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7 types of people you should avoid when starting your business

7 types of people you should avoid when starting your business
Do you know that starting a business is one of the most, if not the most challenging tasks any individual can embark upon? Why is this the case, you might ask?
First of all, consider that you are about venturing into a world of uncertainty. Now you may have carried out your feasibility studies, obtained the training and expertise needed to run a business as well as gathered all the resources to hit the road running; but remember that the business world offers no guarantees.
There are no guarantees that that there will be no change in fiscal and monetary policy that will effectively shut down the operations of your business.
There are no guarantees that your target market may acquire new tastes and needs, hence rendering your product/service redundant.
There are no guarantees that a competitor will not emerge down the line and cut into your market share and hence cut down your profits.
Indeed, starting a business means you will need to be a self-starter and have loads of determination and optimism to succeed. Therefore, it becomes imperative that you surround yourself with the people that have the same attitude and hunger as you do.
In the same vein, it is just as important that you avoid certain categories of people when you begin your entrepreneurial journey. These categories of people have the capacity to derail your vision in business; they can also impair your views about life in general. These categories of people to avoid include the following:
1.Avoid People who seem to Know It All

Businesses thrive and flourish when their owners are constantly in the search for more knowledge; better ways of offering a product or service to their customers. It is what has kept businesses like Apple and Facebook relevant; posting impressive profits because they continue to research, innovate and seek knowledge. You cannot perform below this standard.
Therefore, it is important that you get rid of people who feel that they have all the knowledge and do not see the need to better themselves.
You must shun these people simply because your business needs you to constantly be on the lookout for new and better ways of solving the needs and want of your customers.
2.Avoid People who Nag and Complain a lot

Starting a business will require that you possess loads of determination and focus. Why is this the case? It is simply because there will be times when you will face challenges and setbacks that will question the very basis of why you started the business in the first place. It is at those periods that you should be thankful for the little victories that you may have garnered up until that time.
If you surround yourself with people who are never grateful for what they have accomplished, even if small but would rather throw tantrums and whine about how things can be better, you may end up assuming such a disposition to your business and life in general.
3.Avoid People Who Massage your Ego

You have begun your entrepreneurial journey and the time has come to bring on staff and advisers that will help propel your venture forward.
It is pertinent to note the person who always sings your praises, always demurs to your every whim and tells you that you can do no wrong. Run away from people who cozy up to you in this way. What you and your business need are people who will be bold enough to push for what they believe is the way to go in your business, even if their opinion is at odds with yours.
4.Avoid People who are Overly Pessimistic

There are certain people who will always envision the worst possible outcome for any plan or project. If such people had their ways, they would not even get out of bed in the mornings. If you surround yourself with these kinds of people, you run the risk of viewing every potential business action or project through the lens of it failing or worse.
You must realize that starting a business itself is a risk but a calculated one, when you are able to plan and prepare adequately.
5.Avoid People who want to Always receive all the Credit

In starting a business, you will be deploying both human and non-human resources in meeting the demands/needs of your target market. This will mean that you will lead and be a part of team that will implement the objectives of your business.
It is important that you avoid recruiting people who are self-centered and are not team players. They usually want to be in the limelight and receive praise for accomplishments whether or not it is directly from their efforts or not.
Such people have the potential to disrupt team synergy and cohesion and could engender an unproductive atmosphere in the business.

6.Avoid People who try to Cut Corners

You will do yourself and your business a world of good when you shun individuals who are in a hurry to earn a buck or seal a transaction. This should not be confused with employees who go the extra mile in making sales and getting new markets. People who cut corners, on the other hand, will try even illegal ways and means to get something done.
Their actions have the potential of not only corrupting other members of your business team, but they could also put your operations in trouble with the laws of the land.
7.Avoid People Who Sow Discord

There are people who get a thrill from fanning the embers of business place gossip and hearsay, while at the same time smearing the reputation of others, in order to advance their own causes
You will do well to shun people who seek to get ahead in your organization be resorting to creating conflicts and standoffs in order to lay the blame unfairly at the feet of others.
This list is by no means exhaustive. The success of your business rests squarely on your shoulders. You must endeavor to populate yourself with the right people, with the right attitude, in order to ensure your business runs smoothly.

