities, it has become the world's largest export base and interestingly they are living up to expectations with what seems like an unlimited strength. However, while there are many people doing business comfortably with Chinese producers and suppliers there are still local importers and wanna-be foreign importers within who do not know exactly how to go about payment procedures with China and would appreciate learning just how they can transact business with these export counterparts.

I've gotten several requests from importers who would like to extend their import boundaries from neighboring African countries to China and beyond, asking me to address this and I had to pen down this article for their benefit. If you're one of such categories, here is definitely an article you've been looking out for. Now let's discuss how to make payment when importing goods from China. Truth is, for these and other import processes there's simply no best method of payment because every payment method entails a measure of risk and your choice has to be dependent on a couple of important factors to consider.

1... Telegraphic Transfer
A telegraphic Transfer is a kind of Electronic wiring system for transfer of money usually used overseas or for intercontinental transactions. It originated with the U. K banking system. It is apparently the oldest method of payment from the commencement of intercontinental trades. It is most advisably used for medium funds transactions as well as low funds transactions. A part of the agreed sum is paid or sent in advance and then the completion sent after a satisfying feel of the product or products desired.

2... Sourcing Agencies
These are private or commercial agencies who meddle with the politics of international transactions, they usually have foreign branches in many countries across the globe so what they do is receive your cash deposits in your country and then send word across to their foreign counterpart in China or elsewhere to make the needed payments to the needing companies. As swift as it can be, it is very quick, trustable and reliable. So you can actually pay for your goods from China through sourcing agencies, though they charge quite a bit above normal banks but they can be totally dependable, I know many importers who deal regularly or transact frequently with sourcing agencies while purchasing goods abroad.

3... Western Union
One of the fastest and swiftest payment means of all time. I think this is actually the most widely used owing to its high compatibility rate because it is available in virtually almost all countries around the Globe. With western union, all you have to do is walk into any bank that has this provision, request for a related form to fill which would include some coded messages, questions and answers. You pay the cash value of what you're to send to your Chinese counterparts and you also pay the required charge for the transaction. In less than 48 working hours, the transaction would be sent across, you'll only have to supply your receivers with the question and answer protocols you filled your transaction form with because that's what allows them access to the said funds. It's as simple as that.

4... Credit Card Payments
Yes, another electronic means of payment that evolved not too long ago is the Credit Card payment system. Yes, it surfaced ever since Global Banking was initiated. A credit card is usually connected to a credit account where you can always store business funds. You pay for it to be funded by exchangers. Now the funds in the business account are readily available for use for online purchases or payment for goods through your credit card service. Talking about swiftness, yes credit cards afford you convenience and swift service when it comes to electronic transactions because electronic transfer systems usually do not take longer than a minute in the absence of network errors and in the presence of a stable network support system. But then the associated risk is, they can be hacked into and dissolved if not we'll be secured.

Best regards

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Friday, 26 May 2017

7 types of people you should avoid when starting your business

7 types of people you should avoid when starting your business
Do you know that starting a business is one of the most, if not the most challenging tasks any individual can embark upon? Why is this the case, you might ask?
First of all, consider that you are about venturing into a world of uncertainty. Now you may have carried out your feasibility studies, obtained the training and expertise needed to run a business as well as gathered all the resources to hit the road running; but remember that the business world offers no guarantees.
There are no guarantees that that there will be no change in fiscal and monetary policy that will effectively shut down the operations of your business.
There are no guarantees that your target market may acquire new tastes and needs, hence rendering your product/service redundant.
There are no guarantees that a competitor will not emerge down the line and cut into your market share and hence cut down your profits.
Indeed, starting a business means you will need to be a self-starter and have loads of determination and optimism to succeed. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you surround yourself with the people that have the same attitude and hunger as you do.
In the same vein, it is just as important that you avoid certain categories of people when you begin your entrepreneurial journey. These categories of people have the capacity to derail your vision in business; they can also impair your views about life in general. These categories of people to avoid include the following:
1.Avoid People who seem to Know It All

Businesses thrive and flourish when their owners are constantly in the search for more knowledge; better ways of offering a product or service to their customers. It is what has kept businesses like Apple and Facebook relevant; posting impressive profits because they continue to research, innovate and seek knowledge. You cannot perform below this standard.
Therefore, it is important that you get rid of people who feel that they have all the knowledge and do not see the need to better themselves.
You must shun these people simply because your business needs you to constantly be on the lookout for new and better ways of solving the needs and want of your customers.
2.Avoid People who Nag and Complain a lot

Starting a business will require that you possess loads of determination and focus. Why is this the case? It is simply because there will be times when you will face challenges and setbacks that will question the very basis of why you started the business in the first place. It is at those periods that you should be thankful for the little victories that you may have garnered up until that time.
If you surround yourself with people who are never grateful for what they have accomplished, even if small but would rather throw tantrums and whine about how things can be better, you may end up assuming such a disposition to your business and life in general.
3.Avoid People Who Massage your Ego

You have begun your entrepreneurial journey and the time has come to bring on staff and advisers that will help propel your venture forward.
It is pertinent to note the person who always sings your praises, always demurs to your every whim and tells you that you can do no wrong. Run away from people who cozy up to you in this way. What you and your business need are people who will be bold enough to push for what they believe is the way to go in your business, even if their opinion is at odds with yours.
4.Avoid People who are Overly Pessimistic

There are certain people who will always envision the worst possible outcome for any plan or project. If such people had their ways, they would not even get out of bed in the mornings. If you surround yourself with these kinds of people, you run the risk of viewing every potential business action or project through the lens of it failing or worse.
You must realize that starting a business itself is a risk but a calculated one, when you are able to plan and prepare adequately.
5.Avoid People who want to Always receive all the Credit

In starting a business, you will be deploying both human and non-human resources in meeting the demands/needs of your target market. This will mean that you will lead and be a part of team that will implement the objectives of your business.
It is important that you avoid recruiting people who are self-centered and are not team players. They usually want to be in the limelight and receive praise for accomplishments whether or not it is directly from their efforts or not.
Such people have the potential to disrupt team synergy and cohesion and could engender an unproductive atmosphere in the business.

