Thursday, 23 March 2017

Meet the 1000 selected African entrepreneurs for Tony Elumelu Foundation program

The big day is finally here,see the list of 93,000 entrepreneurs that applied for this programme from over 55 African countries.But the total number of entrepreneurs selected were 1000 entrepreneurs who got got qualified for the loan grant
Nigeria entrepreneurs seems to dominate the list.
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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How to start a marital school

From kids to grownups, there is a general thrill derived from watching martial arts. Artistic displays that are difficult to copy. You have interest in martial art activities, perhaps you have read different magazine, articles, news paper or even watch in T.V station as discussion on the interest of people on martial art and ultimately you have decided to start one--a martial arts school.
The below following tips we help you in setting up a martial art school that covers all martial art activities.
Learn all the Styles and Techniques in Your Targeted Martial Art
The black belt is the highest honour in karate, given only to people who have put in the work, time and dedication into learning all the styles they are taught in that targeted martial art. In attaining to this level, it will require hard work and timeliness which may requires you even attending karate classes three weeks in a month.
You may have to acquire a first degree black belt as it will give you insight and experience in martial art activities. When your potential clients know that you are a black belt holder, it gives you more respect and they trust you more to give them the best training ever.

1.Research On Martial Activities in Different Schools and Country

It is very important that you visit different martial art schools so as to learn how they run their courses and how you too can copy and add spice into your own. Martial art varies widely across the globe; having insight in different martial of different country will give you a wide knowledge to start up your own martial school.

2.Hire Professional Martial Arts Instructor

As your martial art school start growing by increase in student, you will need to hire assistant to help you in teaching. You can be a black belt and instructor on martial courses but you can never be able to handle your school yourself. You may need at least two other instructors to join you in the teaching.
Write Out Your Vision and Your Mission of the Martial School
This should be your guide as you run your school. Every successful venture starts with a vision and mission plan. Your goal should be to become one of the best martial art school in your state if not the country.
Create a big vision that will motivate you to do more, and share this vision and mission statement with your instructors so they can have it in mind as they are also part of the business.

3.Choose a good location

Location is a must factor that affect business widely. It is best you build your own school than renting a place where you training can be received if resources are available. But, if you don’t have the capital, you can either go to the bank for loan, or reach out to family and friends (explain to them your vision and it success in the future), or rent a temporary place.

4.Advertised Yourself and Your School

The better you can market your knowledge about martial art, the more students you will be able to instruct. How your karate will reach and how long it will stay? Are some of the questions you need to ask yourself and when you tackle this question you don’t need finding students into your martial school rather the will find you.
Consider getting a mail list of business argot for ideal potential karate students. The essence of advertising is to create a lead as it will turn that person into someone that will be very interested in karate.

5.Build up Strong Phone Dexterity

You must be skilled in getting someone to graduate from passive phone talkers “all the way to” active participant” you do this by introductory lesson to anyone who calls you via phone. You can decide making your introduction free or offer a low fee.

6.Know how to Convert Prospect Once They’ve Confirmed a Real Interest

Practicing it on people you have not spent money on will be the best way. Call on them and sit them down and tell them to pretend as if they have just taken a free class.
Alleviating your Income
It is a tedious work indeed, but if done right, kid’s martial camps can highly increase your income, so you don’t have to be troubled about seasonal slumps ever.

7.Get Insurance

Martial arts can be dangerous, even for most advanced and experienced participants. When someone is just learning the ins-and-out of intricate movements martial arts requires, it is incredibly easy for accidents to happen and for participants to get hurt.
You could start your martial arts school even if you've not got all the required cash. By collecting loan if you want it to be standard and internationally recognized in case you lack money to do that. It may also be your decision starting other martial school from renting of house, hiring of equipment, what is most important is starting a martial school.
Stick with the above tip as you will see your martial school having great recognition in the entire world.

