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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

How to Start a Small Vehicle Towing Service

How to start a small vehicle towing service
Vehicle towing services are rendered by vehicle towing companies. These are companies especially concerned with removing abandoned or illegally parked vehicles; transport stranded vehicles; and vehicles involved in auto accidents. These companies particularly have a selection of customers such as 
small-business owners, police department, car 
dealerships, apartment management companies, etc.
With a good start up capital and a good location, you would go a long way towards making huge profits from this industry.
If you are interested in starting a small vehicle towing service, you should get acquainted with all of the various steps on how to start. The following are some steps to help you get started.

1. Choose your Niche

If you are interested in starting a small vehicle towing 
service, you should note that there are various niches 
within the towing service industry that you can 
choose from. Below are some niches within the vehicle towing industry that a small vehicle towing business can specialize in:
-          Towing of private owned vehicles
-          Towing of vehicles for government agencies
-          Towing of trailers
Aside from these basic niches within the towing service industry, you can, however, carve a niche for yourself if you are very creative.

2. Decide on how you want to Operate

Now, to start a small vehicle towing service, you will have to decide how you want to operate your business. How small do you want to operate? Would you prefer to carry out your vehicle towing service as a single-truck towing business or would you decide to hire a few drivers and operate as a small scale multi-truck business?
If you decide to operate a multi-truck towing service, you will require more capital and more than one towing truck. In addition, you will require an office which would serve as a central dispatch unit where clients’ calls would be received and available trucks sent for handling the situation.

3. Choose the Right Location

You should do your study well to get the best location for your small towing service. Before starting your small vehicle towing service, you should first carry out a thorough study of the market to see where your services would be most needed.
It is important you locate your small vehicle towing service business in an area with healthy business activities.

4. Get Registered and Obtain Licence and Permits

If you are very serious about starting a small vehicle towing service, the next thing you must do after considering the above-highlighted steps is to look for a catchy name that is not difficult to pronounce; proceed to the relevant authorities to get your vehicle towing service duly registered.
You should do well to get your business license and obtain the necessary business licenses and permits.

5. Write a Business Plan

For people who are very serious about starting a vehicle towing service –no matter how small they want to operate– the first thing to do is write out a well-detailed business plan. Now I cannot over-emphasize the importance of having a good business plan.
More important, your business plan should detail the type of towing service you want to offer –this should appear in the first section. The second section should detail the start-up capital for your vehicle towing service and how you will secure the start up capital. The third section should detail the market plan for your vehicle towing service.

6. Determine how to Get Financing

Having written your business plan, you should by now have a profound knowledge about the startup capital required for starting your small vehicle towing service. You should do your research properly to determine the start-up capital you need to start your small vehicle towing service.
According to cost analysis carried out in the United States, the minimum start-up capital required for starting a small vehicle towing service is $200,000. Although the location has a huge effect on the start-up capital, you should, however, bear those figures in mind if you are serious about starting a small vehicle towing service.
Do well to determine how you would secure the financing for starting your small vehicle towing service. If you would require financing from investors and banks, this is where a good business plan would come in handy.

7. Purchase or Lease Parking Lot

You will have to secure a parking lot for your small vehicle towing service. Most vehicle towing companies hold vehicles in their parking lots or yards for days or weeks. These vehicles are confiscated maybe because a property owner wants an illegally parked vehicle removed; or maybe because the owner could not pay to have the vehicle removed from an accident scene.

8. Purchase Towing Vehicles and Equipment

Purchase towing trucks and equipment from truck and auto supply stores. You should look for high quality towing trucks and equipment. Some types of wreckers you should purchase include rear hook and flatbed types. Most towing service companies purchase flatbeds because they can accommodate severely damaged vehicles.
If you decide to purchase used tow trucks, do well to ensure they are in top running condition because your vehicle towing service largely depends on it.

9. Obtain Business Insurance

You should do well to obtain commercial liability insurance that covers your clients, your tow trucks and drivers, and yourself. Go for a good insurance policy that maximally provides this coverage.

10. Market and Promote your Services

Market your vehicle towing business in your location. As a new starter in the vehicle towing industry, you can find customers from a variety of sources. Some of them include car dealerships, small business owners, apartment management companies, police departments, garages, individual motorists.
Have a business card (keep it simple). Advertise your business in business magazines, television, and radio. List your vehicle towing business on local business directories to enable prospective customers to find your business.
Take your business to the cyber world. The world is moving on a fast lane and going cyber is the way forward. Create an online presence for your vehicle towing service regardless of how small it is. Have a functioning website that people could log onto. 
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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Top 15 Innovative Real Estate Business Ideas

If real estate is one business ideas that have been bothering your mind, this post is about showing you some list of 15 innovative real estate business ideas that you might have to consider depending on your budget and availability of funds.