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

9 solid reasons why you should invest wisely on cryptocurrency

9 solid reasons why you should invest wisely on cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are in other words called digital currencies, they’re electronic currencies, they’re best understood as virtual currencies that are not physically accessible but are very highly valued online as trading currencies. The world is fast developing into its uniform digital age, almost everything can be done with the use of the internet now with both striking speed and amazing convenience. To start with, there are well over tens of cryptocurrencies currently available on the currency market. These include bitcoins, litecoin, the billion coin, etherium, unocoin, trumpcoin etc. for some of them, their values and worth have been established while some are still fighting for recognition and complete relevance. In this article, I desire to give you 9 solid reasons why you should wisely invest in cryptocurrencies as they are the future of investment as a policy for an enviable lifestyle:
1…. They are not controlled by Banks

As we know for every other National currency like the Naira, Dollar, Euro, Pounds etc. The Central banks of each of the countries involved are completely aware and in control of every single transaction taking place with their currencies on an accumulative basis. With cryptos, it's different, you’re your own bank, you’re completely in control of whatever you do with your coins, there’s no third party snooping around and monitoring your transactions, the only third party involved is your hosting service or your platform for exchange and this is a plus on the benefits cryptocurrencies afford you.

2… Their values increase over time

Bitcoins as an example of a good cryptocurrency was launched in 2010 at the price of less than $1 per coin, today 1 bitcoin equals approximately $1,520. This is incredible! A similar kind, “the billion coin” generally termed as TBC was launched in March 2016 at the value of about 1 Euro per coin and today 1tbc is worth well over 1,000 Euros. This is an incredible credibility score!

3… They’re universal currencies

With cryptocurrencies, you’re a global citizen. That is, you can travel to anywhere in the world and cater for your expenses with bitcoins as long as you have access to your wallet because bitcoin is accepted globally. What’s more? Many online merchant systems now accept payment for goods and services via the use of bitcoins and other e-currencies. This simply explains that the world is steadily advancing.
4… They can be used to acquire properties anywhere

Because cryptocurrency is becoming generally accepted, they can now be used to purchase a whole lot of things including properties and assets. In Nigeria West Africa for instance, large acres of lands, Cars, and Houses are now available to be bought with either full TBC payment or half TBC half cash payments and this is a great development. A colleague of mine purchased a land worth of N600,000 with a payment method of half TBC half cash payment just recently, so he actually paid a cash sum of N300,000 and a subsequent TBC pay value equaling the left over amount. It’s a great advancement practicable in so many other parts of the world too.

5… They incur fewer transaction charges

To the best of my knowledge, cryptocurrency transactions are much more economical than real bank transactions. With a third party like Blockchain, bitcoins can be transacted with ease with just a transaction charge of 0.001 bitcoins which is just about $1.5 far lesser than what real banks charge. I guess you see the difference.

6… Their transactions are swift and confirmations are quick

Cryptocurrency transactions are much faster than real bank currency transactions. Blockchain confirmation, for instance, takes not more than 3 minutes and actual sending takes not more than 20 seconds with no network distortions and this is irrespective of wherever you are in the globe or sending to.

7… They cannot be affected by Robbery occurrences

Real life banks are affected with robbery incidence and monies are skived away without a trace while cryptocurrencies are not and this is because they are Digital currencies that can only be controlled and produced online. Inflation of local currencies has no effect on them. Also, Cryptos cannot be stolen except for the case where accounts are hacked and they are transferred, otherwise a secured wallet cannot be easily hacked into. They have secured currencies.

8… They are not controlled by the banks
Because they are independent currencies, cryptocurrencies have no regulations from the banks. Banks do not and cannot operate them, they also cannot be shut out of existence by banks or bank agencies because they are not owned by anyone and are not produced in any known place of existence. Their creation ad existence are just cyber!