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

How to setup a competitive advantage against bigger business

Most of us in business have been told that people are your most enduring competitive advantage. What then happens when most of your staff leaves, or when your competitors get better staff?
Should not your competitive advantage be a barrier to entry that will scare most competitors from venturing into your niche?
Your competitive advantage means going beyond the mindset of the ‘necessity to compete’ to the mind set of ‘already having won’. Every business whether big or small need to setup a competitive advantage against it competitors.
A little competition can be a healthy thing. In this post, I will be sharing with you how you as a business owner can setup a competitive advantage against bigger companies competing with your business.

    1.Examine Your Business

The first step you need to take to setup a competitive advantage against bigger companies is to examine your business. In today’s competitive world, it is not enough to just say I own a business or store, you need to define your business mission and vision in the marketplace.
Ask yourself these following questions;
a.What makes my business/company special
b.Where do I see my business in 5 years’ time?
c. Is the way I operate my business unique?
d.Do I service a niche market? Are there any market that could benefit from my products and services?

   2.Define Your Competitors

Now that you have clear understanding about your business, it will be also wise to take a look at your competitors to see how you can setup a competitive advantage against them.
A competitive advantage against your competitors means you need to be offering something your competitors are not offering to their customers. For you to do this, you need to know what your competitors are doing but not doing well.
Think about their services, products, price and packages. How are they doing their marketing, where are they advertising their products and services and what are their results?
Compare this to your list of advantages. Which strength does your competitors have that you don’t.
Gathering data of your competitors are what you need to do to be able to setup a better competitive advantage against bigger companies.

3  3.Survey and Identify Your Customers

Excellent nonverbal and consumer behaviour skills will be required to recognize and understand what the subtle shifts in consumer behaviour will affect your competitive advantage in the immediate and short-term future.
Once you have a handle on your competitors, the next important step is to clearly define who your customer base is.To clearly identify your customers, you need to ask yourself the following questions;
a.What are my customer’s need?
b.What motivate my customers to buy?
c. What products or services are my customers more willing to buy more?
d.   What are my customer’s buying trends and habits?
A good way to identify what your customers want is to talk with them and really listen to what they have to say. Customer feedback can be a cheap and invaluable tool in creating a competitive edge.
   4. Review Your Core Strength
Once you have finished analyzing business, competitors and customers, you are now ready to setup your competitive advantage. And as you have identified your strength over your competitors, you can now review them and use it as an advantage to beat them.
You may have a major strength in your product quality or your service delivery, major on it and use it against bigger companies. You can add speed as one area of strength in your business. This is one advantage FedEx has over UPS.

  5.Differentiate Your Products and Services

Look for one or more marketable attributes that you have that can set your products and services apart from your competitors. Then find the segment of the market that finds those attributes important and market to them.
Is it long battery life? Free shipping? Lowest price ever? Or Money back guarantee? This process can also work in the other direction by conducting research to determine which things customers will find welcoming.

  6.Form an Alliance with Other Companies

Partnership or forming an alliance with another company can be an excellent way to gain a competitive edge. Some business owners do this when they find out that they can’t beat their competitors alone.
They alliance with other top companies that sell complimentary products or services to their own and use it as their advantage because two smart heads are better than one.
  7. Stay on the Cutting Edge
Once you have finally setup your competitive advantages, you job is far from finish. You need to make sure you remain competitive in terms on how you choose to stay competitive.
After all, your competitors are not going to sit back and allow you to steal their market share.As markets change every day, focus on a strategy that is flexible and helps your business be competitive.