Real estate offers many investment opportunities. Normally you need a lot of money to invest in this business. You need to build your cash reserves and savings. You are not likely to risk your savings if you invest in this area. The return never diminishes but increases with time.

There are so many niches that entrepreneurs interested in real estate are yet to tap into and build lasting wealth. If you are ready to learn, read on as I unveil some innovative real estate business ideas you may not have even consider that it exists in the real estate industry.

Real estate is a serious business for serious entrepreneurs that are ready to build lasting generational wealth. Shelter is number needs of humans and every day the population in any country is increasing including the one your country.

Here are my top 15 list of innovative real estate business ideas for investors or entrepreneurs to venture into;

    1.Property Development Company

This type of real estate business idea covers everything that has to do with real estate. Starting a property development company means your company will be responsible for buying raw lands and developing it by building on it and putting it for rent or sell it. This innovative real estate business idea is capital intensive so it is for those with large budgets.

    2.Starting a Real Estate Investment Club

If you know you don’t have enough funds to invest into the real estate market yourself, you can start a real estate investment club where you gather a group of investors that will put their funds into a real estate investment vehicle and share the profit within themselves.

    3.Real Estate Blogging

 If you have sound knowledge about real estate, you can start up a blog that focuses on publishing content that has to do with real estate. As your blog begin to
get huge traffic, real estate companies will start approaching you to buy space in your blog to run advert.Another alternative is running Google Adsense on your blog to get revenue from advert clicks and page views.

    4.Architecture Firm

If you have civil engineering or architecture skill, you can start up your own architecture firm and start drawing building plans for builders and construction firms. With building 3D software like AutoCAD, it will surely make your job easier.

    5.  Landscaping Business

The demand for landscaping services has increased drastically. This is due to the fact that people have started putting interest on investing into buying of lands. You must be skilled in the art of convincing clients
that you can do this job to their taste.

    6.Lawn Care Business

This is another innovative real estate business idea that you should consider in starting up a real estate business. It does not require large capital to start. You can be delivery lawn care services to residential as
well as commercial properties and be raking in a good amount of money monthly.

    7.Real Estate Agent

Presently, almost 80% of a house sold or rented were done using a real estate agent. This is one profitable innovative real estate business idea that any entrepreneur can venture into. In this business, you don’t buy any property. You just act as a middle person between buyers/tenants and sellers/landlord.

You get paid a commission for every successful deal to make according to your own rate of commission charge.

   8.Real Estate Mobile App Development

If you have a good knowledge of coding and programming or can assemble a team of programmers to build an app focusing on the real estate market, you can certainly become rich over the long term.

Your app will give access to real estate properties for sale. Sellers of properties can come and list their properties for sale while buyers can come look for properties they can buy too. It will majorly be connecting buyers and sellers of real estate properties in one platform.

    9.Publish Real Estate Magazine

There are millions of people that love reading real estate magazines because they want to know everything about the real estate market and probably find a good property for sale. If you would love owning a magazine publishing firm, you can venture into this innovative real estate business idea by providing information to people that seek content in the industry.

     10 Construction Cleaning Company

Haven’t you seen them in a construction site? I know you may have but didn’t notice that they were not the same people that did the construction work. Many construction companies hire the services of construction cleaning company to come clean their sites after construction work is over.

You have to have enough manpower and construction site cleaning equipment to be able to get this real estate business idea started.

11.Housing painting

This business can never drop as far as people will always want their building to look beautiful to attract customers or tenants (in case of renting). If you have painting skill, you can start this innovative business idea and make money from building owners. You can partner with interior decoration firms so they can always link you up with a contract since the job is somehow related.


A building is never complete without plumbing services whether residential or commercial. Every building demands plumbing operation and this is where plumbers eat enough money.

So, if you’re living up with crafty plumbing skills then one of the real estate related business you can consider is to start your own plumbing business.

    13.Online Real Estate Marketing

If you have skill in online marketing, you can profit from real estate too. You will be helping real estate merchants run online marketing of their properties through a different online platform like social media, SEO, content marketing etc.

   14. Start a Real Estate TV Program

Another innovative real estate business idea is starting a real estate TV show that will be focus on development in real estate market. There are many TV shows like this in America so it will be very competitive for anyone based there to start such business.