6.Avoid People who try to Cut Corners

You will do yourself and your business a world of good when you shun individuals who are in a hurry to earn a buck or seal a transaction. This should not be confused with employees who go the extra mile in making sales and getting new markets. People who cut corners, on the other hand, will try even illegal ways and means to get something done.
Their actions have the potential of not only corrupting other members of your business team, but they could also put your operations in trouble with the laws of the land.
7.Avoid People Who Sow Discord

There are people who get a thrill from fanning the embers of business place gossip and hearsay, while at the same time smearing the reputation of others, in order to advance their own causes
You will do well to shun people who seek to get ahead in your organization be resorting to creating conflicts and standoffs in order to lay the blame unfairly at the feet of others.
This list is by no means exhaustive. The success of your business rests squarely on your shoulders. You must endeavor to populate yourself with the right people, with the right attitude, in order to ensure your business runs smoothly.

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

9 solid reasons why you should invest wisely on cryptocurrency

9 solid reasons why you should invest wisely on cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are in other words called digital currencies, they’re electronic currencies, they’re best understood as virtual currencies that are not physically accessible but are very highly valued online as trading currencies. The world is fast developing into its uniform digital age, almost everything can be done with the use of the internet now with both striking speed and amazing convenience. To start with, there are well over tens of cryptocurrencies currently available on the currency market. These include bitcoins, litecoin, the billion coin, etherium, unocoin, trumpcoin etc. for some of them, their values and worth have been established while some are still fighting for recognition and complete relevance. In this article, I desire to give you 9 solid reasons why you should wisely invest in cryptocurrencies as they are the future of investment as a policy for an enviable lifestyle:
1…. They are not controlled by Banks

As we know for every other National currency like the Naira, Dollar, Euro, Pounds etc. The Central banks of each of the countries involved are completely aware and in control of every single transaction taking place with their currencies on an accumulative basis. With cryptos, it's different, you’re your own bank, you’re completely in control of whatever you do with your coins, there’s no third party snooping around and monitoring your transactions, the only third party involved is your hosting service or your platform for exchange and this is a plus on the benefits cryptocurrencies afford you.

2… Their values increase over time

Bitcoins as an example of a good cryptocurrency was launched in 2010 at the price of less than $1 per coin, today 1 bitcoin equals approximately $1,520. This is incredible! A similar kind, “the billion coin” generally termed as TBC was launched in March 2016 at the value of about 1 Euro per coin and today 1tbc is worth well over 1,000 Euros. This is an incredible credibility score!

3… They’re universal currencies

With cryptocurrencies, you’re a global citizen. That is, you can travel to anywhere in the world and cater for your expenses with bitcoins as long as you have access to your wallet because bitcoin is accepted globally. What’s more? Many online merchant systems now accept payment for goods and services via the use of bitcoins and other e-currencies. This simply explains that the world is steadily advancing.
4… They can be used to acquire properties anywhere

Because cryptocurrency is becoming generally accepted, they can now be used to purchase a whole lot of things including properties and assets. In Nigeria West Africa for instance, large acres of lands, Cars, and Houses are now available to be bought with either full TBC payment or half TBC half cash payments and this is a great development. A colleague of mine purchased a land worth of N600,000 with a payment method of half TBC half cash payment just recently, so he actually paid a cash sum of N300,000 and a subsequent TBC pay value equaling the left over amount. It’s a great advancement practicable in so many other parts of the world too.

5… They incur fewer transaction charges

To the best of my knowledge, cryptocurrency transactions are much more economical than real bank transactions. With a third party like Blockchain, bitcoins can be transacted with ease with just a transaction charge of 0.001 bitcoins which is just about $1.5 far lesser than what real banks charge. I guess you see the difference.

6… Their transactions are swift and confirmations are quick

Cryptocurrency transactions are much faster than real bank currency transactions. Blockchain confirmation, for instance, takes not more than 3 minutes and actual sending takes not more than 20 seconds with no network distortions and this is irrespective of wherever you are in the globe or sending to.

7… They cannot be affected by Robbery occurrences

Real life banks are affected with robbery incidence and monies are skived away without a trace while cryptocurrencies are not and this is because they are Digital currencies that can only be controlled and produced online. Inflation of local currencies has no effect on them. Also, Cryptos cannot be stolen except for the case where accounts are hacked and they are transferred, otherwise a secured wallet cannot be easily hacked into. They have secured currencies.

8… They are not controlled by the banks
Because they are independent currencies, cryptocurrencies have no regulations from the banks. Banks do not and cannot operate them, they also cannot be shut out of existence by banks or bank agencies because they are not owned by anyone and are not produced in any known place of existence. Their creation ad existence are just cyber!

9… They do not fade in value
Cryptocurrencies do not fade in value, rather their values keep increasing as the day goes by and even if they fall slightly in value they usually recover within a very short space of time. They do not fall or depreciate in value for long or struggle to regain strength like other currencies. They’re not in competition with any currency, they all have a chosen course and an ultimate goal which is to take over the Global currency system as Universal currencies.

The time to join the crypto-world is Now! It’s simply the future you see now! Cryptos don’t fade…

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