9… They do not fade in value
Cryptocurrencies do not fade in value, rather their values keep increasing as the day goes by and even if they fall slightly in value they usually recover within a very short space of time. They do not fall or depreciate in value for long or struggle to regain strength like other currencies. They’re not in competition with any currency, they all have a chosen course and an ultimate goal which is to take over the Global currency system as Universal currencies.

The time to join the crypto-world is Now! It’s simply the future you see now! Cryptos don’t fade…

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Monday, 15 May 2017

How to avoid common mistakes when buying a property in Nigeria

There are numerous mistakes people make when purchasing properties in Nigeria and a good number of them would be outlined in this article as well as possible ways to avoid making and repeating such costly mistakes. These mistakes could lead and have actually led to numerous practical loss of possessions for individuals and even cooperate bodies as well as warranting unnecessary legal proceedings for reclamation of properties either by the buyers or the sellers.
Please take care to note as you read through...

1… Take note of “this property is not for sale” tags
Most properties with this tag usually end up in trouble and loss if being purchased. Usually, there is
always a contact number attached to such tags, endeavor to connect and meet directly with the owner of the contact on display and deal with him or her directly, asking to know for sure whether or not the property is for sale or not. Do not for any reason accept beautiful but lame excuses given when you request to relate with the owner of the said contact, if
you can’t be allowed to contact the phone number availed, it’s definitely going to be a bad purchase. I tell you, run with your money!

2… Legal documentation and endorsement
Ensure that whatever properties you purchase or intend to purchase are legally endorsed in writing and stamps or sealed by the appropriate names and
signatories required. It is very important to note that the consequences of not doing this can be avoided if you do it. Do not postpone any step or meeting, ensure you follow everything to the very end.
3… Run a thorough background check on the property in question before proceeding
Ask around, ask questions, ask close and distant
neighbors around the property about the authenticity of the said property, ask for clues, find out if there are any active or past controversies on the said property, if yes be your feedback, pause until there’s been a resolving of the associated problems otherwise you might be buying a bunch of problems all to yourself.  After one of such enquiries, a man, an intending
buyer was able to find out that the property he was just about to purchase worth over Eleven million Naira had been sold and resold 5 times already and none of the cases has been dissolved yet, he would just have been the 6th culprit and you can only help but imagine the disaster.
4… Check for stable conditions and lag areas
If you’re buying a house, check thoroughly to see it’s in favorable state and in good condition at the most a habitable condition. If you’d be renovating, remember the cost of the expenses of renovation should affect how much you’re paying for the purchase so you don’t end up spending more than the average on the net calculation budget. If you’re purchasing a land or several plots of land, check for the availability of development enhancing factors such as nearness of a tertiary institute, a market, a proposed public project, etc. this helps you determine how quick or soon the place can be developed to your benefit and gives you a possible quick and future estimate for your investment. At the same time, check for subtle signs of erosion or flood tracks, all these are necessary to discover.

5… Ensure there is a Guarantor and witnesses if possible
Ensure you have as many witnesses as possible and a guarantor who should be responsible for anything gone wrong, all should be good recommendations. These witnesses help in any case of future controversies or misunderstandings. Do not sign a purchase deal or pay without real witnesses being provided, no matter how real it may appear to be at the moment, chances are you may lose out on the long run.
6… Registration and obtaining C of O is paramount for each and every landed property you purchase
Certificate of ownership is a type of legal certification from the Government that portrays their awareness of a purchased property and the owner of the purchase, it usually has more application on lands and landed properties, real estates. It is usually obtained from the state’s registration quarters. As a matter of fact, admittedly it’s quite an expensive process, large sums of money are paid to acquire this, However, it’s very much worth it as a sure security for your properties. Ensure to get it done and skip that mistake.
7… Avoid restrictive mediator dealerships
Some dealers or dealerships do not want the buyer and seller to meet one-on-one, fearing that their due commissions would not get to them if they’re allowed to meet. In spite of how true that might be, it’s always an avenue scammers use to do their jobs. Insist on meeting the seller and give them a legal security and guarantee that their commissions would be paid, whatever way you see best fit to accomplish that. The main aim is to erase every possibility of dealing with ghost sellers or non-existing sellers. Many have made the mistake of accepting to deal this way and have been heavily scammed severally like this, you wouldn’t want to make such a mistake before learning how you can avoid this.