But, anyone outside America can venture into this real estate business idea and make a huge amount of money from it. If run well, you will sure attract large viewership and of course mouthwatering sponsorship deals from major players in the real estate industry in your country.

   15.Electric Wiring Business

Have you seen a building that doesn’t have any electrical connection to it? The demand for electric wiring will always be there. So, if you have electrical skills, this is one innovative real of the real estate market that you will have to consider.
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Monday, 17 April 2017

How to Start Cargo Tracking Business

Cargo tracking business is big business. Almost everything we use and consume pass through some sort of transportation across various networks from various parts of the world. 

Unless a company is really big to own a fleet of assets for conveying shipments, they would always require the services of cargo tracking businesses which act as third parties to help them deliver their products to the desired destinations intact and on time.
Cargo tracking businesses otherwise called ‘freight brokerage businesses’ are businesses that generally do not handle shipments themselves. Instead, they act as coordinators, matching suppliers (shippers) with carriers. Their roles involve a great deal of communication

They are concerned with soliciting clients, negotiating shipping rates with carriers, and 
most important, tracking shipments as well as arranging alternative means if a problem arises in the supply chain.
If you are interested in starting a cargo tracking business, then you must judiciously learn the steps required for starting a cargo tracking business.
The following are some steps that you must critically consider if you are interested in starting a cargo tracking business.

1.Select a Niche

This is probably the first step you would likely take if you are seriously interested in starting a cargo tracking business.
Undertake a general research on all of the niches within the cargo tracking industry and determine which cargo tracking niche you want to focus on. You could focus on a particular geographical location or area, or a particular type of cargo or shipping. This will help position you as an expert within the cargo tracking industry which would consequently make marketing of services relatively easy for you.

2.Get Experience in your Chosen Niche

You must do well to get acquainted with the cargo tracking niche you have chosen. Gather as much experience as you possibly can. Get well acquainted with what cargo tracking businesses do.
You should work for a cargo shipper or carrier or both so as to help you get prepared for starting your own cargo tracking business. This will not only give you technical expertise but would help you go a long way towards securing contacts that are very crucial to the success of your cargo tracking business. You could even work as an agent for cargo tracking businesses to help you gain an edge before eventually 
starting up your own cargo tracking business.
You should, in addition, not forget to seek advice and assistance from owners of established cargo tracking businesses within and outside your geographical location or area.

3.Get Registered and Obtain Licenses and Permits

Once you have made up your mind to start a cargo tracking business, the next step for you to take is to decide if you want to operate sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a limited liability corporation. Choose a great name not too difficult to pronounce, proceed to the relevant government agencies in your location to get your cargo tracking business registered. In the 
United States, cargo tracking businesses are required to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
In addition, you will have to make enquiries concerning the permits and licenses you will require for starting your cargo tracking business. You should check with your local planning and zoning department or city business license to make enquiries regarding what you will need for your cargo tracking business.

4.Write a Business Plan

You will not be able to do without this one. It is very important you write out a very good business plan if you are interested in really starting a cargo tracking business. The importance of having a good business a plan is innumerable.

Having a good business plan would enable you to be able to apply for credits and loans with your bank. You would require a business plan if you want to attract investors as well. A business plan would, in addition, help you specify which cargo tracking niche you want to focus on, who your prospective customers would be, as well as marketing and  Strategies

5.Determine Source of Financing

This is one thing you have to critically consider if you are so serious about starting a cargo tracking business. To start your cargo tracking business, you would most likely consider securing capital from creditors unless you have enough cash at your disposal already. You could decide to obtain loans from banks. A very good business plan would be required before you can obtain loans from banks.
Also, since you would be the mediator between the shippers and the carriers, you would often have to pay truckers for the shipment even before you have received the payment from the shipper. You should build a very strong relationship with your bank so that you will be able to obtain a line of credit to help pay carriers before being paid by shippers.

6.Get Surety bond or Trust Fund

Cargo tracking businesses are required to have a 
surety bond or trust fund. In the US, a cargo tracking business is required to have a $75,000 surety bond or trust fund.
If a cargo tracking business does not meet up with 
contracts with the shipper or carrier, the surety bond 
or trust fund ensures that the cargo tracking business has the asset to cover the amount. You can obtain 
surety bond or trust fund for your cargo tracking business from an insurance company.