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Monday, 20 March 2017

How to start cement retailing business in Nigeria

How to start cement retailing business in Nigeria
Is the cement retailing business a lucrative venture? Yes, it is, considering that cement is the base material for the construction industry in most countries of the world, which is witnessing increasing activity. The need for housing for all types of income classes continues to grow annually.
The construction industry, as typified by one of its arm; Real Estate continues to post impressive returns on investment, whether any economy is in a recession or a boom.
Starting a cement retail business means that you will be meeting a continuous demand for a commodity, whose economies of scale makes it a profitable venture.
The major points of entry into the cement retailing business you can consider includes starting out as a Distributor/Wholesaler or as a retailer.
Wholesaling will involve you signing up and presenting documentation to the primary manufacturer of the product. In addition, you will be required to present financial records to show that you are able to buy off a minimum number of bags of the product at pre-determined intervals. Further requirement includes:

  • Certification of your company’s incorporation
  • Letter of Intent
  • Bank reference letter
  • A description of the company’s CEO and board of directors.

If you desire to enter the cement retailing business on the scale of a retailer, you will obtain your cement supplies directly from the wholesalers/distributors. As a retailer you can also use the following guidelines in starting your cement business:

1.Have a Business Plan in Place

Even for your cement retail business, you will have to come up with a sound business plan. A business plan answers questions like who your target market is, what are the start-up costs? Who are your competitors? What distribution strategy will you deploy to minimize your operating costs and maximize your profits?
Once you have clearly defined the parameters of your potential cement retailing business, then you can go about setting up your venture.
Secure Appropriate Storage Facilities
Your cement retailing business will need to be housed in an appropriate location. Your cement supplies must be well protected from the elements such as the rain, extreme humidity and the sun. Your ideal store/warehouse must be able to provide spatial arrangements for the easy loading and off-loading of your cement product.
Another important consideration is the safety and security of your cement retailing business. Your store house must be properly set-up to guard against theft and other crimes.

2.Have an Aggressive Marketing Drive

Your cement retailing business is in keen competition with other similar businesses because of the lucrative nature of the cement industry. Therefore, you must try to gain, keep and even enlarge your market share
You can achieve this by personally marketing or using contractual staff, who will visit construction sites as well as real estate agencies.
Another key strategy you can employ is to offer discounts as much as your profits can permit you.

3.Have an Operational Vehicle

Your cement retailing business must find ways of staying ahead of the competition. One way to go about this is to incorporate delivery services to customers who may desire to have their purchase dropped off.
If you can afford it, your cement retailing business can procure a functional operational/delivery van, to service requests within the vicinity of your operations.
This will not only endear to your existing clients but it can also serve as a promotional marketing tool, to attract newer prospects.

4.Give Room for a Variety of Products

As a cement retailer, you must keep your eyes on the current trends in the cement industry. A key feature of such knowledge you should have is the cement product brands that are the market leaders.
Various cement brands are noted for varying qualities that are influenced by brand penetration and loyalty.
It will be a wise business move to stock up on a number of cement brands in order to cater to an array of customers, with loyalties to the existing cement brands.

5.Keep Abreast of Price Fluctuations

The cement market is one that is characterized by sudden changes in the pricing of the product. This volatility has the potential to either make or mar your cement retailing business.
On the one hand, if there is a decrease in the price as against your cost price for the cement product, then you will grapple with the attendant losses.
On the other hand, if the there is a price surge and the current price of cement is above your selling price, then you will be making a handsome return on your investment.
A strategy that you could use is stocking up on a manageable number of bags, which you can dispose of in a period of time. This knowledge of your sales will be acquired over a period of time. In addition, you could also use the safety net of stocking up on a number of brand varieties, so you can augment a shortfall with one brand, with a surplus in sales for another.

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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Agriculture and mining recommended for Nigeria entrepreneurs to save them from recession-Dr Kayode Fayemi

The Minister Of Mines and Steel development,Dr Kayode Fayemi has ensured and promised to work on improving the host communities,regulators and operators,as stated in th road map for the mining industry.
Dr Fayemi Kayode,who met with some of the stakeholders in Lagos has urged the miners to co-operate with both Federal and State Government for a smooth running of their business.
He also made it clear that the mining industry is an important one and should be given a proper attention to.
Dr Fayemi Kayode also added that the collaboration with both governments will help in creating an opportunity in the mining industry
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Friday, 17 March 2017