Written by Wayne Michaels

Stay tuned for more enlightening and expository articles!

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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Top 10 Best Profitable Business Opportunities in Africa

If you are desperately looking for profitable business opportunities in Africa to invest your money in, I can confidently tell you that you will see one or two from my top 10 best profitable business opportunities in Africa.

There are so many business opportunities in Africa for any serious entrepreneurs to invest into. Some don’t even require large capital but promise a huge return on investment. So, if you are base in any of the African countries or base in the diaspora and you will like to venture into any profitable business opportunities in Africa, here is my list of top 10 best profitable business opportunities in Africa.

“Africa is the fastest-growing economic region in the world. This is the right place to invest.” Aliko Dangote
Many people are diving into so many profitable business opportunities in Africa and you are supposed to be among them after reading this post.

    1.Agricultural Business
Africa is well known for agriculture and it accounts for between 60% to 70% of any country’s economy GDP. Most Africa entrepreneurs are tapping into this profitable business opportunity. Some countries like Nigeria, Angola and other Africa countries depends largely on agriculture for their source of income and foreign exchange.

With this fact, what are you still waiting for? Venturing into this profitable business opportunity in
Africa makes you one of those people that will help cure hunger in Africa. Major crops in Africa that you can farm on are maize, cassava, vegetables, walnut,
onion, yam etc.

   2.Media and Entertainment
This is one big profitable business opportunities in Africa that can make any entrepreneur wealthy. Africa’s film and the music industry has begun to enjoy huge patronage within and outside the continent.
From Nigeria to South Africa to Kenya to Ghana, Africa’s music and films now get attention from international brands that they now sign Africa artist
into their music record label. These days, African actors and actress are now being featured on Hollywood.

An entrepreneur can start his or her own movie industry or record label and make good money from signed artist. Top music entrepreneurs like Don Jazzy of Mavin Records, Kenny Ogungbe and Dayo Adeneye of Kennis Music are swimming in cash presently from money they make from their artists, international record deals and ambassador deals from brands.

   3. Real Estate Development
One of the best investments you can make in Africa is investing into the real estate industry. People will always need a shelter to keep their head and if you can provide one, they will pay you forever. Families need an apartment and usually find normal homes that fit their budget and happily pay their monthly dues.

Purchasing and developing of rental properties is one sure way entrepreneurs in Africa are making their money. This is residual income to your pulse without any worry to the economic performance.


Africa’s retail industry is now a multi-billion dollar business opportunity. Retail is now gradually moving from its formal open market into a more organized form in a single shopping mall and online stores.

International and local brands like Shoprite, Checkers, Edgars, Mall of America are now expanding into many countries and occupying any available spaces in big cities. Interestingly, the battle for retail supremacy in Africa isn’t only happening in physical retail chains.

Big retail stores like Konga and Jumia has grown so big in a few years of entering the market. Both internet-based retail businesses now have a combined worth of over $1 billion. Africa is now one of the growing retail markets in the world.

    5.Create a Full-Service Job Agency
This is another profitable business opportunity in Africa. One biggest issue in Africa among graduate is getting employed. Most times, companies even find it difficult to recruit the exact qualification they are looking for.

As an entrepreneur, you can start up an organization that acts as a middle-man between job seekers and job employers and get a commission for doing it. is one company that is doing this successfully and they are raking in a huge amount of money monthly.

    6. E-commerce
E-commerce in Africa is only in its very early stages, however, there are a lot of opportunities to seize. A good positioning and a well-rounded branding and customers service will help any well-funded startup in
this segment to make fortunes.

7.Apps and Online Services
There are so many businesses in Africa making money from their apps as they are using it to solve customer’s problems online. These days there is
almost an app for anything you want in life. Just give it a thought and you will understand what I am talking about.