7.Choose a Process Agent

Cargo tracking businesses are required to have a process agent. A process agent is a representative to whom court papers or documents may be served in the event of a legal proceeding that is brought against a cargo tracking business or carrier.Cargo tracking businesses must choose a process agent in each state where they have an office or establish contracts.

8.Get the Necessary Equipment and Facilities

Even if you do not plan on opening a standard office for a start, starting your cargo tracking business would require you to consider a few things when it comes to the material assets you need.
The first thing you would need include a computer, a printer, a copy and fax machine, a landline phone and mobile phone, and some general office supplies. In addition, you would need software for handling your accounting and customer information.

9.Contact Shippers and Carriers

Once you have successfully set up your cargo tracking business, you should start contacting shippers who are in need of the services you provide.
Also, you should contact reputable carriers within the niche of your cargo tracking business. You could get reliable, trusted and reputable professional carriers by looking into online directories, as well as by direct references by other cargo tracking business owners in your niche.

10.Market and Promote your Business

If you are so interested in starting and taking your cargo tracking business to the next level, you can never go wrong by reaching out to others about your cargo tracking business.
Get a business card (just make sure to keep it simple). Reach out to your family and friends. Have a website for your cargo tracking business. Create an online presence for your cargo tracking business by promoting it on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You should advertise your cargo tracking business on radio and on television.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

How to Start Food Processing Business

How to start food processing business
Food processing is the transformation or conversion of raw food supplies or ingredients, by physical and/or chemical means, into consumable food products or other forms. Food processing typically entails some of the following activities: mincing, macerating, liquefaction, emulsification, cooking (like boiling, broiling, grilling, frying, etc), pasteurization, preservation, canning or packaging.
The food processing industry is one that has huge growth and potential. You should know that there are so many niches within the food processing industry. If you are interested in starting a food processing 
business; with the right start-up capital–depending on your location–and the necessary information, you can get started with your food processing business irrespective of your country of residence.
The following are some of the important steps you will have to consider before taking a plunge into  starting your food processing business.

1. Choose your Niche and Conduct a Thorough Research

If you want to start a food processing business, this is probably the first step you must take. The food processing industry has so many niches. If you do not already know which niche to specialize, I would recommend you carry out a general research on the food processing industry and determine the niche you want to focus on. The following are some food processing niches.
-          Bread making
-          Biscuit making
-          Banana wafer making
-          Groundnut oil processing
-          Coconut oil processing
-          Flour processing
-          Tomato processing
Once you have decided upon which niche to focus on, go ahead and carry out a detailed research on the food processing niche. You should do well to visit owners of such food processing companies to gather as much knowledge as possible about the industry.

2. Choose Location Carefully

The success of your food processing business largely depends on the location. You should carefully choose your location.
The ideal location is one that is very close to the source of raw materials and all other supplies you would need as well as very close to your target market. In addition, you should make sure the location of your food processing business is close as possible to the source of water, electricity, adequate labour, etc.
The land property in your chosen location for your food processing business should be large enough to accommodate spaces that will contain the raw materials, machineries and plant, and processed packages ready to be supplied to customers.

3. Get your Business Registered and Obtain the Necessary Licences and Permits

Once you have made the decision to finally start your food processing business, the next thing to do is to proceed to get your food processing business duly registered. Choose a very interesting name that is not difficult to pronounce for your food processing business and proceed to the appropriate local agency to get your food processing business registered.
Like other businesses, you will have to obtain a business licence for your business as well as other relevant licences and permits. Ensure you make the necessary enquiries regarding the permits you require for starting your food processing business and ensure you meet the requirements. You should make a visit to the food and drugs regulatory body in your country to make this enquiry.

4. Create a Good Business Plan

Draft out a comprehensive and near-accurate business plan for your food processing business. The importance of a well-written business plan cannot be overemphasized. Most important of which, is the ability for you to be able to obtain funding and loans from investors and banks respectively.
Your business plan should detail the products you are offering; the mission goals and objectives of your food processing business; your competitors, start up capital; marketing strategies; and exit strategy.

5. Determine Source of Funding

Starting a food processing business requires huge start up capital. You will have to determine the means of obtaining funding for your food processing company.
If you have the capital required to start up your food processing business, then that is fine. Otherwise, you will have to seek assistance from friends, family and banks. You would be required to provide your business plan if you decided to seek assistance from investors and banks.