10 great business ideas to start with 500,000 naira in Nigeria

10 great business ideas to start with 500,000 naira in Nigeria
Are you an aspiring entrepreneur in Nigeria and you’re searching for lucrative business ideas in Nigeria that you can invest your hard earn money in? Have you got ₦500,000 and you are wondering what business you could possibly start up with it?
One important thing to note when starting a business is the fact that you would not make millions overnight like you do read online. You cannot just start and get 10,000 customers immediately. You should have the intention that every business is just like a baby, it takes time to grow and you have to invest your time and effort in other to get results.
With that in mind, here are 10 great business ideas to start with ₦500,000 in Nigeria…

1.Restaurant Business

Are you a great cook? I mean, do people actually praise your cooking? Then a great business idea to start with ₦500,000 in Nigeria is a restaurant business. You can open a restaurant with less than ₦500,000 in Nigeria and make great profits.
A restaurant that caters to the average Nigerian, at least those of the middle class, needs some basic items which include, rent (if you do not have a place of your own), table and chairs, a form of entertainment for your customers, preferably a TV and cable, cooking items, fan, and of course food stuffs.
And of course since everyone at some point would have to eat, especially during lunch breaks from work, restaurant business is a great business idea to start with ₦500,000 in Nigeria.

2.Poultry Business

Another great business idea to start with ₦500,000 is a poultry business. You could go into poultry business by focusing on sale of eggs, frozen chicken, or sale of the birds itself. A poultry business needs a location of which your backyard could do, a cage for rearing your birds and feed.
As long as you got good breeds for whichever aspect you decide to focus on, you are bound to get good returns on your ₦500,000 investment on your poultry business.

3.Tailoring School

Everyone is becoming more and more interested in the fashion industry. Most people want to learn how to make their own clothes and design their own wears. This is why a great business idea to start with ₦500,000 in Nigeria is a tailoring school. A tailoring school trains those willing to learn how to sew clothes for a period of time.
To open a tailoring school, you would need some sewing tools and of course a location to set it up. Since the students would be paying for whatever they would use, you do not have to spend much setting it up.

4.Fashion Designing Business

Another great business idea to start with ₦500,000 is fashion designing business. There is always a high demand for tailors in Nigeria, and if you have got the skills required, then this is just the right business idea you could start with 500,000 in Nigeria.

5.Viewing Centre

One thing Nigerians love is football. We could watch it every single day and sharing the experience with fellow Nigerians who love it as well is just amazing. This is why a viewing centre is a great business idea to start with.
You would need a hall, sitting arrangement, and of course a television and cable. Viewing centers usually charge ₦100 to ₦300 for each match and it is a great way to make money that requires less that ₦500,000 to set up.

6.Fish Pond

A fish pond is another great business idea any aspiring entrepreneur can launch. You get to grow fishes and sell to retailers and make huge profit from it. With the ever growing demand for fish in Nigeria and not enough supply, this is definitely a great business idea to start with your ₦500,000 in Nigeria.

7.Daycare Center

A daycare is a place that takes care of babies daily. Things required to set up a daycare is a room where the babies would be taken care of, toys and emergency supplies for babies.

8.Tutoring Centre

Another great business idea you could start with ₦500,000 in Nigeria is a tutoring centre. A tutoring centre is a place that tutors people who want to write external examinations. You offer lectures to those preparing for WAEC, NECO, GCE, JAMB and other external examinations. All you need is a location and some good teachers who would teach other subjects.

9.Event Planning

Event planning is another great business idea to start with ₦500,000 in Nigeria. As an event planner, you get to decorate and plan events for people. Since most people hate to be burdened with the stress of planning parties but love throwing them, you could get to make good returns on your ₦500,000 investment in your event planning business in Nigeria.

10.Photo Studio

Yet another great business idea to start with ₦500,000 in Nigeria is a photo studio. Are you good at taking good pictures? Do you love photography? Then a photo studio is just right for you to open as an entrepreneur. With the different marriages and other occasions conducted each year, people love their memories to be captured by good photographers and then developed it good photo studios.