Africa is not left behind in app creation and delivery of online services for consumers. In fact, if you are looking for a suitable hotel in Nigeria that meets your budget, you just need to visit or

Looking for Africa movies to watch, there is already an app for that. It is called, IrokoTV. What are you waiting for as an entrepreneur to launch your app or online
8.Payment Solution

Online entrepreneurs in Africa are still having issues making and receiving payment online due to the restriction placed on some African countries by the largest online payment platform, PayPal.
Smart entrepreneurs who can provide a simple, easy and convenient payment solutions will be well rewarded greatly as so many Africans are now involve in one or two online businesses these days.

In Africa, there is still a huge space missing in online payment solution. Online payment platforms like M-Pesa that covers the Eastern Africa and Paga, SimplePay and PayWithCapture that is taking over the Western side is trying to bridge the gap and become Africa giant in online payment.

You as an entrepreneur can either invest in any of these companies so your fund can help them achieve this goal or you can invent the solution yourself with your own company.

This is one opportunity Africa entrepreneurs need to also consider. Africa value education more than
any race I have ever imagine. However, poor access to quality education is a serious threat to Africa’s human capital and this causes many elite parents to send their children abroad for studies.

This is one best profitable business opportunities in Africa as you can start up a good school or university that can meet up with international standard.

10.Power generation
There are so many countries in Africa suffering from electricity. This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to provide a solution and make money from it. So many companies have started tackling this problem by providing alternative means of generating power.

They are companies now providing solar panels, wind vane, generators for household so they can generate power when electricity fails and Africans have started buying into the idea. Although, it is very expensive compared to electricity provided by the government.

With the above business opportunities in Africa I have shared with you, you should be able to pick one or two business opportunities and ponder on them and take action.

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

How to Start a Small Vehicle Towing Service

How to start a small vehicle towing service
Vehicle towing services are rendered by vehicle towing companies. These are companies especially concerned with removing abandoned or illegally parked vehicles; transport stranded vehicles; and vehicles involved in auto accidents. These companies particularly have a selection of customers such as 
small-business owners, police department, car 
dealerships, apartment management companies, etc.
With a good start up capital and a good location, you would go a long way towards making huge profits from this industry.
If you are interested in starting a small vehicle towing service, you should get acquainted with all of the various steps on how to start. The following are some steps to help you get started.

1. Choose your Niche

If you are interested in starting a small vehicle towing 
service, you should note that there are various niches 
within the towing service industry that you can 
choose from. Below are some niches within the vehicle towing industry that a small vehicle towing business can specialize in:
-          Towing of private owned vehicles
-          Towing of vehicles for government agencies
-          Towing of trailers
Aside from these basic niches within the towing service industry, you can, however, carve a niche for yourself if you are very creative.

2. Decide on how you want to Operate

Now, to start a small vehicle towing service, you will have to decide how you want to operate your business. How small do you want to operate? Would you prefer to carry out your vehicle towing service as a single-truck towing business or would you decide to hire a few drivers and operate as a small scale multi-truck business?
If you decide to operate a multi-truck towing service, you will require more capital and more than one towing truck. In addition, you will require an office which would serve as a central dispatch unit where clients’ calls would be received and available trucks sent for handling the situation.

3. Choose the Right Location

You should do your study well to get the best location for your small towing service. Before starting your small vehicle towing service, you should first carry out a thorough study of the market to see where your services would be most needed.
It is important you locate your small vehicle towing service business in an area with healthy business activities.

4. Get Registered and Obtain Licence and Permits

If you are very serious about starting a small vehicle towing service, the next thing you must do after considering the above-highlighted steps is to look for a catchy name that is not difficult to pronounce; proceed to the relevant authorities to get your vehicle towing service duly registered.
You should do well to get your business license and obtain the necessary business licenses and permits.

5. Write a Business Plan

For people who are very serious about starting a vehicle towing service –no matter how small they want to operate– the first thing to do is write out a well-detailed business plan. Now I cannot over-emphasize the importance of having a good business plan.
More important, your business plan should detail the type of towing service you want to offer –this should appear in the first section. The second section should detail the start-up capital for your vehicle towing service and how you will secure the start up capital. The third section should detail the market plan for your vehicle towing service.