6. Hire Employees and Equipment

Are you serious about starting your food processing business? Go ahead and get the right employees and get the necessary equipment ready for your food processing business.
You should do well to hire experienced employees. I would recommend experienced employees as well as inexperienced ones. This way, you would also save cost.
Purchase and install all the necessary equipment and machinery required for running your food processing business. You can lease if you cannot purchase some of the equipment at the start.
For instance, if you are operating a tomato processing business, you would require some of the following equipment: high pressure pumps and homogenizers, extractors, evaporators, separators, etc.
Regardless of the equipment you purchase for your food processing business, you must do well to get a good power generating set (especially if you reside in a city where the power supply is epileptic) as well as good source of clean water.

7. Find Suppliers

Find suppliers for your food processing business that will constantly provide clean and healthy raw materials for your food processing business. Have a list of suppliers for each commodity so you do not run out of raw materials for your business.

8. Have Good Packaging

To distinguish your products from those of your competitors, you should ensure to have great and unique packaging. Packaging goes a long way towards emphasizing the difference between good products and great products. Packaging goes a long way towards determining if your products will sell in the market or not.

9. Market and Promote your Products

Determine who your prospective customers would be. Get a list of businesses, wholesalers and retailers that need the products you offer and reach out to them.
You could offer a special offer to first purchasers and special discounts for really large volumes of purchases.

Also, you cannot go wrong by: having a business card; creating a website; and creating an online presence for your food processing business using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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Monday, 10 April 2017

Top 10 influential Nigeria entrepreneurs and how they started

Some of the Nigeria entrepreneurs has brought massive changes to the economy and also helped to enhance the country's development.
Entrepreneurs are seen as the key contributor to innovativeness, product improvement and also a medium for reduction of unemployment.

They are some of the well-known entrepreneurs that have impacted to the society which I know their will still be remembered for being part of the country's economic growth.I wouldn't only share with you their business's success but also pick out some business lessons you should learn from them.
Here is the list of 10 influential entrepreneurs in Nigeria and how they managed to get where they are now today:
1.Dr. Aliko Dangote
  This list wouldn't be complete if I don't mention this influential entrepreneur and investor. Dr. Aliko Dangote is known to be an investor and entrepreneur and also the chairman of 'Dangote Groups a company into manufacturing of cement, flour, and sugar.
  Dangote is a very prominent business man who had an interest in making money even while in school even though he was from a wealthy family.Aliko Dangote was said to be the great-grandson of Alhaji Alhassan Dantata, setup the richest man as of his time.
  Dr. Aliko Dangote once revealed during an interview'when I was in primary school I can remember vividly, I would go and buy cartoons of sweets and I would start selling them just to make money.I was so interested in business even at that time'
  He started his business with a business loan he borrowed from one of his relative set up his own business, today 'Dangote Groups' has become a multi-million naira business.
  His business operates in some of the African countries like Benin Republic, Ghana, Togo and Nigeria.
2.Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija
  Mrs. Alakija is a business person by occupation and also a known philanthropist. She is one the richest African woman in the world and also listed as one of the richest black women in the world unseating Oprah Winfrey in the year 2014.
  Mrs. Folorunsho who is a business tycoon involved in the oil, fashion, and printing industries.She started her career in the year 1974 as an executive secretary at Sijuade enterprises located in Lagos, Nigeria.
  After some years she moved on to the Former First Bank Of Chicago now lawfully acquired and owned by FCMB(First City Monument Bank)
  She worked there for some years before establishing her tailoring company called'Supreme Stitches'.Within few years of launch, it grew to be a prominent and famous business and was named as 'Rose Of Sharon' it later became the household's name.