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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How to get a job the smart way in Nigeria

How to get a job the smart way in Nigeria
The issue of thousands of graduates and other unemployed and underemployed people searching for jobs in Nigeria is no longer news. Every time you hear there is a job opening, thousands apply and only a few gets it. Everyone seems to be complaining there are no jobs in Nigeria, whereas others are getting employed each day.
What are these people doing different that you have not done? Some may say it is as a result of “connection”. I guess that is what the lazy ones tell themselves when their applications get rejected so that they can feel better. Yes, it is hard to find a decent job in Nigeria, but it is not totally impossible. You just have to do it the smart way.
So, what is the smart way to get a job in Nigeria? How do you ensure you do not spend years going around searching for a good job, all to no avail? How do you avoid being rejected every time you apply for a job?  Well, here are some tips on how to get a job the smart way in Nigeria…

1.Write an Amazing Curriculum Vitae

The first step to getting a job the smart way in Nigeria is writing an amazing curriculum vitae. Your CV is meant to captivate your potential employer and it is important for it to stand out among others. It is just like going to shop for clothes and you are looking through the rails where the clothes for sale are hung.
You just keep on flinging and moving from one to another without paying actual attention until one catches your fancy. This is how employers go through CVs submitted to them, they are only attracted to one that captivates their attention.
Your CV has to include all your academic achievements, experiences, skills and talent. Never ever give false information or information that cannot be verified on your CV. This can make you immediately lose a good opportunity to get employed in Nigeria. Do a good research on writing a killer curriculum vitae and make yours as outstanding as you can as this is one smart way to get a job in Nigeria.

2.Be Specific on the Type of Job you want

Another tip to getting a job the smart way in Nigeria is being specific on the type of job you desire. Most unemployed people in Nigeria, when asked where they would like to work, end up with the reply “Anywhere”. Anywhere is actually nowhere. The sooner you understand this, the easier it will be getting a job.
So to start off, start with what you studied in school, and combine it with your interests. For example, someone who studied horticulture should not be applying for a job at a bank. But that is what you find these days, and you should not be surprised when you are not considered for the job.
When you are specific about the kind of job you want, it makes it easier to tailor your CV, achievements and your experiences towards getting that particular job and it is one smart way to getting a job in Nigeria.

3.Get Certified

If you are conversant with online applications, you must have come across sections where they ask you what certifications you have. Getting certified is another smart way to getting a job in Nigeria. There are lots of courses you could take to enable you get certified in different areas.
If you do them when you are doing your NYSC, you could get huge discounts for them. So while you are whiling away that little break you got from your school during service, why not get certified? It would go a long way boosting your chances of getting a job in Nigeria which makes it a smart way to get employed in Nigeria.

4.Get Acquainted with the Right People

Now you have decided on what area you wish to get a job, the next step is getting acquainted with the right people. Getting acquainted with the right people is a smart way to getting a job in Nigeria.
Chose a particular company you are interested in working for and you know they are recruiting, get acquainted with any of the workers of that company, search for them on social media, look up their LinkedIn profiles, try as much as possible to move in the same circles with them.
Even if they are not recruiting yet, you could still get acquainted with people from that company as this could increase your chances of getting a job with that company and it is a smart way to get a job in Nigeria.
When you get acquainted with the right people, whenever that company sets out to recruit, you get an advantage over other applicants.

5.Gather Experience

Just because you have not gotten a job yet does not mean you should stay idle. Go to companies that are related to your interests and offer to work for as little as they can offer or nothing. This might be hard but you would reap the benefits when you fill up your experience column on your CV. So instead of wasting that time at home, get busy and beef up your CV as this is another smart way of getting a job in Nigeria.
Job search is not an easy task and should not be treated likely. Try these tips and find yourself getting that your desired job.

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