6. Determine how to Get Financing

Having written your business plan, you should by now have a profound knowledge about the startup capital required for starting your small vehicle towing service. You should do your research properly to determine the start-up capital you need to start your small vehicle towing service.
According to cost analysis carried out in the United States, the minimum start-up capital required for starting a small vehicle towing service is $200,000. Although the location has a huge effect on the start-up capital, you should, however, bear those figures in mind if you are serious about starting a small vehicle towing service.
Do well to determine how you would secure the financing for starting your small vehicle towing service. If you would require financing from investors and banks, this is where a good business plan would come in handy.

7. Purchase or Lease Parking Lot

You will have to secure a parking lot for your small vehicle towing service. Most vehicle towing companies hold vehicles in their parking lots or yards for days or weeks. These vehicles are confiscated maybe because a property owner wants an illegally parked vehicle removed; or maybe because the owner could not pay to have the vehicle removed from an accident scene.

8. Purchase Towing Vehicles and Equipment

Purchase towing trucks and equipment from truck and auto supply stores. You should look for high quality towing trucks and equipment. Some types of wreckers you should purchase include rear hook and flatbed types. Most towing service companies purchase flatbeds because they can accommodate severely damaged vehicles.
If you decide to purchase used tow trucks, do well to ensure they are in top running condition because your vehicle towing service largely depends on it.

9. Obtain Business Insurance

You should do well to obtain commercial liability insurance that covers your clients, your tow trucks and drivers, and yourself. Go for a good insurance policy that maximally provides this coverage.

10. Market and Promote your Services

Market your vehicle towing business in your location. As a new starter in the vehicle towing industry, you can find customers from a variety of sources. Some of them include car dealerships, small business owners, apartment management companies, police departments, garages, individual motorists.
Have a business card (keep it simple). Advertise your business in business magazines, television, and radio. List your vehicle towing business on local business directories to enable prospective customers to find your business.
Take your business to the cyber world. The world is moving on a fast lane and going cyber is the way forward. Create an online presence for your vehicle towing service regardless of how small it is. Have a functioning website that people could log onto. 
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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Top 15 Innovative Real Estate Business Ideas

If real estate is one business ideas that have been bothering your mind, this post is about showing you some list of 15 innovative real estate business ideas that you might have to consider depending on your budget and availability of funds.

Real estate offers many investment opportunities. Normally you need a lot of money to invest in this business. You need to build your cash reserves and savings. You are not likely to risk your savings if you invest in this area. The return never diminishes but increases with time.

There are so many niches that entrepreneurs interested in real estate are yet to tap into and build lasting wealth. If you are ready to learn, read on as I unveil some innovative real estate business ideas you may not have even consider that it exists in the real estate industry.

Real estate is a serious business for serious entrepreneurs that are ready to build lasting generational wealth. Shelter is number needs of humans and every day the population in any country is increasing including the one your country.

Here are my top 15 list of innovative real estate business ideas for investors or entrepreneurs to venture into;

    1.Property Development Company

This type of real estate business idea covers everything that has to do with real estate. Starting a property development company means your company will be responsible for buying raw lands and developing it by building on it and putting it for rent or sell it. This innovative real estate business idea is capital intensive so it is for those with large budgets.

    2.Starting a Real Estate Investment Club

If you know you don’t have enough funds to invest into the real estate market yourself, you can start a real estate investment club where you gather a group of investors that will put their funds into a real estate investment vehicle and share the profit within themselves.

    3.Real Estate Blogging

 If you have sound knowledge about real estate, you can start up a blog that focuses on publishing content that has to do with real estate. As your blog begin to
get huge traffic, real estate companies will start approaching you to buy space in your blog to run advert.Another alternative is running Google Adsense on your blog to get revenue from advert clicks and page views.

    4.Architecture Firm

If you have civil engineering or architecture skill, you can start up your own architecture firm and start drawing building plans for builders and construction firms. With building 3D software like AutoCAD, it will surely make your job easier.