3.Stella Chinyelu Okoli
  Stella Okoli is a pharmacist and entrepreneur it was through her innovation that she changed Nigeria Health sector.She is the current founder and CEO of Emzor Pharmaceutical, a well-known pharmaceutical manufacturing company.
  During Stella's career, she has worked for different pharmaceutical firms including London, Boots the chemist and Middle sex hospital.She obtained her M.Sc certificate as a certified Biopharmacist after her graduation from University of London, Chelsea college.
  Stella Chinyelu Okoli started her own pharmacy with the initial business name as 'Emzor Chemists Limited'as a small business firm in Somolu an area situated in Lagos State.
  Emzor Pharmaceutical later became one of the best pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria after its incorporation in 1984 with over 50 products.
4.Femi Otedola
  Femi Otedola is a well-known business Tycoon and also a philanthropist and the founder of
Forte Oil Plc, an importer of petroleum products.
  He is the chairman of Zenon Petroleum and Gas Ltd, and he also runs other businesses like real estate and finance.
  In the late 1980's he also handled the marketing for his family printing press business before going into oil and real estate business.
5.Tony Elumelu
  Tony Onyemachi Elumelu Is an influential Nigeria entrepreneur and philanthropist.He is the founder of The Tony Elumelu Foundation one of the most powerful and influential programs for Africa entrepreneurs luckily 1000 entrepreneurs across 55 countries in Africa to be granted business loans. He was listed as Top 20 most powerful people in Africa in the year 2012 by Forbes magazine.
  Tony Elumelu who had two degrees in economics from Nigeria Universities, a bachelor's degree holder from Ambrose Ali University and a master of science degree from the University Of Lagos.
He was once a chairman of United Bank For Africa after his retirement, Tony founded Heirs Holdings which invests mainly in energy, agribusiness, financial services, real estate and hospitality and health sectors.
6.Mike Adenuga
  Micheal Adenuga is a famous business person and also the founder of the Globacom one of the second- largest telecom operator in Nigeria, his business also operates in Ghana and the Benin Republic.He is also the chairman of Conoil
  During his business career in Telecom industry, he was issued a conditional license.His telecom
company'Globalcom'spread so fast and started challenging the bigger business firm which was MTN Group.
  He later launched his telecom services in some of the Africa countries like Cote d'Ivoire(Ivory coast) and Ghana, with more legal business licenses presently being prospected in other West African countries.
7.Orji Uzor Kalu

  Orji Uzor Kalu is the 7th Governor of Abia state, he is
also a well-known politician and also the chairman of Daily Sun, Telegraph Newspaper, First International Bank Limited and Slok Holding.
  During Orji Uzor Kalu's school time in the University of Maiduguri where he studied political science.
  Orji Kalu became a student activist during his time of study, and also participated in the "Ali Must Go"riots against the education minister due to mismanagement and incompetence. Kalu being part of the riot resulted in his suspension, while his fellow students later took the school authorities to court, Orji Uzor Kalu left school to start his own business.
  Kalu borrowed $35 business loan from his mother which he later used to start trading palm oil, he started buying palm oil from the eastern part ofNigeria and then making it available for purchase in the Northern regions.He also ventured in the selling of furniture in large scale.
8.Oba Otudeko
  Oba Otudeko is a well known Nigerian business man
and a philanthropist whose domestic and foreign interests cut across different sectors of the
economy, he is the founder/CEO of the Honeywell Group.He is also a chartered accountant by profession.
  Sir Oba Otudeko attended business management courses at various prestigious institutions amongst
which are the Harvard Business School, the international institute for management development Lausanne Switzerland, the Arthur D.Little school of management and the London Business school.  Oba Otudeko started his career as a banker for 23years before starting his own business.The honey well group majorly deals Real estate and services, Food& Agro allied, Energy and Infrastructure.
  Honey well has recorded a lot of success in the area of Food&Agro allied, Benendictenergy and Real estate sectors.

9.Pascal Gabriel Dozie
  Pascal Dozie is a well known Nigerian business leader
and investor.He is also the Chairman/C.E.O of Diamond Banks.
  Pascal Gabriel Dozie who studied in London school of economics where he graduated with his degree in economics and then went for his masters in Business Administration from City University in London in 1963.
  After his education, Pascal Gabriel Dozie took it to himself to set up his own consultancy the African Development consulting group in Lagos, Nigeria.
Pascal Dozie never worked for anyone, he was so fortunate to gather a lot of consultancies from big
companies including Nestle.
  The well known Diamond Bank that you see today here in Nigeria is due to the initiative of Pascal Dozie, he was a learned observer, he identified a major problem facing the Igbo business men in the early 80's a simple idea came to him which led him to the road of riches and fame.
  Pascal Gabriel Dozie noticed that merchants from the remote villages in the South-East region of
Nigeria, where he was born and brought up, some merchants were facing the problem of carrying business funds when they travel to Lagos for Business, sometimes they are being tracked and robbed of their money on the road.
  He came up with a theory to provide pioneer electronic transfer in Nigeria so that business owners
could easily transfer their cash to Lagos without the fear  of being robbed

fear of being robbed.
10.Benedict Bruce Murray
  Ben Bruce is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker(popularly known for his motivational programs'Common sense').He is the co-founder and chairman of Silver Bird Groups
  Bruce was born in Lagos, Nigeria to an Ijaw Parents.Mulligan and Margaret Murray Bruce who both came Akassa, Bayelsa State.
  He started his formal education in 'Our Lady Of Apostles'Yaba, Lagos where he completed his primary school education and also further his secondary school education at 'St Gregory College Obalende, Lagos where he obtained the West   African School Certificate before he proceeded to the University Of South Carolina located in the United States, where he graduated with a bachelor degree in marketing in 1979.
  Benedict Bruce Murray once revealed in an interview that he went into show business by accident, his passion and zeal for show business made him and his Wife establish the now defunct Silverbird Magazine in 1980 with a loan he borrowed from his father, Ben Bruce later went into promoting shows and concerts.
Business lessons you should learn from this listed influential entrepreneurs;
-Never take 'NO' for an answer
-If you see a problem, create a solution
-Start small and dream big, even the bible says'Do not despise these small beginnings'
-Never give up, had it being some of this entrepreneurs had given up earlier they wouldn't have gotten where they are today.

If this article was helpful, please share your thoughts using the comment box!.

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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

How to start a successful blog from the scratch

How to start a successful blog from the scratch
Are you an online entrepreneur?do you wish to venture into blogging either as a full or par-time blogger?then this article was specially written for you.
Starting a successful blog is not something you do over-night it can take you three to five to build a successful one provided you follow the right channel.
They are two types of bloggers,those who blog for money and those who blog for passion.Which one do you prefer to choose?hard question isn't?,yes you can make money from your blog but that shouldn't be your main priority.The main thing here is what you have within you to share with blog readers and make them keep coming back for more,as time goes by money follows.
Let's take a case study of one of my favorite blogger Harsh Agrawal,he is one of the most popular blogger in the world who started blogging as a passion now he makes money from his blog which is not less than $30k/month just from affiliate marketing alone,that is a whole lot of money but bear this in mind that it took him some years before he started making some cool bucks from his blog,he owns ''and their he shares valuable content on blogging,entrepreneurship, email marketing, life hacks, Seo, social media marketing and make money online.
This post is not about how Harsh Agrawal makes money from his blog but is about you, yes! you reading this, you can actually make more than that if you set realistic goals.On this post, I will give you detailed information that you need to know when starting a successful blog.Are you ready?if you are, then boom we go!

1.Find your passion and stick to it

Both online and offline entrepreneur must have this common trait'Passion'.As an aspiring blogger you must find out what you love to do best, it might be in fashion,f ood,entertainment,business, travel,pets and health niche it can be anything you love to do best.
One of the most important concepts of blogging is passion.When you are very much passionate about a specific topic, content comes naturally and authenticity shines through your content.
When you blog with passion, definitely money follows.I made mention of Harsh Agrawal who started blogging as a passion and now he is making cool money from his blog, you can learn from him too.

2.Choose a niche

To choose a profitable and a killer niche can sometimes be overwhelming for new bloggers but to overcome this challenge you have to ask yourself this question what topic do you want to create the best content in the world'?
When I started my first blog I just wanted to write on 'Business Topics'which I never studied or had any degree in any Business related courses but this never stopped me instead I do a thorough research when I want to write on any topic this has made it more and more interesting and easy for me when compelling a blog post.
They are so many blog niches that are yet untapped you can choose from:
4.Real estate
7.Automobiles etc
"Starting a niche site around a subject you are passionate about has a major advantage - you won't get bored and quit"- Alistair Gil
Also, read how to dominate your blog niche

3.Select a decent blog platform

The way your blogs looks depend on your professionalism, you have to choose a suitable design for the log. is the world's most popular blogging software you can choose as your blog platform.From what have learned so far from bloggers who uses this platform it is easy to use and the customization is a piece of cake.Things you need to note when hosting your blog on Wordpress:
a.You need a custom domain e.g. com or .net(you can get a custom domain from for $15/year)
b.Host your blog on third-part server(Bluehost offers quality technical support)
c. Select a theme and it must reflect your blog niche
d.Always update the version regularly

4.Determine your blog layout/configuration

When setting up your blog you must make it easier for your readers to be able to search and navigate your blog to find any information they are looking for.
Blog layout/configuration should be well arranged these are some of the things to add to spice up your blog:
a.Blog categories
b.Search box
c.Recent post
d.Important blog pages(About us, privacy policy, contact us and Terms of service)
e.Featured post
f.Blog archive
g.Related post widget

5.Be creative and unique

This the part I have to go deep into,blogging is all about creativity and uniqueness you can't just copy another person's writing style what works for the person might work for you either.
Provide your readers those information that they haven't read over and over again from other blogs this will make them get bored and prefer to visit those blogs than yours.You can write any topic that has being written before just make sure to come up in your own angle.
But developing your style and voice in my humble opinion,is one of the best important aspect to become a creative and unique blogger.