    5.  Landscaping Business

The demand for landscaping services has increased drastically. This is due to the fact that people have started putting interest on investing into buying of lands. You must be skilled in the art of convincing clients
that you can do this job to their taste.

    6.Lawn Care Business

This is another innovative real estate business idea that you should consider in starting up a real estate business. It does not require large capital to start. You can be delivery lawn care services to residential as
well as commercial properties and be raking in a good amount of money monthly.

    7.Real Estate Agent

Presently, almost 80% of a house sold or rented were done using a real estate agent. This is one profitable innovative real estate business idea that any entrepreneur can venture into. In this business, you don’t buy any property. You just act as a middle person between buyers/tenants and sellers/landlord.

You get paid a commission for every successful deal to make according to your own rate of commission charge.

   8.Real Estate Mobile App Development

If you have a good knowledge of coding and programming or can assemble a team of programmers to build an app focusing on the real estate market, you can certainly become rich over the long term.

Your app will give access to real estate properties for sale. Sellers of properties can come and list their properties for sale while buyers can come look for properties they can buy too. It will majorly be connecting buyers and sellers of real estate properties in one platform.

    9.Publish Real Estate Magazine

There are millions of people that love reading real estate magazines because they want to know everything about the real estate market and probably find a good property for sale. If you would love owning a magazine publishing firm, you can venture into this innovative real estate business idea by providing information to people that seek content in the industry.

     10 Construction Cleaning Company

Haven’t you seen them in a construction site? I know you may have but didn’t notice that they were not the same people that did the construction work. Many construction companies hire the services of construction cleaning company to come clean their sites after construction work is over.

You have to have enough manpower and construction site cleaning equipment to be able to get this real estate business idea started.

11.Housing painting

This business can never drop as far as people will always want their building to look beautiful to attract customers or tenants (in case of renting). If you have painting skill, you can start this innovative business idea and make money from building owners. You can partner with interior decoration firms so they can always link you up with a contract since the job is somehow related.


A building is never complete without plumbing services whether residential or commercial. Every building demands plumbing operation and this is where plumbers eat enough money.

So, if you’re living up with crafty plumbing skills then one of the real estate related business you can consider is to start your own plumbing business.

    13.Online Real Estate Marketing

If you have skill in online marketing, you can profit from real estate too. You will be helping real estate merchants run online marketing of their properties through a different online platform like social media, SEO, content marketing etc.

   14. Start a Real Estate TV Program

Another innovative real estate business idea is starting a real estate TV show that will be focus on development in real estate market. There are many TV shows like this in America so it will be very competitive for anyone based there to start such business.

But, anyone outside America can venture into this real estate business idea and make a huge amount of money from it. If run well, you will sure attract large viewership and of course mouthwatering sponsorship deals from major players in the real estate industry in your country.

   15.Electric Wiring Business

Have you seen a building that doesn’t have any electrical connection to it? The demand for electric wiring will always be there. So, if you have electrical skills, this is one innovative real of the real estate market that you will have to consider.
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Monday, 17 April 2017

How to Start Cargo Tracking Business

Cargo tracking business is big business. Almost everything we use and consume pass through some sort of transportation across various networks from various parts of the world. 

Unless a company is really big to own a fleet of assets for conveying shipments, they would always require the services of cargo tracking businesses which act as third parties to help them deliver their products to the desired destinations intact and on time.
Cargo tracking businesses otherwise called ‘freight brokerage businesses’ are businesses that generally do not handle shipments themselves. Instead, they act as coordinators, matching suppliers (shippers) with carriers. Their roles involve a great deal of communication

They are concerned with soliciting clients, negotiating shipping rates with carriers, and 
most important, tracking shipments as well as arranging alternative means if a problem arises in the supply chain.
If you are interested in starting a cargo tracking business, then you must judiciously learn the steps required for starting a cargo tracking business.
The following are some steps that you must critically consider if you are interested in starting a cargo tracking business.

1.Select a Niche

This is probably the first step you would likely take if you are seriously interested in starting a cargo tracking business.
Undertake a general research on all of the niches within the cargo tracking industry and determine which cargo tracking niche you want to focus on. You could focus on a particular geographical location or area, or a particular type of cargo or shipping. This will help position you as an expert within the cargo tracking industry which would consequently make marketing of services relatively easy for you.