6.Know your audience

My audience are they teenagers,young or old?you have to write blog content that passes the right information to the right audience.
if your target group are youngsters your content will be entirely not the same as you are focusing on a grown-up or the old,Identify your audience and direct an information particularly for them.

7.Write an amazing and compelling post

'Content is the king'as they use to say.Write a content that your reader will fall in love with,quality content matters a lot both for your blog and Google search engines.
Its adviceable to keep your content length between 500-3000 words it will draw Google's attention and they will give your blog a credit.
When writing this should be your aim:
-Get to know your target audience
-Start with a catchy blog title
-Write a captivating intro
- Organize your blog content(Try to use short paragraphs no matter the length,the use of bullet,numbered post and the rest shouldn't be a left out)

8.Pay attention to SEO

What is SEO? It's an acronym for Search Engine Optimization it plays an important role in a blog.
The main function of a SEO is that it helps the web indexes gathers data about each page on the web,when your page gets higher rankings it helps more individuals to discover your blog through Google search engines, Without a SEO your webpage will never be discovered online.
Let me give you a little hint about SEO,they are two types of SEO the On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.
-Off Page Seo:This refers to the search engine optimization techniques that can be done outside of your website such as submitting your blog to directories,social bookmarking,social media and blog commenting
-On Page Seo:On page is a search engine done within the blog e.g adding meta tags to your blog,internal blog post linking,using of Google webmaster tools,image optimization and your blog speed.
You can learn all this using Google search engine to,with this done perfectly you will have a greater chance to appear on search engines. Download this free SEO ebook from Google

9.Build an email list

  This was one of the mistakes I made when I started my journey as a blogger never knew the importance until I came across a post Neil Patel posted on one of his blogs." And if you aren’t selling any products, you should still collect emails so you can get people back to your site on a continual basis. For example, if you have a blog, every time you publish a new post, you can notify your list, which will help generate blog traffic regularly.”

10.Have a blog schedule

Having  a blog schedule and sticking to it will let your blog readers know when to expect your next blog post.
 It doesn't necessary mean you have to post everyday to get more attention from your blog readers.Two or three times a week will be perfect.
As a blogger, you have your own life to live and definitely an objective and goal you want to achieve  in life, you can't take the whole day trying to create 5-7 article, you will find yourself doing it all year.So plan which day and time to post, let me give you a tip schedule your blog post when people are getting off their bed preferably 5-7AM they will always want to surf the Internet and check for new information to get their day started.

11.Participate in forums and blog communities

This another way to market your blog and increase brand awareness.Join forums and blog communities related to your niche,dont share all your blog post on forums either check your blog and figure out the topic that you love best and they very informative or educative.
They are many forums and blog communities out their e.g nairaland,,bizsugar and growth hack.

12.Write for other blogs

 Writing for your own blog is not just enough, search for blogs related to your niche and share valuable information with them.
One thing you should note when writing for other blogs, check out their domain authority preferably blogs between 2years and above would have gained much recognition on Google search and you should consider writing for those type of blogs.It will also improve your blog's SEO and you get more rankings.

13.Monetize your blog

Some bloggers dream is to make money from their blog,true isn't? You can monetize your blog in so many ways either by creating an ebook and sell it for few dollars on amazon,offering digital service such as freelancing,podcasting and web designing,Sign up for affiliate marketing programs and use of other advertising network(Google adsense,infolinks and earn heavily from your blog you need more content and huge traffic.

14.Use strategic method to market your blog

 You can't just create a blog and expect people to notice it without even marketing,it doesn't work that work.
Create different social media network account like Facebook,Twitter and Instagram they are perfect place to share your ideas with others.Other tips:
-Submit your blog post to social bookmarking site(Pinterest,Stumbleupon,Digg)
-Do more of guest posting for other blogs
-Blog commenting(share indepth thought about a blog post,not just by writing'Nice post thanks for sharing'

15.Avoid procrastination

Procrastination is a time killer and as a blogger if you are being too procrastinative you wouldn't be able to be productive in a frame or shape.
Learn how to overcome procrastination as a blogger

Conclusion they you go,15 powerful tips to use to launch your first blog don't depend too much on this information you can check the internet for other more resourceful information on what it takes to start a successful blog.
 Wish you all the best!.
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