2.Get Experience in your Chosen Niche

You must do well to get acquainted with the cargo tracking niche you have chosen. Gather as much experience as you possibly can. Get well acquainted with what cargo tracking businesses do.
You should work for a cargo shipper or carrier or both so as to help you get prepared for starting your own cargo tracking business. This will not only give you technical expertise but would help you go a long way towards securing contacts that are very crucial to the success of your cargo tracking business. You could even work as an agent for cargo tracking businesses to help you gain an edge before eventually 
starting up your own cargo tracking business.
You should, in addition, not forget to seek advice and assistance from owners of established cargo tracking businesses within and outside your geographical location or area.

3.Get Registered and Obtain Licenses and Permits

Once you have made up your mind to start a cargo tracking business, the next step for you to take is to decide if you want to operate sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a limited liability corporation. Choose a great name not too difficult to pronounce, proceed to the relevant government agencies in your location to get your cargo tracking business registered. In the 
United States, cargo tracking businesses are required to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
In addition, you will have to make enquiries concerning the permits and licenses you will require for starting your cargo tracking business. You should check with your local planning and zoning department or city business license to make enquiries regarding what you will need for your cargo tracking business.

4.Write a Business Plan

You will not be able to do without this one. It is very important you write out a very good business plan if you are interested in really starting a cargo tracking business. The importance of having a good business a plan is innumerable.

Having a good business plan would enable you to be able to apply for credits and loans with your bank. You would require a business plan if you want to attract investors as well. A business plan would, in addition, help you specify which cargo tracking niche you want to focus on, who your prospective customers would be, as well as marketing and  Strategies

5.Determine Source of Financing

This is one thing you have to critically consider if you are so serious about starting a cargo tracking business. To start your cargo tracking business, you would most likely consider securing capital from creditors unless you have enough cash at your disposal already. You could decide to obtain loans from banks. A very good business plan would be required before you can obtain loans from banks.
Also, since you would be the mediator between the shippers and the carriers, you would often have to pay truckers for the shipment even before you have received the payment from the shipper. You should build a very strong relationship with your bank so that you will be able to obtain a line of credit to help pay carriers before being paid by shippers.

6.Get Surety bond or Trust Fund

Cargo tracking businesses are required to have a 
surety bond or trust fund. In the US, a cargo tracking business is required to have a $75,000 surety bond or trust fund.
If a cargo tracking business does not meet up with 
contracts with the shipper or carrier, the surety bond 
or trust fund ensures that the cargo tracking business has the asset to cover the amount. You can obtain 
surety bond or trust fund for your cargo tracking business from an insurance company.

7.Choose a Process Agent

Cargo tracking businesses are required to have a process agent. A process agent is a representative to whom court papers or documents may be served in the event of a legal proceeding that is brought against a cargo tracking business or carrier.Cargo tracking businesses must choose a process agent in each state where they have an office or establish contracts.

8.Get the Necessary Equipment and Facilities

Even if you do not plan on opening a standard office for a start, starting your cargo tracking business would require you to consider a few things when it comes to the material assets you need.
The first thing you would need include a computer, a printer, a copy and fax machine, a landline phone and mobile phone, and some general office supplies. In addition, you would need software for handling your accounting and customer information.

9.Contact Shippers and Carriers

Once you have successfully set up your cargo tracking business, you should start contacting shippers who are in need of the services you provide.
Also, you should contact reputable carriers within the niche of your cargo tracking business. You could get reliable, trusted and reputable professional carriers by looking into online directories, as well as by direct references by other cargo tracking business owners in your niche.

10.Market and Promote your Business

If you are so interested in starting and taking your cargo tracking business to the next level, you can never go wrong by reaching out to others about your cargo tracking business.
Get a business card (just make sure to keep it simple). Reach out to your family and friends. Have a website for your cargo tracking business. Create an online presence for your cargo tracking business by promoting it on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You should advertise your cargo tracking business on radio and on television.

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